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In this episode we checked 5 good things and 5 bad things about the new Renault Zoe 2017.

The bed things about the Renault Zoe 40 ZE:

-One is that the design is the worst design out of all the Renault line up. It is not as bad as the BMW i3 but still pretty bad.

- Then next thing is that the Renault zoe is pretty limited in the luggage space and there is not much leg room in the back seat and you are almost guaranteed to hit your head in the doorframe when you get in.

-The inner design of the Renault Zoe is not so user friendly and it feels very very plastic.

- The Renault Zoe does not have regenerative braking in a sense that it brakes the car when you let go of the accelerator pedal. It does regenerate the batteries a bit, but it feels just like coasting in an ICE car.

-The be far the last point on the Renault Zoe was not easy to find, but in the end it became the design of the back light. It is very very ugly! Why!?!

Now we will take the 5 good points about the Renault Zoe:

- The first good point of the Renault Zoe would have to be its new battery upgrade and extended range of 400 KM on paper which is about 300 KM in real life.

-The Renault Zoe is a very comfortable car to drive

-On the front of the Renault Zoe you have only one plug that enables 3 phase charging, slow charging, fast charging, and any kind of charging actually. This was very smart from Renault.

-The cars price is very affordable and you do get a good deal for your money for the Renault Zoe. It is the most affordable EV on the market with quite a long range.

-The last good feature is how Renault solved the keyless driving. You never ever have to take the key out of your packet as the car locks by itself when you walk out of range with the key.

That was the video. I hope you guys liked it. If you did hit that like button and subscribe to the channel.

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    Popular Comments:

Julian Bon . 2018-10-10
When the girl started talking I don’t understand it anymore πŸ˜‚
121 2 . Reply
Douglas DePirro . 2018-05-26
When will Renault sell the zoe in the us?
121 2 . Reply
Pam Nitti . 2018-04-22
I'm looking to buy a 2017 Zoe this July when I'm in Nice. Is there a big difference between the 2017 & 2018. Will be traveling to Spain, Portugal, back through Nice and Italy and Greece for 2 months.
Any thoughts as far as charging stations, driving it on highway...to light of a car? Its fine.... Never had an EV before....Thanks for any advice , thoughts
121 2 . Reply
chigi chagi . 2018-03-30
Last friday, i bought a brand new ZOE Z.E. 40 LOL ..... Top 10of10!!!
121 2 . Reply
Edgaras Drozeanu . 2018-03-24
Hello, great video! i have a short question, you see somebody bumped in the back of my zoe. Can you explain please how to remove rear bumper?
121 2 . Reply
Oleksiy Protas . 2018-03-13
Zoe does have regenerative braking and even your correction is extremely misleading. It is pretty powerful, routinely regaining up to 30% of energy in my experience. You just misunderstand how it works. The design feature on Zoe (not on other Renault ZEs though) is that you get light regen when you depress throttle, but when you brake it tries to engage regenerative brakes as hard as possible and only uses hydraulics for the difference between the torque requested by the user and the one that the regenerative brake is able to supply. On practice this means that on the standard reasonably careful drive with no incidents, you only engage hydraulic brakes when coming to a full stop and then again you use two pedals like you would on an ICE car with the ECU deciding which brake to use when decelerating. As an added benefit, when you press brake pedal your tail lights indicate your intentions regardless of the braking type you use, something that is pretty hard to reasonably configure on one pedal driving.

Docu: https://pl.scribd.com/document/256077973/Renault-Zoe-2013-pdf scroll down to braking section
121 2 . Reply
Julian Davies . 2018-02-13
Extremely bad review, I would assume you do not drive a Zoe. Really only your opinion, not a comprehensive opinion. I drive a Zoe, nothing wrong with the rear light design, regen does happen which is another reason I suspect you do not own a Zoe, plenty of room in the back seats and I am six feet tall and have no problem getting in and out of the back seats. I also happen to think the dash and the rest of the inside of the Zoe is fine, so again just your personal opinion.
121 2 . Reply
Nicolas Raimo . 2018-02-12
Am an EV channel and i got many issues with the facts in your video, 1) worse design? have you seen the leaf? 2) Space in the back is huge why don't you sit in the back instead of your wife saying a man might not fit? 3) yea theirs a lot of plastic but same in any hatchback, 4) MAJOR point regen is controlled by brake pedal in zoe the has a unique advantage over other EV's as in the winter you have more control of the car!!, nothing wrong with lights, stopped watching after that point as you clearly are reviewing stuff you don't understand
121 2 . Reply
Charles Heard . 2018-02-12
Can't agree with any of the negatives:

