Trump's Summit with Putin: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland and delivering one of the most surreal performances by a president in modern American history.
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Trump's Summit with Putin: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
http://www.youtube.com/user/latenightseth #ACloserLook #LNSM #SethMeyers

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    Popular Comments:

RSPainter . 2019-02-15
Donald needs to learn the same applause lines in the US will not work in other countries. They see through his bullshit. Even if they did, that's at home issue and that isn't the proper venue.
121 2 . Reply
Phil Clark . 2019-02-14
In all fairness even we don't really know what Brexit is now.
121 2 . Reply
chris p skeatez . 2019-02-07
i am the son of man revelation 12 i rule the world you should see how aimlessly closer look appears to me ...skeatesy 2019
121 2 . Reply
Master Liam Lockran . 2019-02-02
Hands down Trump is the dumbest man alive.
121 2 . Reply
bart caron . 2019-02-01
SM was never funny and will never be, Trump is
121 2 . Reply
Otrebron . 2019-01-30
Brexit is the most important meal of the day lol
121 2 . Reply
Zeek M . 2019-01-19
Seth, I'm sure your massive forehead could block out the sun if you stand just right.
Seth, I'm sure that when your wife married you it was because you got massive ears to grab on to.
I just want to know how much you enjoy it when you're the one on the receiving end of comedy when you look in the mirror.
I'm sure your eyes are a big hit in China. They make a cream for those bags under them.
121 2 . Reply
Patrick Skramstad . 2019-01-19
SMH... Heartbroken...
121 2 . Reply
KMM . 2019-01-14
Imagine if Hitler told Truman there was no Holocaust.
121 2 . Reply
kameron steel . 2019-01-13
This has to be so embarrassing if you are an Insurgent European in America
121 2 . Reply
Shannon Tarrant . 2019-01-08
Ahh. Come. One. Laugh. Its. Good. For. u. Puts. Hair. On. Ur. Chest. Lol
121 2 . Reply
JEEVAN JOHN . 2019-01-05
Being from the UK I can say I've been hearing the phrase brexit is brexit almost every single day.
121 2 . Reply
j en . 2019-01-04
want to hear a joke?

