Best Bot Lane Combos Season 6 Patch 6.9

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Best Bot Lane Combos Patch 6.9

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    Popular Comments:

Robbert Bernaerts . 2017-05-17
Draven and janna
Jinx and blidz
Leona and jhin
Jinx and blidz
Vayne and Sion
I am a D2 adc main and I know this are realy OP combo's
121 2 . Reply
Shad . 2017-01-30
I have a good win rate with Jinx&Karma/Lulu. Jinx is (in my opinion) one of the best adc in the game.
121 2 . Reply
Louis Auffret . 2017-01-23
Janna/Draven is the best botlane imo
INSANE SYNERGY (and the Draven's Q has now a ratio on bonus AD + flat damage instead of a total AD ratio, so it scales even better with Janna's shield)
121 2 . Reply
ATG Chill . 2017-01-19
R ashe+R lucian
121 2 . Reply
Vladiis 7 . 2016-09-06
Braum lucian
121 2 . Reply
Becca S . 2016-08-01
You know what's AIDS down Botlane teemo zyra! Me and my boyfriend have a 70% win rate with plants and shrooms owning the map xD both lvl 7 ..poison ivy for the win <3
121 2 . Reply
Becca S . 2016-08-01
You know what's AIDS downs Botlane teemo zyra! Me and my boyfriend have a 70% win rate with plants and shrooms owning the map xD both lvl 7 ..poison ivy for the win <3
121 2 . Reply
Shan Owlsome . 2016-07-16
how about Jhin and Morgana?
121 2 . Reply
현스채널 . 2016-06-27
i like caitlyn with lux. their ult is very nice
121 2 . Reply
leyland atily . 2016-06-24
what about tahm and zilean combo? #boomheadshot
121 2 . Reply
PatatoKefalas . 2016-06-18
Jhin and bard they try to get in of their allys to save them from your ultimate (as jhin) bard can ulti the kind person so you can get your target. #Worth
121 2 . Reply
Kòrean Tumble . 2016-06-09
here's my fave bot combcos
jinx/blits or leona or thresh
cait/blits or nami
lucian/thresh or braum or leona or taric
vayne/nami or sona or soraka or taric
kalista/alistar or thresh or kennen
ezreal/nautilus or taric or braum
varus/thresh or braum
kogmaw/braum or blits
tristana/thresh or janna
sivir/karma or sona
corki/alistar or thresh
twitch/thresh or taric
graves/thresh or leona or alistar
misfortune/sona or braum
urgot/leona or braum
draven/nautilus or braum or leona

