Pumpkin Android 5.1 Car Stereo 11-RQ0264E

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Came with Backup Camera Y0811.
Great for the price with a few drawbacks. This video shows the double boot on startup for unknown reason that causes it to take 60 seconds for use.

Pros: - Comes with a lot of cables and extras (backup cam)
- Easy install if you've installed any other car stereo before
- Radio is as good/better reception than stock
- Bluetooth, OBDII / Torque, GPS / Googlemaps, etc all work
- Screen mirroring is helpful after enabling USB debugging, but requires your phone to remain unlocked
- Runs Automate
- Value

Cons: - Should be a universal wiring harness output. Had to cut off their stock harness and splice into the universal one I bought.
- As noted elsewhere: NOT a true double DIN. It runs large on the front face. Waste of 2 hrs with a Dremel trying to precision cut. Recommend using a router.
- Backup cam is mostly black/white for me with occasional blue color. Only bothers me because I know it should be in color...
- Backup cam should be in a fisheye mode for wider field of vision.
- Weak wifi
- Others complain of 30 second boot time. At first mine would boot quickly. Now it has gotten to the point where it will boot up in 10 seconds, flash the home screen, then repeat the boot screen for another 15+ seconds before being ready to roll. I find this slightly annoying but overall doesn't effect functionality.

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Pumpkin 11-RQ0264E Android Double-Boot

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Kilroy 5150 . 2017-06-27
That's because this hardware is an EXACT copy-cat of the 4.4.4 version they sold the year before when they screwed the 4.4.4 people out of the 5.x upgrade. Believe me when i tell you, it's not that stable on 4.4.4 and the Google crashes randomly after being upgraded.
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Baracat . 2017-01-26
Mine is not recognizing the 3g dongle and I am not able to set functions to the soft buttons. Do you have any idea how to solve this? Is there a way to put this android in developer mode?
121 2 . Reply
AlvaroZeBeast . 2016-10-10
Are you able to use mirror link with your phone?
121 2 . Reply
FPVme . 2016-08-27
It'd be really cool if you could have a camera on the front bumper but your home screen wallpaper
121 2 . Reply
Jeff MacLean . 2016-08-02
I installed mine awhile back. I am having some trouble with the sound fading in and out.

The back-up camera is working fine, mostly in black and white. Sometimes it seems more vivid and colorful.

I have found the unit to be quite laggy. Sometimes it seems to choke for a minute at a time. I try and clear the running apps regularly and it helps some, but it still get s a bit laggy. My guess is that it needs more RAM to really work well.

I really like the Google Maps running on it. I have downloaded my area map and that works well. I have access to my home wifi in my driveway, so downloading stuff is a non issue.

Automate works very well and only takes a minute to load. Great for long trips, not so great on 5 minute drives.

Lastly, the lagginess makes the screen seem a bit unresponsive. hard to tell if it is the screen or the unit itself.

Overall, i would rather have waited to buy one with less lag and paid a little bit more.
121 2 . Reply
Ashleigh Hantle . 2016-07-12
I just installed the same unit and am having the same issues...any luck yet?
121 2 . Reply
Bill Hunter . 2016-06-29
Did you get your gps running. If so which did you use and how do you like it. I just installed this exact same unit in my truck and I am still fumbling around trying to figure out apps and such.
121 2 . Reply
NorthEast Stig . 2016-06-20
Did you have to trim the surrounding din to fit the radio? because if that's the case, then I'm returning mine
121 2 . Reply
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