121 2 . Reply
loveld Lu . 2018-12-31
So here's my new thing of less it is like every bill is paid off everything is covered for year because you know your insurance is managed dental health insurance You Paid It All 4-year you got a new car no car issue your health is in great your dentist Bonney said to you everything is good comes to me and said everything is okay this is a farce then we move on to your house is in order all my goodness the planets are in line yes it is this is going great so what do you do well I go away for 4 months yesterday's in general I am not a winter person I do not care for winter I come from the Caribbean and anybody from the islands can tell you they like them warm all year round I don't care what they say is true that moved to Chicago in the winter yeah you see what I mean so there you are finally you are in a great mood for once in your life and you want to keep fat going for next year and the year to come because you like that feeling there's nothing like it say it with me Happy Days wonderful glorious each moment so you go out and do something that you never thought you would do this is what I'm talking about this is a new year and nothing old is cross over
121 2 . Reply
Alonzo McCoy . 2018-12-31
Donald Trump getting elected is heartbreaking
121 2 . Reply
Maaike R . 2018-12-30
Trump not following royal customs isn't funny...its a sign of disrespect towards the UK and complete incompetence of the President. Its not funny its embarrassing.
121 2 . Reply
Sinead Sinead . 2018-12-29
Ireland doesn’t have free health care x
121 2 . Reply
БАЙПОЛАР МЕДИА . 2018-12-27
Ireland IS part of the UK. The UK is - the UNITED KINGDOM of 1)Great Britain and 2)Ireland.
121 2 . Reply
Sharon Bodimeade . 2018-12-24
He should never have been in England, he insulted our queen, he thought it was fitting to sit in Winston Churchill’s chair when he himself has done nothing but try to bring around ww3 . He is thick, fat, fake and repugnant! How did you elect him into power America? He shouldn’t be able to speak for himself because he constantly says ridiculous, libellous and unintelligent things. To cap it all, he licks Putin’s arse and Putin looks at him as if he’s a slug!
121 2 . Reply
Stephanie S . 2018-12-21
As a minority and a female, I should enjoy watching Trump make a fool of himself on a daily basis but I'm actually starting to feel embarrassed for him. That Brexit response made me cringe.
121 2 . Reply
Just Human . 2018-12-17
Why can't we just deport trump and his voters to an island surrounded by shark infested waters?
121 2 . Reply
Just Human . 2018-12-17
Trump is the biggest fucking moron ever born. How this dolt got elected is a freak of nature. I guess the idiots who elected him should be imprisoned for treason p
121 2 . Reply
Gwen dy . 2018-12-16
Just keep pretending Trump is stupid, when he was just a billionare, you said he is so smart, now he a bumbling fool because he won, and is a republican, the bias is so transparent! Oh and by the way, this not actually news, this is political satire/commentary!
121 2 . Reply
Kyle Cooley . 2018-12-15
Tump is a idiot
121 2 . Reply
kim ann . 2018-12-14
Traitor Trump
121 2 . Reply
morbidchid . 2018-12-11
and yo, a part of Ireland is in the U.K. you dumb fucking idiot.
121 2 . Reply
Larry White . 2018-12-10
Bolton is one arrogant , rude person. Karma will take care of him.
121 2 . Reply
Larry White . 2018-12-10
That ball is bugged.
121 2 . Reply
linlin lixin . 2018-12-08
Putin for world leader.
121 2 . Reply
Dylan Kaiser . 2018-12-08
I am willing to pay anyone who is willing to get me out of this country
121 2 . Reply
Dan Siebrand . 2018-11-30
3:20 lol feker Eire is not part the UK dumb
121 2 . Reply
Tracy Rowe . 2018-11-29
I think whenever Trump continually repeats a word that's an indication that he's lying. Ok, who am I kidding. Whenever he opens his mouth, he's lying
121 2 . Reply
LennyJohnson5 . 2018-11-27
He makes Ronald Reagan look like Albert Einstein.
121 2 . Reply
Mikael Vasara . 2018-11-07
i give you mee balls
121 2 . Reply
Mikael Vasara . 2018-11-07
trumph is he s on foe
121 2 . Reply
Mikael Vasara . 2018-11-07
brexit he don t now what is wtf
121 2 . Reply
NotAVery StableGenius4 . 2018-10-29
If he thinks we like him he should look at Scottish twitter
121 2 . Reply
Alexander Fisher . 2018-10-21
Wait, can foreigners use Ireland's healthcare?
121 2 . Reply
Руслан Иванов . 2018-09-30
i'm russian, want to add remark

have watched 3 late night/daily shows about this summit -- they all use almost exact words about "trump taking putins side" or "annual review" or something.

kinda good joke, maybe for a laughting person its ok, but seems it all have one root -- dems editorial politics. they undermine and delegitimize the presidency. could be bad consequencies and future civil war - since noone trusts anyone;s choice. if you wanna revolution - its ok. but despite us, maybe you should just reform your electoral system or something but not put your country on a volcano.
121 2 . Reply
Gloria . 2018-09-18
Closer Look

121 2 . Reply
Josh Pusch . 2018-09-18
Heartbreaking 🤣🤣🤣
121 2 . Reply
ANNA MAE Devlin . 2018-09-14
OMG! Can he be, any DUMBER!
121 2 . Reply
SvenonDrums . 2018-09-12
everyone should pull an Amber and say WHAT TF is going on.
121 2 . Reply
mysterios being . 2018-09-11
Lool I still love him😂
121 2 . Reply
Zach C . 2018-09-09
Of course he walked in front of the queen - he's got no respect for anyone but himself, and he thought all the soldiers were there for him. Because he's a spoiled man-child.
121 2 . Reply
wuvvlee . 2018-08-31
He's as dumb as Sarah Palin... and that's so very dumb.
121 2 . Reply
Edward VanHook . 2018-08-29
He is just too stupid and ignorant. The sound guy should have cut his mic off to save him from embarrassing the US any more than he already has. He is a traitor and an idiot. He needs to just step down and let an American adult run The country.
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Wayne . 2018-08-26
Now that the bar has been set so low for a presidents qualifications, what can we actually look forward to in the future? Everyday he's in office verifies our complacency and desensitizes our intolerance for the inane.
121 2 . Reply
Wyatt Gordon . 2018-08-26
Danold Tramp makes me cry
121 2 . Reply
Benjamin . 2018-08-22
Oy vey, Russia is our eternal enemy goyim! Its too bad us Jews Like (((Seth Meyer))) didn't destroy Christian Russia during with the Bolshevik Revolution!
121 2 . Reply