President Trump Addresses the United Nations - Sept. 25, 2018

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President Trump addresses the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks at the United Nations - Sept. 25, 2018

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    Popular Comments:

KPB . 2018-10-14
A turly Great man. Americans should feel fortunate that they have such a man pushing for the betterment of America-if only we could have someone just 5% as good here in Australia, we are riddled with ineffectual self centred and psychopathic career politicians who give only a damn about themselves. America has no idea how close it came to complete doom, and was saved by this great man. Amazing.
121 2 . Reply
Magda Cordeiro . 2018-10-13
Dear Mr President Trump.
I pray for you, your family, and to all the people that respect and obey God. May Jesus protect all of us from evil.
Please, take a close look at Brasil. Help us to fight comunism and corruption.
We are going to a second round to vote for a Brazilian President , on October the 28th of 2018. The majority of Brazilians are against the comunistas and we want to preserve our Cristian values.
There were a fraud at the electonic machine to vote, on the October 7th, 2018.
It seems that the three powers are involved with corruption. As a one big Cristian family, we want to stop the the advance of the evil power of the World New Order and all their "supporters".
Let's pray all together and be vigilant.
May God bless us and help us to overcome this difficult time.
God bless you our countries and our planet.
Thank you very much.
121 2 . Reply
Andy Chapman . 2018-10-07
I LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP! This is the most inspiring speech I've ever heard... if not for this man and his allies our country would literally be DOOMED. Thank you Mr. President for all you've sacrificed for this country and for standing firm day in and day out, despite the enormous and very real risk to your well being for not following in the footsteps of the Internationalist Banking Mafia contolled puppets who held your position in recent, and not so recent years... We saw what they did when the late, great patriot Mr. John F. Kennedy attempted to expose the rampant corruption and truly terrifying agenda of the deep state...... WAKE UP PEOPLE! OUR PRESIDENT IS TELLING US THAT THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES WERE TRUE! EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM! Are we gonna continue with the cognitive dissonance because we don't want it to be true? Because it makes you uncomfortable, will you ignore the facts?
121 2 . Reply
Ra Sinticarno . 2018-10-03
30:01-30:08 "There is the heart of a patriot, that feels the same powerful love for urination" 😁 I know it's "your nation" but from now on it will go down in history as the Urination speech. Funny nevertheless but good speech 😉
121 2 . Reply
Wayne A Sparrow . 2018-09-28
My President.
121 2 . Reply
Edward Padilla . 2018-09-27
Nice job Trump!
121 2 . Reply
Stick It To Them . 2018-09-27
I'm still waiting for Mr Trump to make America Great again so far all i am getting is bull shit talking and no action
121 2 . Reply
Uncoverhiddentruth . 2018-09-27
The wicked, clown and evil in one, American loves him.
121 2 . Reply
3DKing200 . 2018-09-27
What a guy, I don’t see a joke up there, I see a strong no-nonsense leader who really cares about our country. It’s a shame that every one is focusing on the laughing bit.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Mantle . 2018-09-27
Did they cut out the part where they all laugh at him?
121 2 . Reply
Molly Cobb . 2018-09-27
From God's mouth to Donald Trumps ear. I've never been so proud of our President. Thank you sir,both of you
121 2 . Reply
Adriano carvalho . 2018-09-27
help Brazil ...president
balsonaro 17
Brazilian is balsonaro
121 2 . Reply
Richard Conley . 2018-09-27
Biggest fool on the face of the earth. Complete Bozo.
121 2 . Reply
momma bear . 2018-09-26
Fred Flintstone makes more sense than Trump the Chump
121 2 . Reply
chicagozulu . 2018-09-26
LIES, LIES, and more LIES. As usual!!
121 2 . Reply
tedmazi . 2018-09-26
The best President America and the world has ever seen!
121 2 . Reply
Cordelia Awesome . 2018-09-26
St. Michael, please continue to protect President Trump thank you amen.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Draheim . 2018-09-26
Clown shoes traitor. lmao.
121 2 . Reply
Khalid Ansari . 2018-09-26
Is he mistaking Iran with Israel?
121 2 . Reply
travis francis . 2018-09-26
The beginning where the U.N. laughed at him is deleted.... ODD.
121 2 . Reply
James Pawson . 2018-09-26
Did the camera operator do enough meth that morning? wtf.
121 2 . Reply
DrSoft Drsoft . 2018-09-26
Donald Trump is one of the best presidents in human history. Humanity can be sure that Donald Trump will make America great again. He will be able to defeat the monstrous poverty in this God-forgotten country. At last, in the whole history of the United States, it will be able to give people affordable medical care. Trump will be able to give tens of millions of homeless Americans affordable housing. Trump can give hundreds of thousands of illiterate Americans a basic education. Trump will finally solve the issue with the appalling criminality in the country. When Armed to the teeth, policemen arrange deadly safaris for negroes on the streets of the cities of the United States of America. Trump will finally be able to end the medieval executions in the electric chair, executions in gas chambers, and the injection of poison to condemned Americans. Trump will finally be able to release from American prisons tens of thousands of children imprisoned for a monstrous time for