What is an ac128 transistor

Fuzz Face Germanium Transistor Shootout
A germanium transistor sound test of the transistors supplied by Pedalhacker: AC125k | AC128 | CV5416 | ASX12D | GT2308 | GT308B Link to Pedalhackers ...
How to Test Germanium Transistors - Fuzz Face AC128 vintage transistors - Synthrotek
http://www.synthrotek.com How to Test Germanium Transistors - We use these AC128 transistors in our Fuzz Face Clone Pedal Kit. You can buy our transistors ...
Played with 1982 Fender JV ST57-115, all red bobbin Fullerton USA pickups, Fender Blues Jr. Amp,
Fuzz Face Shootout - Comparing Many Different Transistors
In this video I will compare fuzz face tones using different transistors. I'm actually using two different pedals. One Germanium PNP based and the other Silicon ...
fuzz face transistors shootout gt402i vs ac128 vs 2sb187
Red - gt402i (Soviet) Blue - 2sb187 (Japan) Green - ac128 (Hungary) All new old stock 80s Visit www.analogfox.com to see the other stuff we build!
Mojo Fuzz Deluxe AC128 vs NKT275 germanium transistors by Mojo Gear
The same circuit, but with two types of germanium transistors(AC128&NKT275). This is the new Mojo Fuzz Deluxe with additional bias and smooth controls!
Perky's Guide To: Fuzz Face Transistors (Germanium NKT275 vs. Silicon BC108)
Welcome to Perky's Guide To! Please subscribe for more demos of vintage & rare effects pedals. Today, we're talking about a debate which has raged on for ...
Tone Talk: GERMANIAC - germanium transistors - AC128 - for Gjika Gainmaster Fuzz Driver Guitar Pedal
Tone Talk - Germanium Transistors - for Germanium fuzz box - Bob is driving himself, the entire neighborhood, and Michelle, especially, insane tone-testing his ...
Transistors in fuzz comparsion
Different types of transistors and how they sound. I made a simple one transistor fuzz circuit for a test. Transistor sound samples as follows: 2n2222a, bc108b, ...
LO VENDO A 30 EURO Fuzz Face Con Ac128 (transistor al germanio) , resistenze ad impasto di carbone xicon , condensatori al poliestere Illinois Capacitor ...
Germanium Transistors Testing
Testing some Ge, transistors in a classic fuzz-face circuit. Transistors were AC128 / 1972 manufacturing year. Signal chain: Guitar (Squier 2001)/ Fuzz Face / 1W ...
How to measure the gain (hfe) of Germanium Transistors
DIY Guitar Pedals: How to measure the gain (hfe) of Germanium Transistors.
Germanium Transistor Guide For Fuzz Pedals - Part 4
Germanium Transistor Guide For Fuzz Pedals - Part 4 - European & Japanese Germanium Transistors - 1. Introduction 0:12 2. AC128 / AC128K 2:44 3. AC125 ...
Measuring Germanium Transistors with the DCA75
My method for Measuring Germanium Transistors with the Peak Atlas Pro - DCA75 Peak Atlas Pro DCA75 ...
All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix Cover | DIY Univibe + Fuzz Face
Gear used: - DIY Univibe based on original schematics - DIY Fuzz Face based on original schematics ( AC128's Transistors) Both shown at 3:44 - Höfner analog ...
Fuzz Face -AC128- Bay Fuzz
Fuzz Face circuit with ac128's and Hendrix/Mayer mods Built by Blue Tree FX bluetreefx@gmail.com.
Fuzz Face на транзисторах AC128
Gibson Les Paul Standard - Fuzz Face - AMT Reverberry - Randall RD1C.
Demo of my diy hand wired fuzz face with ac128 transistors.
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face DIY Germanium AC128
Fuzz Face DIY Germanium AC128 Transistor Jimi Hendrix Tone. Fender Stratocaster 1957 Custom Vintage Overdrive Joyo Wah Wah Electro Harmonics Cool ...
Germanium Transistor Guide For Fuzz Pedals - Part 1
Germanium Transistor Guide For Fuzz Pedals - Part 1 1. Introduction 0:12 2. The Importance of hfe 0:57 3. Transistor Frequency Response 2:00 4. Collector ...
Germanium Transistor Testing
Following on from the Transistor / Component Tester review and teardown video, I briefly introduce germanium transistors and see if they can also be tested with ...
Germanium Fuzz AC128
Germanium Fuzz with AC128 transistors.
Germanium transistor in reverse Beta (bias)
A reversed bias (beta) booster using AC128 germanium transistor. The harmonic content is different / the clipping characteristic is totally different and IMHO ...
Bespoke Pedal #3 Fuzz Factory
A point to point handwired Fuzz Factory clone made for a customer. It uses a matched pair of AC128 germanium transistors. If you have an idea for a pedal you ...
The SkinKontrol SkinFace AC128 With Bias
The SkinKontrol SkinFace with AC128 Germanium Transistors and Bias Control 70's Version available at http://circuitbentlasergun.com.
Introducing The Scott McKeon Fuzz Pedal
BUY NOW AT http://www.smfuzz.com A close up look at the brand new Germanium AC128 SM Fuzz Pedal. Designed and hand crafted in England. FEATURES ...
Germanium Fuzz Face Clone
This is a clone of Germanium Fuzz Face using AC128 transistors. Demo is played on Fender FSR Stratocaster and homebuilt Fender Deluxe amp.
Germanium Fuzz With AC125 Transistor - Quick Test
Tone Bender MK1 fuzz circuit with AC125 transistors. http://www.hgamps.com.
Germanium Transistor Transformer Coupled Guitar Practice Amplifier.
Description: This is my L8ist finished project, an all-germanium guitar practice amplifier. Because the most popular Fuzz Boxes are built with early germanium ...
DIY Germanium Overdrive in Tobacco Tin
Handwired Germanium AC128 Transistor Overdrive, based on Bazz Fuss Ciruit.
Monte um pedal distorção Rangemaster para guitarra com uso de transistor Germânio - AC 128
Monte um pedal distorção Rangemaster para guitarra com uso de transistor Germânio - AC 128 Por volta da década de 60 começaram a surgir os pedais de ...
Losna Electronics - Germanium Overdrive
Germanium Overdrive, with AC128 transistor and 1 knob, on breadboard.
Fuzz Factory Clone
clone of fuzz factory using AC128 Germanium Transistor.
How to test Germanium transistors? Ambiguity all over
CORRECTION to the video: on 2.14 I say “we have here the Silicon transistor” but of course I mean: “The Germanium transistor” (!), also when explaining that ...
Quick Tip - Checking Germanium Transistor Noise
A quick "practical" test for checking noise with germanium based pedals.
Germanium Fuzz Transistors
Germanium Transistor.
DIY HiWatt DR103 & DIY Fuzz Face
HiWatt DR103 circuit with 12AU7 (NOS Miniwatt) power section. Fuzz Face with germanium AC128 transistors.
Greer Amps Moonshot Germanium Pre
Buy Now: https://goo.gl/dJR6nF Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and ToneReport.com. Today we're firing up the Moonshot from Greer Amps. The Moonshot is a ...
Jesse Davey mini F.U.Z.Z. pedal
FAT....tone for days.....AC128's (transistors)

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