Full Fight | Anthony Joshua Vs Carlos Takam TKO

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28th October 2017 | Anthony Joshua won on TKO against Carlos Takam, who replaced the injured Kubrat Pulev, in the 10th round in Cardiff to retain his WBA, IBF and IBO World Heavyweight titles. #AJBXNG

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    Popular Comments:

Дани Луго . 2019-05-25
crita fashta
121 2 . Reply
James Abdullah Wang . 2019-05-25
Stopped it 2 early Takam was still defending and staying active
121 2 . Reply
Death Painful . 2019-05-25
Way to fuckin early. Ref made some HUGE MONEY That night. Da fook
121 2 . Reply
Valley Cele . 2019-05-25
No sound
121 2 . Reply
luis ayala . 2019-05-24
Does anybody know why the ref stop this fight. Carlos was fighting back if he wasn't hitting back i could understand why they would stop it.
121 2 . Reply
diana branch . 2019-05-24
I think the ref did the right thing
121 2 . Reply
Norman Tisdell II . 2019-05-24
Stoppage was too early, but Joshua would have won anyway.
121 2 . Reply
Dionne Mannion . 2019-05-23
The height difference tho
121 2 . Reply
T- renallux . 2019-05-23
Respect to both fighters especially Takam, big respect to Takam.
121 2 . Reply
Zaki Zaki . 2019-05-23
Too early stoping
121 2 . Reply
Afrik Science Exchange . 2019-05-22
I thought it was stopped early before but after seeing the fight and the referee checking Takam’s été repeatedly and the commentator saying it over and over I understand now better the stopping.
Come on guys the gloves sleeves were white they became red because of Takam’s blood and you still argue the stoppage?
121 2 . Reply
SAMUEL AWENTI . 2019-05-22
Anthony Joshua is not Dominic Breazeal
121 2 . Reply
danny . 2019-05-22
Takam IS scared ...takam dancing ...,0 attack ...and Aj break head of takam
121 2 . Reply
Austin Cass . 2019-05-22
What a fuckin fight jayzus AJ’s style is quickly becoming my favorite in boxing atm but until I see him beat wilder it’ll always be that lingering question “what if” make it happen guys
121 2 . Reply
fearlessjoebanzai . 2019-05-22
Anyone tell me which round those 2 judges thought Takam won?
121 2 . Reply
the Reedorm . 2019-05-22
Crazy why did the stop the fight 👎
121 2 . Reply
Kaisersoser . 2019-05-22
It was a good stop by the ref. If the fight had been closer in points, I am pretty sure he would have let it continue. But clearly Carlos had nothing else to offer, and there were 2 rounds to go. All that was left for him was more punishment.

Takam is tough as nails no doubt, but sometimes, you gotta save a fighter from hurting himself.
121 2 . Reply
Cris Gallardo . 2019-05-22
If Carlos would of had half of big Andy's speed, he would of definitely flatten out suspect chin a.j. #JAGUARSONLY #andthenew
121 2 . Reply
Death Sentence 1888 . 2019-05-21
in my opinion the ref should let the fight continue a little longer because it wasnt clear knockout, anyway AJ must fight Wilder and then Usyk and then Fury however i think he will do good vs Wilder and Fury but not Usyk i think Usyk is going to KO him.
121 2 . Reply
Fuze . 2019-05-21
There is no way Takam is 6’2 he looks 6ft
121 2 . Reply
Damayla Phoenix . 2019-05-21
takam was cheated. he still was fighting and wasn't hurt, but that's what he get for that dirty head butt on AJ nose.
121 2 . Reply
Chill Boss . 2019-05-20
Joshua punches are so slow, why do people think hes a match for The Bronze Bomber
121 2 . Reply
Diana Lopes . 2019-05-19
People saying its an early stopage,
Should go see mma fights...
In boxing we try to get everybody home with their breins intact.
Hes a proud man, but he was never in the fight
121 2 . Reply
азамат исматуллоевич т хоркаш . 2019-05-19
Уайдер порвёт усика я думаю что
121 2 . Reply
Dain Regis . 2019-05-19
What a great fight. Ruined by ref.
121 2 . Reply
Abram Servant . 2019-05-19
As good as AJ is Wilder might have his number. We need to see that fight.
121 2 . Reply
Jason Borne . 2019-05-19
Yeah You Uk Fans With Anthony Joshua Come Get Deyonte Wilder
121 2 . Reply
Nwangwu Chukwuebuka Ubabuko . 2019-05-18
He wasn't going to win the fight, nice decision by the ref💪
121 2 . Reply
Miky Binns . 2019-05-18
Good learning curve for AJ...gets tired rd 6/7 as usual..his main weakness...tough guy Takam

