Black Desert | Exploring Aakman Temple Dungeon Valencia Part 2

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Exploring the new Aakman Temple Dungeon introduced in Valencia Part 2.
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    Popular Comments:

Droguza . 2017-06-07
I accidentally went in here before a restart...

Good thing ninja has iframes cause im only 56 and fairly weak lol

i made it out but damn it looked pretty big
121 2 . Reply
al sahim . 2017-03-09
how do you get out other than death
121 2 . Reply
SkitZ GaminG . 2016-12-31
kind of dumb. they need to add bosses, as well as adding no limit too mob pools and they shouldnt lose agro because as simple as that was just to run the dungeon that easily makes it pointless
121 2 . Reply
Brian . 2016-12-06
EXACLTY THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE IN BDO.. epic dungeons like this where you have to enter a portal or something and have to beat the mobs and the boss at the end with some other players 2-3? or even more if it's a bigger dungeon/raid. And at the same time dungeons like this for 2-4 players only where you can run through alone(if your gear is strong enough) when ever and how long you want and can re-enter when ever you want to nonstop grind alone or with friends.. that's the content/concept which BDO miss in pve to have more fun for long term while grinding and playing with friends!
121 2 . Reply
Axium . 2016-10-02
Her face at the beginning was like

''Fuck you''
121 2 . Reply
cstism . 2016-09-05
next time show your lvl compared to mobs pls!
121 2 . Reply
Sairan . 2016-09-01
Those portals appear also when node war is on? I need to do some screenshots here!
121 2 . Reply
FruitBasketyay . 2016-09-01
Wow that reminds me SO much of mabinogi...
121 2 . Reply
Hooded Hamster . 2016-09-01
lol ive been waiting for dungeons!! Thx koyo ;P
121 2 . Reply
finalgamer . 2016-09-01
Sould have shown your hp bar. I am curiouse if you could grind there
121 2 . Reply
Xavo . 2016-09-01
where is the entrance of this dungeon?
121 2 . Reply
Official Music . 2016-09-01
121 2 . Reply