ME/CFS lecture | Dr Kathy Rowe | 2014 [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / SEID / New Zealand / Children]

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Dr Rowe is an Australian Pediatrician with a special interest in ME/CFS. She has an excellent track record helping children, youth and young people suffering from ME/CFS. Many of her patients become functional again and lead normal lives.

This is a great resource for Doctors, patients and researchers alike.

Keywords: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Post-viral fatigue, SEID, Pediatrics, Children, Youth, Young People, Kids

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Disease Or Medical Condition) Post-viral fatigue myalgic encephalomyelitis ME/CFS CFS ME Children Pediatrics (Industry) Pediatrician Kids Young people SEID Youth Lecture Education New Zealand NZ

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Lisa Smith . 2017-10-14
I'm quite surprised by the negative comments here. I was under the care of Kathy Rowe for 4 years and made a very good recovery. I thought she was fantastic. I agree with the focus on schooling. Most of my anxiety associated with the illness stemmed from the perception that I was being left behind while all my friends were getting on with the studies and their lives. Keeping a foot in the door at university helped me immensely. It took me much longer to complete my undergrad degree than others, but I got there and by the end, my condition was much improved.
121 2 . Reply
John Sabp . 2017-01-09
If her patients really had CFS, I have no idea how they got better using this approach.
121 2 . Reply
starquant . 2016-08-23
I had the misfortune to meet this woman once. I have suffered from C.F.S for over 30 years and saw very definite symptoms of the illness in my son, who was 7 at the time. I got an appointment to see her and felt confident that she would be open minded and sympathetic towards myself and my family. Quite the opposite. She was judgmental to the point of being rude. Implied that I was "malingerer" and that I was simply wasting her valuable time and that there was nothing wrong with my son. She simply dismissed my observations, made no arrangements for follow up tests, visits or anything else. I have never been so close to wanting to physically snot another person in my life. I had waited six months to see this nasty piece of work. My son turns 21 this year and no thanks to her, he now suffers full blown C.F.S. I was so horrified by her disdain and general vitriol. She is nothing more than a woman who cares more about the status or her career and position within the Medical community, than the patients she purports to treat. I actually have the WHOLE consultation on tape. I deliberately taped my sons consultation with this maggot, as I am well used to being treated as a second class citizen with this illness. I'm glad I did. She is a clueless douche-bag, who has no business treating Children or ANYONE ELSE with C.F.S. Be warned, this woman has no working knowledge of C.F.S at all. She can not help you. It makes me soooo fucking angry to see this film.
121 2 . Reply
jeremy bearman . 2016-07-10
having watched the rest of the interview, i must say that i have no confidence in the approach of dr rowe. all the emphasis is on behavioral aspects, like pushing oneself to say in educational system. she emphasises needing to learn skills, but what about the need for a medical treatment for this disastrous illness
121 2 . Reply
Erik Johnson . 2016-03-22
During the 1985 Lake Tahoe Mystery Illness, renamed "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by the CDC in 1988....  there were no young children.
 None at all.
121 2 . Reply
Reign Toth . 2016-01-02
I really need a cfs number
121 2 . Reply