The iFly Boeing 737 NG Full Review

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A review of one of the most advanced and most realistic addons available on the FS2004 market: The Boeing 737 Next Generation developed by IFly Simsoft (-600, -700, -800, -900, BBJ, BBJ2 BBJ3). All thanks to the IFly 737 developers and thanks to Flight1 for this wonderful addon. Please subscribe for more content from this channel!

Exterior 0:20
Sounds 2:04
Cockpit & Systems 3:22
-900 in Action: 8:24
Performance 11:11
Summary 12:16

NOTE: The video might seem a bit laggy sometimes, but this is caused by Fraps! Without Fraps this addon runs smooth ;)

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    Popular Comments:

FLYBOY2900 . 2019-04-02
Dang! Might get this guy! Those reverser sounds sound like the real thing!
121 2 . Reply
CX001 . 2019-04-02
The PMDG one is only $10 more. Ill go with PMDG
121 2 . Reply
PIL OT . 2019-03-25
PMDG is better than Iflay
121 2 . Reply
Dalton Notlad . 2019-01-14
Good video. The iFly 737 don't have wing view?
121 2 . Reply
Dalton Notlad . 2019-01-09
Great video. My ifly 737 have other sound s :(
121 2 . Reply
Jonathan Stevens . 2018-10-14
Each update from IFly and it gets worse and worse. USN from the forums is very arrogant and refuses to acknowledge the flaws in the product. Jeff and Kathy of Flight1 are happy being dishonest ripping off customers by selling a product (iFly 737/747) that doesn't meet the claims. Shame on them.
121 2 . Reply
storhet . 2018-08-06
Is this Steam Edition compatible?
121 2 . Reply
NICOCRAFT . 2018-07-13
4:53 How much the company paid to you for you to say Its Amazing
121 2 . Reply
Luna Entertainment . 2018-06-13
To be honest: It looks a lot better than most freeware and default fsx aircraft. It clearly does not reach Pmdg, but for me it is quite acceptable. From a range to A+ to F, I'd give it a B+. Pmdg is of course A+. For budget orientated people it's a fair deal, (especially if the fps rate is better than Pmdg, which I highly believe).I think it's good enough to do it's job, but if possible, you should get the Pmdg.
121 2 . Reply
Baixado e Parafusado . 2018-04-13
zibo mod is still better
121 2 . Reply
Filip Němeček . 2017-10-23
hey guys, i have a question, is this more graphicaly harder, than PMDG 737?
121 2 . Reply
18Simpsona . 2017-10-12
whats your specs? my fsx with ifly 737 cockpit view VC is very laggy but exterior is perfectly fine with no lag around 50 fps. just the VC is very laggy how did you get it that SMOOTH DX. Ive even done an i7 4790k upgrade from my i5 to get the frames but the VC is just...
121 2 . Reply
King56Fisher95 . 2017-07-12
Really pisses me off when they dont add a ton of liveries and you payout a fucking fortune, they need one set for european liveries, one set for american liveries and other countries.
121 2 . Reply
King56Fisher95 . 2017-07-12
Is there an add on for aircraft where you can look in passenger interior or is that a seperate add on?
121 2 . Reply
Lewis Ferry . 2017-04-29
The ifly 737 looks like a 14 year old created it. It's terrible. ngx is way better
121 2 . Reply
Ion Marandici . 2017-03-31
Im sticking with the pmdg 737, the ifly looks horrible
121 2 . Reply
B28G . 2017-02-19
All addons?
121 2 . Reply
Deasy R.A . 2017-02-08
its wonderful, I want to buy it for my fsx
121 2 . Reply
Spokanespotter . 2017-02-07
the cockpit looks like crap lmao #ILoveMyPMDG
121 2 . Reply
farmerboy777 . 2016-12-13
is it free?
i need addons
121 2 . Reply
Pimmie . 2016-12-12
Ff raar vraagje ben benieuwd of jij het probleem ook wel eens gehad heb. Als ik bijvoorbeeld op Heathrow sta of ergens anders inplaats van Amsterdam en ik heb startup gedaan en dan wil ik mijn fmc instellen als ik bij mij dep/arr Runway dep wil invullen bijvoorbeeld BPK1A of bij arr REDFA1B dan crasht mijn flight simulator. Het maakt niet uit welke waypoints ik invul mijn game crasht gewoon..
121 2 . Reply
Speedbird1 . 2016-11-03
Thank you
121 2 . Reply
Speedbird1 . 2016-11-03
What scenery and cloud mods do you use on fs 2004
121 2 . Reply
CAPT. Nunu . 2016-10-06
Pmdg it ifly?
121 2 . Reply
Concorde Aviation . 2016-09-05
Do you know how to get the newer MCP for the iFly 737?
121 2 . Reply
Jordan R . 2016-07-18
what other aircraft do you recommend that have FMCs that you could fly VATsim. I know pmdg and ifly are good I have the Capt sim 757 and wilco a330 and lvl d 767, but what other ones have fully functioning FMCs?
121 2 . Reply
jeff Van borkulo . 2016-06-26
Fs2004 ziet er echt zielig uit ga over stappen naar FSX ik meen het
121 2 . Reply
Shant Kouyoumjian . 2016-04-25
Perfect landing though well done :)
121 2 . Reply
Darsken . 2016-04-19
Sir where can i buy it? BTW Love your videos.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Parekh . 2016-03-09
Great review! Quick question: how well will this run on my system? (Intel i5 4210M 2.6GHz...intel said it is turbo boosted up to 3.2GHz... 8GB DDR3 RAM... Windows 8 64-bit... And Intel HD graphics) I have the Aerosoft Airbus package and it runs pretty well. Any input is valued. Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Dankers . 2016-02-27
Nederlander gespot
121 2 . Reply
manion25 . 2016-01-15
do this airplane have fmc, you need to start up from cold and dark or something same?
121 2 . Reply
Eric Holmes . 2016-01-05
How do you install 737ng with the cd I still having trouble no landing gear
121 2 . Reply
Jüz Decker . 2015-12-31
nope thts not exactly the real one. the pmdg looks more real to me.
121 2 . Reply
Nicky B. . 2015-12-22
What are your pc specs since you are getting about 30 fps? Are the fps better or worse than a pmdg aircraft?
121 2 . Reply
Oracle.TV . 2015-12-12
Will this run it with 25+fps on FSX se
A8-6600K 3.9Ghz boost 4.2
XFX R9 270X 2gb
8GB 1600htz
121 2 . Reply
Bob Cardone . 2015-12-08
Nice review. Waiting for them to get the P3D Version 3 installer done.
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Walsh . 2015-11-27
0:33 my favourite Airline
121 2 . Reply
TheoPz . 2015-09-11
Is it free?
121 2 . Reply
DerNuknuk . 2015-09-09
Got a problem with my 737: whenever i wanna take off, it speeds up way too fast and at the approaches i only have about 100kts, which is too less
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Gorniak . 2015-08-03
Ik heb sinds paar dagen de ifly Boeing 737,
En ik krijg sinds 2 dagen " cabin altitude" waarschuwingen ( wat ik helemaal niet begrijpt dus) de eerste paar vluchten waren gewoon normaal alles was in orde.
Maar nu krijg ik dus de cabin altitude en mijn vliegtuig houd op met hoger klimmen bij FL270 , dat is de eerste Boeing waar ik mee te maken hebt ik vloog altijd met airbus en daar had ik nooit zulke problemen.
Ik denk trouwens dat ik iets verkeerds doe, dan dat het aan de addon ligt :)
Nou ja, hopelijk weet jij wat er verkeerd gaat?