this is my opinion as adc 😁
121 2 . Reply
Connor . 2016-06-09
Braum and Lycian???
121 2 . Reply
khairul amri . 2016-06-03
anyone knows who would go well with Tristana?
121 2 . Reply
Roukkia . 2016-06-02
Tried to click continue to get to the next screen..
121 2 . Reply
muhd amirul . 2016-06-01
taric and quinn
121 2 . Reply
bad day? . 2016-05-31
Little late, but as of 6.10 I LOVE the Sona Lucian combo
121 2 . Reply
Adrenaline Rushed . 2016-05-26
im loving teemo and nasus. sry... try it O_O
121 2 . Reply
BitKn1ght . 2016-05-25
Jhin and Zyra. So fucked. Also my most hated match up in bot lane by far is Lucian and Braum. Yeahhhh... fuckkk thattt shitttt
121 2 . Reply
Victor Farren . 2016-05-23
what about Leona and Lucian? or thresh and Lucian I've gotten a lot of wins using Lucian with that combo
121 2 . Reply
Tigger . 2016-05-23
When you say combo it sounds like "cumbo"
121 2 . Reply
Glenn Bravo . 2016-05-22
Jihn and teemo
121 2 . Reply
DiYGrGamer . 2016-05-20
what about sivir and morgana? they can keep avoiding cc with their abilities and if morgana hits someone with her q then sivir does her (e I think) and its and easy kill
121 2 . Reply
the true Star . 2016-05-18
Cassiopeia + Teemo
121 2 . Reply
Acer Tmm . 2016-05-17
twitch with who?
121 2 . Reply
محمد البركاتي . 2016-05-17
I think best combo is
Ashe and braum
121 2 . Reply
Sergio García . 2016-05-15
Hey, blitz main here. Nothing better than a grab + the traps. Just sayin'
121 2 . Reply
Agadaa93 . 2016-05-15
How about Braum+Lucian or Bard+Caitlin?
121 2 . Reply
MrMeFelix . 2016-05-15
I love to play Kalista Gragas.... u got the necessary engage and disengage, a fair amount of damage and tankyness and a gamechanging ultimate. But u have to take care of what they pick, if they run morgana, u are pretty much out.....
121 2 . Reply
xOG_ Styliis . 2016-05-15
My top 3 combos that i always use when i support is: Tristana/Alistar;Ezreal/Braum and Twitch/Sona.. Tristana and Alistar start off has good engage on fights in lane alistar with his combo is enough for trist to get her combo off and in team fights alistar provides good peel for tristana even though trist has got range with her kit. Ezreal and Braum over all this is my favourite combo because if your playing braum and you can get your q off on their ad carry then ezreal can follow up with his q harras that will still stack off braums passive and if they are close to 4 hits on braums passive it usally tells the ad carry to back off or he will get out traded. In team fights braum provides good peel for Ezreal with his kit being very tanky and his ult being on of the best in the game with engage and dis engage. Finally SOna and Twitch lately twitch is very powerful now and sona has got a really strong level 6 game with her all out combo it is a definet kill with twitch with his q/r/w and e combo stacks nicely and in team fights sonas ult synergises well with her team and twitch using the correct build path and kit. :D
121 2 . Reply
T-Rex . 2016-05-14
ffs why do you end every sentence with a higher pitched tone. It makes you sound soooooo pretentious.
121 2 . Reply
blake johnson . 2016-05-13
Ezreal Karma
121 2 . Reply
יהב יפת . 2016-05-13
I like to play klista and galio
try this it is op
121 2 . Reply
vu k . 2016-05-13
i got trashed on as a Vayne against Ashe Janna combo...
121 2 . Reply
Glus95 . 2016-05-13
Lucian and Braum for obvious synergies
Nami and Draven for huge sticking power and crazy damage with Nami's E on Draven and draven's axes

Probably a few others that I think are worth mentioning but those two in particular I find oppressive
121 2 . Reply
jon m . 2016-05-12
thresh an vayne or draven braum
121 2 . Reply
MrHafeatnburito . 2016-05-12
This list is trash, no offense
121 2 . Reply
Hijazi Gaming . 2016-05-11
braum + mf
121 2 . Reply
InwardCandy 24 . 2016-05-11
Me and my friend that I duo que with we have been trying out something for fun that turned out to be really good and we have stomped so hard every time we've done it. The poison bot lane 2.0 where I, a top lane main, go singed and my friend, a mid lane main, goes twitch. Now with our abilities to play all roles at least decently we can pull this off really well. I've gotten 4 s grades our of 5 games we've played with this strategy and it's the most fun we've both had in a while.
121 2 . Reply
D-Elite . 2016-05-08
I played ap jax (lich bane and other ap Items) with kalista and i invaded xerath (jungler xD its true) and got fed
121 2 . Reply
7vN21 . 2016-05-08
Thresh / Braum go pretty well with Lucian as adc. I thought it'd be a guaranteed mentioned - but opinions are opinions.
121 2 . Reply
Alex Jones . 2016-05-07
+RvzStealth are you streaming?
121 2 . Reply
Yasuo Master . 2016-05-06
i think that lucian thresh is so op if u are good at the game cuz it require a lot of skills from the thresh
121 2 . Reply
Nicholas McNally . 2016-05-06
You play on locked screen......?
121 2 . Reply
Tin Vranaričić . 2016-05-06
kalista thresh is best
121 2 . Reply
Chief Chronic . 2016-05-06
where is the top lane list..
121 2 . Reply
Chief Chronic . 2016-05-06
where is the top lane list..
121 2 . Reply
Chandu Mande . 2016-05-06
Bard n Kalista
121 2 . Reply
tyler goodrich . 2016-05-06
1:25 ??? otherwise nice job =)
121 2 . Reply
ilijakos . 2016-05-05
lux and lucian are op
121 2 . Reply
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