πŸ”΄ Unbelievable what CarMax offered me for my 2016 Corvette Z06..

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    Popular Comments:

Rainy Sunday . 2018-04-02
Don’t waste your time with Carmax go to NADA . . . .
121 2 . Reply
Roger Maciak . 2018-03-22
Carmax fights against new car values and incentives all the time.
121 2 . Reply
Baron Sherrill . 2018-02-25
I'm all about the trade in. In Texas if you trade in your vehicle the total amount they give you on the trade is deducted from the total on the new car so you pay sales tax on that number. When your dealing with the numbers on aΒ corvettes thisΒ can be several thousand dollars you save on sales tax. It almost makes up the difference that you would get if you sold private party without the hassles.
121 2 . Reply
Money Talk . 2018-02-05
As amazing as the new ZR1 is going to be, it's just not worth it in my opinion. You've already got an amazing Z06, and with the new C8's coming out so soon, the ZR1 won't feel nearly as special as it should. I think GM screwed up by introducing the C8's so fast, but it is what it is. I'd just keep the Z06 and wait for something a little more special to drop that much cash. Just my 2 cents through. Love your channel!
121 2 . Reply
Thomas Massa . 2018-01-11
Chuck keep your Z06
121 2 . Reply
Nina Jacobs . 2018-01-04
Chuck keep it add your own mods since I was 5 I loved corvettes. Just bought a 2017 c7 zo6 black convertible I’m getting buried in mines now ..50yrs old keep it just started watching your vids. Thanks for all your info. THE CHOSEN1.
121 2 . Reply
Brad Mason . 2018-01-02
Life is short & enjoying it is even shorter. I saw the ZR1 and it IS on πŸ”₯. A beautiful car with a lot that the pics don't do justice to.
121 2 . Reply
John Simpson . 2017-12-31
They offered more than I expected!
121 2 . Reply
Michael Beard . 2017-12-28
I have owned 2 different C6 ZR1's and its the finest and fastest car I have ever owned. I wish the C7 would go with the round lights in the rear. A Grand Sport is a poor mans Z06 not worth the money just to look like a Z06. That's just my take on things. The ZR1 no matter what year is the BEST and most powerful and a great car to collect. I LOVE ALL CARS and makes and if its good its good. Lamborghini , Dodge Viper ACR, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Nissan GTR Nismo, Ferrari's, BMW M5,
121 2 . Reply
Todd Dooley . 2017-12-27
Chuck, if you can, get the ZR1, sell the Black-Mamba and get the C8 also.
121 2 . Reply
William Webb . 2017-12-27
Bro I truly think you make great videos and your zo6 is a beast. What I do not understand is when I first started watching your videos you said your dream car was a zo6.As soon as the zr1 came out you jumped ship and was like you want the zr1. I love what you have now and the upgrades that you can do to the zo6 are endless. Me personally I like what you have already, my question I guess is why not just keep Β what you have and upgrade the engine? Either way no matter what you do you are winning in life bro. Continue being successful!
121 2 . Reply
Chris R. Woods . 2017-12-23
If it's payed for, keep it. I have a 2010 Camaro SS mod'd to the max. if I sold it I'd never get what I spent on the vehicle and / or mods. So, I'd rather keep it, than to sell it for pennies on the dollar and let someone else enjoy all the work I've done without paying the price in blood, sweat, tears and dollars.

They just wouldn't appreciate it the same way I do.
121 2 . Reply
Annihilator . 2017-12-22
Chuck to your comments on the C8 being imminent this is exactly what happened to the Z28. Top dollar and out the other door came the C6 which left many people burnt.
121 2 . Reply
edwin o'neill . 2017-12-13
My friend if I was you I will keep you car.or wait a little to see what the c8 looks like but you car is amazing
121 2 . Reply
Emil Hajric . 2017-12-12
Hey Chuck,

What are your thoughts on the new C8 that's coming out soon? Do you worry it'll hit our C7s value heavily ?
121 2 . Reply
Paul D . 2017-12-12
Keep the one you have or get a ZR1? Tough call. $70K is a lot of $$ for not that much difference.....but the ZR1 is so awesome! Really tough call!
121 2 . Reply
Gavin Chiu . 2017-12-10
Hey Chuck first time poster on your channel, ZR1 will definitely be a collectors car if mid-engine corvette are in production line.
That being said you should sell me "The Black Mamba".
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Williams . 2017-12-09
Chuck, if you do buy a ZR1, don't opt for the ZTK unless you plan on tracking that car consistently. $3K for the package is a steal for what you get but it just seems to me that from your content, it would just be for aesthetics. If you're dropping $140K for the car, get all the practical functionality out of it before you spend money on the fun part of it all.