Great fight
121 2 . Reply
людмила чарута . 2019-05-17
Neponial. Shto. Zaxuinia. Vidno. Joshua. Podkupaiet. Vsex. Sudei. Nikto. Vnedoumenie. Pachemu. Sudia. Pidarast. Ostanovil. Boi? Ktota. Moget. Obisnit_?
121 2 . Reply
VRAIE VIE TV . 2019-05-17
Joshua the King Panther of ring
121 2 . Reply
Shad Carter . 2019-05-16
Hell I'm 6'5" 240lbs, and when I spar in the gym I wear men down early. Not only am I trained to punch efficiently and with great technique but that 240lbs is with a 10.5-12.7% body fat.
121 2 . Reply
Shad Carter . 2019-05-16
People don't understand big men like Anthony Joshua punching down on you with all that muscle at 250lbs can easily detach your brain stem not every man needs to go out on his Shield...I'm sure Carlos Takam has a family like most of you casual boxing fans!?!
121 2 . Reply
Rudy Nehro . 2019-05-16
when you gonna beat Mayweather for me ?
121 2 . Reply
an nguyen . 2019-05-16
I'm impressed by Joshua through his practical fighting techniques: fast, qualified, accurate punches and his humble, pleasant characteristic.
121 2 . Reply
bovic tamon . 2019-05-15
Hope someday u can fight ajagba---,,
121 2 . Reply
Quglob Gob . 2019-05-15
13:20 is when fight starts
121 2 . Reply
en bonj . 2019-05-14
Can see how it looks early but taking too many heavy punches in a row like that without going down would give him brain damage its not always about waiting until they are out.
121 2 . Reply
Azone 777 . 2019-05-14
johsua loser..boooo...
121 2 . Reply
ademola apata . 2019-05-13
Too early to stop it, just to make Joshua shine
121 2 . Reply
Đông Hà . 2019-05-13
Xem lại mấy cái video này buồn cười quá. Cả năm rồi mà vẫn chưa có thay đổi.....
121 2 . Reply
Shanan Shaikh . 2019-05-13
Takkam bro u are lion breed.
121 2 . Reply
Shanan Shaikh . 2019-05-13
Joshua bro u it' would be a close fight if he had not got dat cut.
121 2 . Reply
Oluwaseun Oyelayo . 2019-05-12
Ref too impulsive with this one... wrong decision...
121 2 . Reply
Sawson Francis . 2019-05-12
Aj bro don't be too nice to wilder on interviews just be real and tell him his big puss bag let the world know he a duck don't be too nice embarrass that fool on tv.
121 2 . Reply
Ted Berd . 2019-05-12
big respect to all three in side the ring,the referee knew what is coming in a few second.... actually saved TC from major nightmare.
121 2 . Reply
Roberto Moretti . 2019-05-12
incredibile non si puo' sospendere un incontro cosi,,,
121 2 . Reply
Lucks818 818 . 2019-05-12
Bad stoppage!
121 2 . Reply
Timothy Kip . 2019-05-11
If this a fair fight two things knees hadn't touch the ground presumably doesn't count as a k knockout and secondly premature stoppage by the ref it was an called for?
121 2 . Reply
Jason H . 2019-05-11
Too early
121 2 . Reply