What is carding wool

Carding Wool like a Ghost
Preparing wool with wool cards for light, fluffy rolls or rolags to use with the long draw spinning method. Both flat back and curved back cards are demonstrated.
Fleece to Yarn Part 3 - Picking, Combing & Carding
Today we are going to talk about different ways to get your fleece ready for spinning. Keep up to date by following us on Social Media! Facebook ...
Carding fleece on an Ashford Drum Carder
Carding your fleece is quick and easy on the Ashford Wide Carder.
Hand Carding Techniques: How to Use the Hand Carders by Sarafina Fiber Art
Here is an introduction to basic hand carding techniques. Sara Renzulli introduces the heirloom quality hand carders that are now available at ...
How to Card Wool with Beth Smith and Schacht Spindle Company
Beth came to the Schacht Studios to film another great tutorial (which turned out to be a mini-class) on using hand carders to card wool. Learn how to use a flick ...
Hand Carding
How to use your hand carders.
tutorial how to get alpaca from fluff to yarn
a quick tutorial on how i process and spin alpaca fiber.
How to use and make an inexpensive carding board, next best thing to a drum carder
This very simple carding board I made allows you to process fiber at least 6 times as fast as using 2 regular carding brushes. It can be used to open up fibers or ...
Picking , Carding , Spinning free Alpaca fleece .
Maggie scored free fleeces so I thought I'd document some of the processing. #fiberart #knitting #diy.
Combing Wool with Benjamin Green Standard Wool Combing Kit
A quick video to Show how to set-up, and use my Combing Kit. Check out all my products on eBay, or etsy.com.
DRUM CARDING: I've been doing it WRONG!!
All of these years I've been drum carding the wrong way! I had no idea until I saw a post from a Facebook Fiber Friend! In this video I try out this new (to me) ...
Wool carding on the Carolina Carder at NCTTC
This is the Carolina Carder being installed and commissioned at the North Carolina Textile Technology Center located in Belmont North Carolina. We are ...
DIY: Carding Wool for Needle Felting
Learn about carding fiber and wool for needle felting. To see more subscribe to my channel or visit my etsy store: ...
Processing Our Own Wool
We put an invitation out on our Facebook page for people interested in learning how to process wool. We started by washing some wool from our sheep from our ...
Ask The Woolery: Carding and Combing
In this "Ask the Woolery" series we explore the differences between carding and combing fibers for hand spinning.
How to Card Wool - Technique Thursday #14
How to use hand cards to card your wool, alpaca, or other spinning fiber. In case you didn't know, I have 5 children (whom I refer to as my monkeys) and a whole ...
A new old trick to carding wool
Watch a video called Hands. was made in 1978 and is about the sheep trade and spinning in that time and place. The carding method was fabulous and we ...
Hand Carding Fleece for Spinning
Fiona Nisbet's quick and easy method of carding fleece for spinning using hand carders. Find Fiona at www.shropshireweavers.co.uk.
Picking & Carding Alpaca Fiber (Fleece)
Pick and Card your Alpaca Fleece. To get the accompanying resource, “From Shearing to Yarn: 7 Steps to Processing Your Alpaca Fiber”, sent to your inbox ...
DIY Finger Carding Wool
My primitive method of carding wool without those expensive hand-held carders or drum carding machines! Carding is basically like combing the wool, it opens ...
Fiber Prep Series - Washing Wool in Preparation for Hand Spinning
In this series follow along with me as I take some raw, just of the lamb, Shetland wool and hand spin it into a very lovely yarn! Borderwinds Homestead's ...
Birkeland Wool Carding Machine - May 19, 2014
The 133+ year old carding machine at Birkeland Bros Wool still runs weekly. Learn more here: http://stores.birkelandwool.com/carding-machine/
Carding wool
Here I show you how you can card wool with a drum carder. Working with natural wool is such a beautiful thing to do. Bless you!
Fleece to Fo Part 2: Drum Carding Corriedale With a Strauch Finest N. 31
Hello everyone! Welcome to CraftyGarden and part 2 of my new fleece to FO series! This is the first part of a series of videos that will show my own personal ...
Hand carding wool
Slow, step-by-step instructions on hard carding. This is the way I've done it for years, it may not be the only way, but if you're struggling to get decent rolags why ...
An excerpt from Wolf Creek Productions film, Clara Sherman Navajo Weaver. Navajo Weaver Clara Sherman teaches how to card and Spin wool in preparation ...
Carding Machine & Process || Sliver making || Yarn manufacturing technology || ISTT || Textile 360
This video about Carding process. Carding is the second step of yarn manufacturing. Carding machine feed materials is output product of blow room (lap) and ...
Using a Picker to Prepare Fiber for Carding
I received a note asking me to demonstrate the picker. It's only 3 weeks late, but here it is. I am using the Patrick Green Triple Pick in preparation to card on either ...
Step #1 Cotton Carding And Making Punis For Spinning Cotton Yarn with Joan Ruane.
Carding cotton with Joan Ruane. To purchase "Cotton Spinning Made Easy" DVD or cotton spinning books; go to www.cottonspinning.com.
wool carding part 2
Wool carding with Sue Macniven, part 2.
Carding wool at Bartlettyarns Pt 1
wool being fed to the card.
Wooly Wednesday 09 26 2018 - Carding Demonstrations
How to paint an art batt on the drum carder, Using hand carders to blend fibers, painting on the blending board.
How To Use A Drum Carder (HD)
The basics of drum carding from preparing the fibre to removing the batt. Presented by Jill Shepherd using the Classic Carder, this short video explains how to ...
Using the Ashford Blending Board
Blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolags for spinning on the Ashford Blending board. specifications - Rotating and adjustable ...
Wool Combing & Carding
Combing and Carding multi color wool. Making Gray from Black & White. The Fleece is from a Jacob Sheep. Washed and rinsed in hot water twice then dried.
Flick Carding Fiber Prep
A demonstration of flick carding wool in preparation for spinning.
Wool Carding with Sue Macniven
How to card wool well for good quality yarn.
Using Paddle Combs to Clean and Card Wool
What type of yarn to make from Woolen carding, price of cards, and how to making roving. In case you have any questions about how we do what we do and any ...
wool carding
The ancient and massive carding machine at Tally Ho.

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