If it were me, I wouldn't. I'd have the meat and potatoes I'd want out of it anyway just opting for the 3ZR. But, you're not me and if you want the look, go for it. It looks vicious! But, just to me... the extra bits are something I wouldn't realistically use.

By all means get the car! Keep the Mamba for daily fun and whatnot or give her a good home somewhere else... your call, Chuck.

Good video as always!
121 2 . Reply
Jabari - . 2017-12-09
This is the most important zr1 of the corvette era. Get it...it's the LAST most modern front engined corvette...it marks the end of a great era
121 2 . Reply
einsteindrieu . 2017-12-09
Keep it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
jason plunkett . 2017-12-09
For youtube content reasons you getting the ZR1 is needed almost a must But personally Chuck "The Black Mamba" is amazing i would keep it and wait for the mid engine...
121 2 . Reply
Edforce One . 2017-12-08
Chuck, now you're starting to think straight. The ZR 1 is nice , but not that different from what you have. I'd keep the Z06, Wait for the C8, and then decide what you really want. Double insurance sounds like a scam too. Just saying!
121 2 . Reply
IaMaWeSoMe7478 . 2017-12-08
Keep the z06, wait for the c8!!! I dont like the fact that its going to be midengine(hope its not going to be ugly) but at the same time i do becuase technology has to improve...
121 2 . Reply
G Money . 2017-12-08
Hey Chuck...been busy and haven't been able to check in for a few days. Looking forward to Saturday's
masterpiece. Gotta say, you've actually got me convinced that you're wavering on the ZR1 decision now!
121 2 . Reply
Ariel Saia . 2017-12-08
Chuck - Hold out for the C8. I'm keeping my 17 Z06 until the C8, not blown away with the numbers on ZR1 compared to my z06 (price/#'s)
121 2 . Reply
Mark Burns . 2017-12-07
My first Corvette will be here on Monday. I got a quote from the Museum that I thought was reasonable. Then I called my own local agent and he was cheaper. You have to live with the decision so do what your heart says do.
121 2 . Reply
GRAB me one of them . 2017-12-07
I would say keep it and wait for the c8
121 2 . Reply
CorvetteHop . 2017-12-07
Chuck, Great job. I gave you a shout out on the Corvette Hop live stream last Sunday. I enjoyed your talk on the ZR1. Yes, for sure, get the ZR1. Thanks for all you do. Corvette Hop.
121 2 . Reply
Juan Cardec . 2017-12-07
Great Thank You and keep up the good work, Can't wait for Saturday's video..
121 2 . Reply
The Adventures of Tven . 2017-12-07
Chuck let me buy your corsa extreme catback system since nobody is going to really compensate you
121 2 . Reply
mark jackson . 2017-12-07
sounds about right, they offered me 54k for my 2017 grand sport when i was looking at possibly selling and waiting for c8
121 2 . Reply
Robin Sage . 2017-12-07
Do you think the ZR1 or the C8 will drop the price of a basic C7 stingray convertible 2LT?
121 2 . Reply
Louis Falzarano . 2017-12-07
Keep up the good work on your videos. I say keep your 2016 Z06. You already did your upgrades to it and maybe you want to do more? You personalized it and it's an Awesome looking car! Maybe wait it out a bit and see how those ZR1's are first before you buy one. God bless you.
121 2 . Reply
Juan Cardec . 2017-12-07
Chuck, I been watching your video's for a little while now and love your comments.
I love the Corvette C6 zip up hoody your wearing on this video wondering if you could tell me were you picked it up at. I would love to purchase one..
121 2 . Reply
Corvette Ed . 2017-12-07
Chuck Carmax is robbing you at $61,000 Here is what they are bring at Manheim Auto Auction
11/29/17 $66,000 2,830 4.6 8G/A Red Lease Southwest San Antonio
11/21/17 $69,500 8,428 4.5 8CY/A White Regular West Coast Phoenix
11/14/17 $64,800 11,838 4.6 8G/7 Silver Lease Southeast Orlando
11/14/17 $69,000 6,884 - - 8CY/A Red Regular Northeast Albany
11/8/17 $66,250 7,582 4.6 8G/7 White Lease Southwest Dallas
11/3/17 $71,000 749 5.0 8G/A Gray Regular Northeast Pennsylvania
121 2 . Reply
Jimmy Johnson . 2017-12-07
I didn’t think the ZR1 is worth what it’s doing to the price of our Z06. For that reason I’m gonna wait for the C8, and if for some reason it’s not just around the corner I may cam mine and swap out pulleys to satisfy my need to know I have more hp. Then the ZR1. Plus I really want that bad ass lope! Also for insurance try hagerty.
121 2 . Reply
Tc Matthews . 2017-12-07
Keep Blk moba.......
121 2 . Reply
Joe Curry . 2017-12-07
where do you buy your corvette clothing?
121 2 . Reply
Robert Wiseman . 2017-12-07