1. I like the design - it's different to ICE cars but still looks good
2. It's a small car - have you tried sitting in the back of other small cars? We've had four in it without problems
3. All car dashes are now plastic unless you pay for wood or leather. It's different to a regular car's dash because it needs to display different things, such as power usage. Bad, or just a matter of taste?
4. Just plain wrong - it does have significant regenerative braking. It's trying to be user-friendly for non-EV drivers by not having sharp deceleration when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal: I've had up to 15kw just when taking my foot off the pedal. It's really clever when you use the brake pedal: it harvests as much power as the motor can handle (I've seen up to 43kw). In fact it tries not to use the friction brakes at all unless it has to. It's also safer in poor conditions when other EVs can skid with the sudden braking. It also means that the brake lights are on when you're slowing down, which is good for the person driving behind who's only half awake and isn't expecting a car to slow down quickly without brakes...
5. He doesn't like the rear lights - really! Are they actually bad, or is it just a matter of taste?
121 2 . Reply
Faz khan . 2018-02-12
Thankyou for the review very good and honest πŸ‘πŸΌ
121 2 . Reply
WoodyJim . 2018-01-29
The range is impressive but you totally missed the lack of full fast charging on the car.
Its 22kw / hr max no?
As an ev owner this is would be a major issue for some even with the good range.
121 2 . Reply
sirius2nd . 2018-01-14
Good car but i think that 300 km is still a low range
121 2 . Reply
Run Fuzz . 2017-10-03
121 2 . Reply
Samuel Spacey . 2017-10-02
Quiet....LOUD...quiet....LOUD!!! My EARS!! :)
121 2 . Reply
Soumen Mondal . 2017-10-01
madam, I just Love your Voice.... πŸ‘ŒπŸ€˜
121 2 . Reply
Joe King . 2017-10-01
2 dum dums
121 2 . Reply
Harish Chandra . 2017-09-30
Nice information
121 2 . Reply
Vasi . 2017-09-13
I personally love the look of Renault Zoe!
121 2 . Reply
you what? . 2017-09-11
Haven't watched it all that womanΒ needs to learn to speak better english
121 2 . Reply
you what? . 2017-09-11
Mine recharges when I take foot offΒ - iΒ use it all the time, foot off 150 metres from a junction and it puts 1 to 3 miles back on
121 2 . Reply
LeHoink . 2017-09-08
Low regenerative braking is Renault choice to optimise the range as long as you know how to "eco-drive".
Average people just accelerate & then brake to drive 200 Km with the ZoΓ© 41 KW/h but an eco-driver optimise the car inertia to get more than 300 Km of range with a single charge.
You just can't eco-drive with a strong regenerative system but you wouldn't stand being an eco-driver passenger because they alternate strong acceleration with slowing-down phases all way long.
121 2 . Reply
George Hanson . 2017-08-31
How does the Q90 take to charge on a 43kw fast charger ?
121 2 . Reply
Jez . 2017-08-23
How can someone with such a ridiculous haircut speak about design flaws ?
121 2 . Reply
AndrΓ‘s CziglΓ‘n . 2017-08-03
You hava a bit Hungarian accent...
121 2 . Reply
Electro Aimant . 2017-07-07
The regen allows up to 45 kW. Read the instructions....So there is no coasting ( only if you have just done a full charge just before). Secondly, there is no bad or good design as it relative.
121 2 . Reply
Roberto . 2017-06-25
This car has regen you moron
121 2 . Reply
Roberto . 2017-06-25
Design thing its like your opinion man. It looks better than all other ugly ass renaults
121 2 . Reply
Veronica Wloch . 2017-06-24
jag gillar denna bilen
121 2 . Reply
Anti Petrolhead . 2017-05-31
This has to be a personal opinion review. The BMW i3 looks way better than the Zoe.
121 2 . Reply
BritishRacingGreen . 2017-05-31
I like the look of the car. It doesn't look strange like BMW or ugly like the Nissan Leaf. The car looks pleasant and doesn't need to prove a point like the BMW.

The distance is good enough for most, but can it manage London to Manchester on one charge? Because going on long trips is going to be awkward.

