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A British sandwich stuffed with ingredients from the British Isles - Garlic Beer Soda Bread, Cumberland Sausage & Black Pudding Patty, Gentleman's Relish, Cheesy Leeks and Watercress


A fresh Vietnamese Bánh Mì full of fresh ingredients - French Bread, Chilli Mayo, Chicken Liver Paté, Iberico Pork, Pickled Daikon Radish & Carrot, Cucumber, Coriander, Chillies and Roasted Peanuts

Gosh that's a mouthful.

Here are the recipes...

The British Isles Sandwich: http://bit.ly/BritishSandwich

The Vietnamese Bánh Mì: http://bit.ly/SFBahnMi

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SORTEDfood . 2018-09-02
Have you guys heard about the PASTA NIGHT we're doing with Emilia's (you might remember them from our London's Best Pasta video!)?? Make sure you head this way and grab a ticket before they sell out -> https://sorted.club/eat/
121 2 . Reply
The Ghost . 2019-03-22
Chefs will literally eat everything, none of them appear to be fussy. I find that mad.
121 2 . Reply
ANUJA CHOWDHARY . 2019-03-22
Mike's seal impression was on point...!
121 2 . Reply
Christina Amira . 2019-03-21
Ben:Size doesnt matter...😂
Me: Can I have James's recipe for the huge bageuette?😂😂😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Roos Rietveld . 2019-03-20
I do not like ben
121 2 . Reply
Jason Juarez . 2019-03-20
Ben I love how u don't drop to there level n.n no need for name calling n.n and u cook great
121 2 . Reply
Jack Connolly . 2019-03-18
You should add a curveball into the chef vs chef challenge
121 2 . Reply
nazilah hashim . 2019-03-17
most anticipated video👏👏👏
121 2 . Reply
Lisa Ripley . 2019-03-17
Ben is such a good teacher! I love following his recipes!
121 2 . Reply
sagich dirdochnicht . 2019-03-14
Oh C'mon, you don't bake a bread in 90 Minutes. The Toppings are amazing and look phantastic, but the breads, they are dreadfull, both. As a baker it hurts. Good bread requires time. Yeast (no matter if commercial or Sourdough) will ferment the dough, wich adds all those lovely flavours. Fermentation will not happen in 20 Minutes or without yeasts at all. Bens bread has at least some flavour due to herbs and variety in ingredients, but James is just white flour, the bread itself will taste very neutral, at best. Also the crumbs don't look good at all.
Also, people like me that can basically digest anything will be fine, but a lot of people will have a bad time with roaming in their guts, a bread without proofing time is not wholesome at all.