Chuck here is another idea 1) Keep your current car which is beauty 2) The price difference between the one you want and the Car Max offer which is $80K. Well, Chuck with the $80K difference go buy Bank of America stock currently at $28.64 which will give you based on today's closing price 2,793 shares and sell these shares in 4yrs from now, to pay for your next Corvette. Chuck this stock in the past three years has gone from $8.00 to $28.64 that is 3.58 times increase
Β in value. Just think of this way Chuck, this way you can buy with cash your next Vett and you won't need Car Max at all and you get to keep your current car. Just an idea Β Chuck, because your current car is a beauty. Β  Β  Β https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/m/eee43224-66b4-3615-a7fb-d02325d30d92/ss_bank-of-america-to-buy-back.html
121 2 . Reply
Schiada95 . 2017-12-07
Keep the zo6 chuck. πŸ‘
121 2 . Reply
Marco Simone . 2017-12-06
Hey Chuck! ..thanks for posting another great video man!... Gezzzzz there is not a chance in hell I would let my vette it go for that low!!!.... brother we Β basically have the same car!... only difference is mine is brand new with about 1500 miles on it Β and has the Z06 package! so my friend Β there's no chance ill even consider trading it in on the ZR1...(although I do love that car) :-)
Β with mods, Β it will be as good....or if not better......
so hopefully reason and logic will hit you to dude!! lolΒ 
121 2 . Reply
The Razorbacks_420 . 2017-12-06
Awesome video! Wait for the C8! You got to
121 2 . Reply
Peter Tamburro . 2017-12-06
Tough call on what you should do....as an owner of a 17 Z51 I’m sitting waiting for the C8. Love your channel.
121 2 . Reply
ISUringman1974 . 2017-12-06
Sounds to me that you'll be smarter, happier, and wealthier to keep the Black Mamba!
121 2 . Reply
toppdogg2k17 . 2017-12-06
Keep it don't sell it and just buy a c8 and have both of a front and mid engine vettes.
121 2 . Reply
Sean Kennedy . 2017-12-06
Love my 2017 ZO6. Β Can't imagine more power than what it offers. Β  Β Do you look at a C-6 ZR-1 and say "damm, I should have bought me one." Β And if you are ex-military, or have anyone related to you that is/was military, you can't beat USAA rates....
121 2 . Reply
Lee Douglas . 2017-12-06
I have a rule:Β  find the car you love, buy it, pay it off, and then buy another one.Β  There is absolutely no point in buying cars and selling them or trading them in.Β  You will get your ass handed to you.Β  If you follow my rule, and really make sure you love the car you buy, you'll never be disappointed.Β  I own a C7 Z06/07, Gen V Viper GTS, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX STi, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and an Aprilia RSV4 RF motorcycle.Β  I plan to pay off the Z06 and add a Ferrari F430.Β  Of course, I'll have to wait a few years, but if I'm not satisfied with waiting when I've got all these toys to play with, then I have a mental illness............I don't, I can wait...........
121 2 . Reply
Moises Martinez . 2017-12-06
Chuck I just want to say that do not let other people's comments influence your decision. At the end of the day it is your car and your choice. If you decide to get rid of the black mamba and get a ZR1 or wait for the C8, we will be right here to support your decision and be happy, but if you decide to keep her, well we will be here to support you all the way as well. That is the reason why I am so glad I joined your channel because of how authentic and original you are. So whatever you do, know we are right there with you!
121 2 . Reply
Leslie Reissner . 2017-12-06
I always enjoy your videos but you are clearly conflicted here between the Z06, a car that you clearly love, and the ZR1, which will mean you need to come up with an additional $70,000 +++. In addition to being hammered with the depreciation on an expensive car that is only two years old, the extensive mods to personalize the Black Mamba have not been amortized and, as the CarMax estimate shows, they add nothing to the resale value and often reduce it. You have a car that you have every reason to be proud of but my own feeling is that if you really need that extra 100 hp just send the car to Callaway with a cheque for $17,000 and save all that other money for gas for your trips (although there might be an insurance catch with this too). You will have similar performance even without the new paint. At least until the C8 comes out, whenever that might be.
121 2 . Reply
Demmolitionman . 2017-12-06
Good afternoon, if GM is going to be building the C8 next to C7 for a bit and if your interested in the C8 then I would wait. But if your thinking and the numbers don't feel right then why not get a Calloway ZO6 in the color you like, the Calloway will have the same if not more Hp. Anyway thanks again for the video and keep up the good work.
121 2 . Reply