Met vriendelijke groet, Daniel
121 2 . Reply
lennertvg . 2015-08-03
Hi once again,Nice video but is the Ifly more professional that the PMDG 737NGx?
Kind Regards LENNERT
121 2 . Reply
LightningKillTV . 2015-07-18
Dus welk raad jij aan: Ik ben nieuw op vatsim en ik heb het tot nu toe gedaan in een freeware 757 met een FMC die vrij basic is. Is de PMDG de 12 euro meer waard? Zijn er nog kosten aan de pmdg verbonden? Alvast bedankt!
121 2 . Reply
g7usl . 2015-06-08
The thing that spoiled IFLY's design is the need to look for the plus and minus signs to operate the settings and switches.  The PMDG NGX works beautifully via left and right mouse clicks continuous.
121 2 . Reply
Stephan Albers . 2015-05-04
eey man heb vandaag voor eerst gevlogen egt top ding! allen mijn Lnav en Vnav vallen af en toe uit heb jij dat ook?. Groetjes Stephan
121 2 . Reply
Stephan Albers . 2015-04-29
kan je AES ook voor Ifly 737 gebruiken?
121 2 . Reply
Diogo Couto . 2015-04-13
Wats is name the game ???
121 2 . Reply
Har S. . 2015-03-22
I autopilot is switched on only in the ground.
Not included in the sky, what do I do.
121 2 . Reply
George Kakashvili . 2015-03-18
is iFly flyable by two pilots? Is there a shared cockpit available?
121 2 . Reply
T.W.94 . 2015-02-17
ifly cockpit is much better than ngx, geometry wise. ngx cockpit looks like doodoo
121 2 . Reply