Please, don't do timed challenges with bread involved, or if you do allow, extend the time Period (90 is just to low) and allow preperations, such as making Sourdough or Yeast Sponges, prefermentation for flavour.
It just kinda makes me sad that in almost any cooking show the chef will at least once attemp to bake a bread and it is allways dreadfull, because the chef is absolutely excellent in cooking, but simply can't bake. (No honestly, those are two totally differnt things and you need to learn quite a bit to bake high quality bread)
121 2 . Reply
King of All Kings xx . 2019-03-13
Do a ultimate roast dinner challenge
121 2 . Reply
jacob sarafinchan . 2019-03-13
Ben and berry are my favorite
121 2 . Reply
Ruth Melton . 2019-03-11
Did anyone else notice that after James saying he wasn't going to butter his bread and Ben saying he was James then proceeded to butter his bread and Ben then decided not to :)
121 2 . Reply
Sophie Rodger . 2019-03-10
Not bens
121 2 . Reply
Die Fluse . 2019-03-10
Koreander ruins EVERY dish for me. I absolutely hate the taste! It tastes like disgusting soap and it overpowers every other flavor 😣
121 2 . Reply
R. Redington . 2019-03-09
Wow Ben's sandwich looks amazing!!!
121 2 . Reply
Callum Walsh-Pardey . 2019-03-07
I have to give it to James simply because Bens has alot of anchovies in that sauce, and I hate those with the fiery intensity of a thousand George Foreman grills!
121 2 . Reply
Zakiyya Ismail . 2019-03-06
guys, we NEED more pretentious ingredients
121 2 . Reply
vegabotain . 2019-03-03
chef vs cher Mexican food!
121 2 . Reply
j r . 2019-03-02
I feel like this video was just about making fun of Ben
121 2 . Reply
Kimberly Osorio . 2019-03-01
I love this guys. ”Mandarin”
121 2 . Reply
Grimoir Workshop . 2019-02-26
and how about MANDARINA DUCK!!!
121 2 . Reply
Patrick Ellis . 2019-02-24
Gentlemen’s relish ! 😏
121 2 . Reply
Lauren Clark . 2019-02-24
Just want to point out that the song you guys used when you revealed the two finished sandwiches is the same song as the overcooked games final boss. Not sure if this was intentional genius or a bizarre twist of fate as overcooked is a game about being chefs in a hectic kitchen. Also, the longer sandwich should win because size matters. Lastly, I want to see an overcooked 2v2 match up!
121 2 . Reply
Connorfied WHUT . 2019-02-24
I have no idea how I've managed to follow a cooking channel since 2012/2013
121 2 . Reply
Johnny Nguyen . 2019-02-24
Banh mi hands down and no I'm not biased XD
121 2 . Reply
Yan Tse . 2019-02-23
The only way Ben's could have improved was if he switched the buns with Yorkshire Pudding in a disc shape...... hold on a minute. Is it possible to make a flat-ish Yorkshire Pudding?
121 2 . Reply
Lydia Loos . 2019-02-21
When they said banh mi, I had no idea what they were saying. Then I realized they just said it without the accent. 😂
121 2 . Reply
A Jarjis . 2019-02-20
9:11 Is nobody else going to mention Mike's pronunciation of 'chef'
121 2 . Reply
A Jarjis . 2019-02-20
121 2 . Reply
kittysmileyface1 . 2019-02-20
I love how they’re flipping out over how spicy it is and then Mike so casually turns to James to tell him that it’s really spicy 😹😹
121 2 . Reply
James's Movie Reviews . 2019-02-20
I think James did the more impressive work, but I’d eat Ben’s first because I’m a picky little bitch and he made a posh cheeseburger, let’s be honest 😂
121 2 . Reply
Pizza Beanie . 2019-02-18
James should win. I'm a picky eater but I would have been more open to eating James sandwich
121 2 . Reply
Ryan DaPleb . 2019-02-17
Banh mi means bread not sandwich, when saying banh mi sandwich is like saying bread sandwich
121 2 . Reply
Kristina Kvam . 2019-02-14
What’s the little red foodprocessor? Brand?
121 2 . Reply
ADVoscience . 2019-02-12
"No one does a sausage like the UK"
Australia and New Zealand: Flips table
121 2 . Reply
tim mobile . 2019-02-11
This is wrong you shud not blend or coock a sandwich or the the stuff you put inside a sandwich sooo you both losse sory dosent qualify for this SANDWITCH BATLE!!

Edit: Ben WHY chips one the Side in a SANDWITCH BATLE???
121 2 . Reply
timahtians . 2019-02-11
Both sandwiches looks banging 🤤
121 2 . Reply
ultimateninjaboi . 2019-02-08
"A mandolin is a guitar."

This hurt my soul. X3
121 2 . Reply
Connor Wilson . 2019-02-08
Dude cilantro fucking sucks
121 2 . Reply
magsimags . 2019-02-07
based purely on seeing this having never tried either, i'd have to go for James' despite hating coriandar. ben's seems like it would be too heavy for me. his bread is heavier, his meat is heavier, the gentlemen's relish is half butter and those cheesy leeks seems like it would be too much for me. James' also has it's fair amount of fat in it but it's broken up by the freshness of that cumber and diakon & carrot. I feel like James' would have more variation and freshness of flavour whereas it seems to that Ben's would mostly just meld together in a single taste of fat and oil heavyness. both look banging though
121 2 . Reply
riddhipetals . 2019-02-05
James' bahn mi wins!!
121 2 . Reply
William Locklear . 2019-02-04
Banh Mi
121 2 . Reply
Phil Mccrackin . 2019-02-04
90 minutes for a sandwich 🥪😱 boys go get a £3 meal deal sandwich crisp and a drink 🥃😂 I’m a life saver 😂😘
121 2 . Reply
Ryarios . 2019-02-02
I was with the Banh Mi right up until he added the liver to it...
121 2 . Reply
Robert Place . 2019-01-31
Ben lost my vote when he mentioned Gentleman's Relish
121 2 . Reply
Cat Durrant . 2019-01-30
James is adorable.
121 2 . Reply
wolfman571 . 2019-01-30
Isn't "gentleman's relish" slang for semen?
121 2 . Reply
Vixey Teh . 2019-01-28
Any one else watch this thinking "what the heck is a gentlemen's relish? And have I been eating lad's relish all this time???"
121 2 . Reply
Jeet Jani . 2019-01-27
Love Ben
121 2 . Reply