Also how good is it if you loads up 2 suitcases in the car weighing a total of 45kg in the back?
121 2 . Reply
rif42 . 2017-05-29
1:38 Nope, those rear lights looks good. You should rather have mentioned the lack of DC charging.
121 2 . Reply
Gabriel Cescutti . 2017-05-29
for me, the really non-sense feature of this car is : NO SUPPORT FOR DC fast charging !!
121 2 . Reply
Roberto Pinna . 2017-05-27
her voice is so annoying
121 2 . Reply
Mogyi - modzsi . 2017-05-27
Nice channel and videΓ³ :) I was sure Mama is Hungarian :) Very thick Hungarian accent.
121 2 . Reply
Benny Gustafsson . 2017-05-27
Well, design is always quite personal. I like the design of the Zoe. Bad designs for me are Nissan (P)Juke, Toyota Prius (the new one) etc... Comments on the R90 are - regenerating is really in two modes. If you want it to regenerate a lot you put it in ECO-mode, try it and you find the regenerating is very effective and you can use one-pedal!! The dashboard reflection was a lot on the first version with the beige dashboard, the new black one doesn't as much. The instrument works super! BUT what I would like to have is a split rear seat - it isn't very modern folding the whole seat down!! The headroom in the rear doors is quite good, if you bang your head once, you don't do it twice! For such a compact car it's really roomy inside! Like the famous Italian ladies shoe! The charging is adequate with 22 kW but of course 43 kW AC and in addition CCS would be super! The range on my R90 is as best noted 377 km, normally around 350 km (with a reserve of 20 km as my old Q210 had). With my R90 we have travelled Oslo-Mannheim-Paris-Oslo, 4182 km, cost 27 euros. It's really a splendid and affordable car - no such like it really on the market today (apart from Tesla - but is Tesla affordable??).
121 2 . Reply
Roger Keulen . 2017-05-26
Key-less. Cool, don't need a key to steal the car, just two antenna's and some amplifiers.
121 2 . Reply
bengthu . 2017-05-26
If you are finding bad points, look and design are just wrong to mention. Side support in the seats is a bad thing. Super reflective dashboard must be mentioned and no DC quickcharger. Going for taillight just shows that you have not tested the car.
121 2 . Reply
Terry Parks . 2017-05-26
I may be breaking ranks on this one. I agree with all you said. Regen breaking may be available but, does it REALLY make any real impact on the battery charge level? The interior room looks very restrictive to me in the video and, as usual, your wife is right about the headbanging entry points. Another great video. Stay safe and healthy.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Powell . 2017-05-25
Nonsense, visually the Zoe is great inside and out. Its light years ahead of the past century styling you see in German cars. But then, they seem to be thrown together to appeal to oiks who;ve never been to university, and think football is sophisticated.
121 2 . Reply
Idiwzr . 2017-05-25
I like the rear light design.
121 2 . Reply
stili774 . 2017-05-24
the front design of Zke and leaf are nice, and the back should be the I3
121 2 . Reply
Pavithrra Narayanan . 2017-05-23
Can we attach 5 year old kid seat at the back
121 2 . Reply
Risto Kupsala . 2017-03-29
I like that 40 kWh battery and it is definitely the most remarkable thing in Zoe. Regen with the break pedal is OK, though I have enjoyed one-pedal-driving in my Opel Ampera plugin hybrid. I'm not so pleased with how Zoe looks like from the front but it has a nice side profile.
121 2 . Reply
Leticia BNT . 2017-03-28
121 2 . Reply
Nigel Weir . 2017-03-17
Every thing you said bad points is either wrong or just nonsense , regen braking , you have not read the instructions, your taste in design is suspect, perfectly eats to get in the back , ass size might have something to do with it , back lights look great , ps Renault Laguna 4 door disaster , new Megane worse than old- boring, Renault Clio, not as big boot, same design just not as tall , capture same as Zoe , leaf owner and you talk design , leaf sucks in comparison on most things ,range, looks , cost , internal design- that shifter crap , granny car ,charging system poor . Not a tesla or a BMW , both will or already significantly more expensive . Love idea of model 3 but not out, BMW , lots of major faults
121 2 . Reply
Mihai Barbulescu . 2017-03-17
Re. regen: it's true that it doesn't offer "one-pedal-driving" feature, but compared with any other EV the Zoe has regen braking when using the brake pedal, down to 10km/h. At speeds under 10km/h it uses the friction brakes. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/262807613_ELECTRIC_AND_FRICTION_BRAKING_CONTROL_SYSTEMS_FOR_AWD_ELECTRIC_VEHICLES

It's actually a rather smart design on Renault's part, to make it feel more like a regular car, thus driving the acceptance of EVs :)
121 2 . Reply