childish pranks. Donald Trump will be able to clear the American establishment of clinical morons, illiterate idiots, stuffed with antidepressants and drugs, carrying feverish delirium and nonsense. He will be able to replace these morons with normal people, smart and decent people. Trump put an end to the monstrous American aggression around the world. Trump will close tens of thousands of prisons scattered around the world in which the prosecution is seated by opponents of the American regime. Trump will close the US military bases located in virtually every country in the world. Trump will stop the financing of terrorist organizations by the American Congress. Trump will end the vicious practice of interference by the United States in the domestic politics of other states. Trump will make the United States stop engaging in economic blackmail, imposing embargoes and economic sanctions, and violating international laws. So we will help the Trump to make America great again! God, save America!
121 2 . Reply
007plus01 . 2018-09-26
ok I got it, the point is : do as I say, no as I do!! the prove? the sounded laughs at him!!! That's all!!
121 2 . Reply
trên đầu súng . 2018-09-26
121 2 . Reply
Gary Bacher . 2018-09-26
Does Michelle Obama said finally I can be proud of America
121 2 . Reply
David Fowler Desert Floor Inspections Las Vegas . 2018-09-26
🇺🇸💪Finally a president that gets it🇺🇸💪
121 2 . Reply
Melaine Ciotti . 2018-09-26
Awesome speech
121 2 . Reply
dx398 . 2018-09-26
#MAGA 2020 !
121 2 . Reply
Emiliano Zapata . 2018-09-26
Trump is an idiot - he has advanced senile dementia - and most importantly he is a 🤡 payaso de naranjo
121 2 . Reply
Pankaj Shah . 2018-09-26
The President of USA,
Confident, Encouragement and Super Power ability for world.
121 2 . Reply
Roger Haugen . 2018-09-26
IKKE RART at FN og de VENSTREVRIDDE driter i buksa av skrekk...
Det TRUMP sier - er at AMERICA FIRST betyr at resten av verden gjerne må fortsette å hate USA,
men at USA ikke lenger vil finansiere disse haterene...
121 2 . Reply
Mary Busuito . 2018-09-26
We love you President Trump, believe me, the whole world is watching. 90% favor you, 40% are silent supporters, 50% are out there fighting for you everyday. 10% are those silly people with pink hats and silly Democrats who are greedy. If we can just give the liberals a wake up pill. Or some therapy, maybe we can get to 100%
121 2 . Reply
Barry Sheridan . 2018-09-26
It did my heart good to hear President Trump speak so openly and honestly, not only for the citizens of his own country but for the leadership he offers to the world. I had grown pessimistic that any western leader would find it in themselves to offer any positive vision, for years now all we have had is negative, at last a true leader with something good to say. Thank you President Trump.
121 2 . Reply
6doublefive3two1 . 2018-09-26
121 2 . Reply
schön war die Zeit . 2018-09-26
Iran's leadership sows chaos, death and destruction, "said Trump Chaos, death and destruction cause and spread only the US with its war partners, Israel and Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East and not Iran.
What Trump claims is exactly the opposite and applies only to the US
121 2 . Reply
Freeman Horton . 2018-09-26
Iran historically has been proved to be involved in numerous assaults against diplomatic interests belonging to the west in general and especially to interests of the US
the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, in which 52 US citizens were held captive for 444 days.
1983 U.S embassy bombing in Beirut
1983 Beirut marine barracks bombing
1992 attack on Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires
1994 the AMIA bombing
1996 Khobar Towers bombing
1998 the U.S. Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
2001 September 11 attacks
2005 Former PM killed in Beirut blast
2011 Iran's scheme the assassination of Saudi Ambassador in US
2012 attacks on Israeli diplomats in India
2012 Benghazi attack
2016 attack on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran
2018 Rockets Fired Toward U.S. Diplomatic Missions in Iraq
121 2 . Reply
maximilien corsillo . 2018-09-26
That petty, fat ,American baby is going to start world war 3 over being moched, humiliated and laughed at by every country in the planet today.(remember he only ran for office to get revenge for being moched at a whitehouse corispondence dinner)
121 2 . Reply
Saba6611 . 2018-09-26
121 2 . Reply
kevin cocking . 2018-09-26
this president is awesome the stupid U N is and has always been useless
121 2 . Reply
Steven Marsh . 2018-09-26
Sooo just start it a few minutes in? Really? Just gonna skip "that" part?
121 2 . Reply
Nick Boariu . 2018-09-26
It's 2018. Why are we still getting this potato quality video? Please upgrade the camera's at the U.N.
121 2 . Reply
Juan Alcala . 2018-09-26
If Trump can successfully drain the swamp of the corrupt demons in government he will go down as the greatest president in American history.
121 2 . Reply
William Coumerilh . 2018-09-26
Dang with the size of the UN budget, you’d think the camera work. Would be a little better.
121 2 . Reply
Jessica Faulkner . 2018-09-26
I am shocked by this wonderful speech that somebody else wrote but Trump actually stuck to. He has improved his eye contact, following teleprompter and body language. I only wish he would continue such class act behavior. I've tried to embrace him although did not vote for him. He's the president and I respect him for that. I would really appreciate it if he would NOT do these 180s everytime happens that doesn't shed a good light on him. It's unprofessional and the world is laughing at the United States because of this.
121 2 . Reply
Samantha Jones . 2018-09-26
they cut off the part where he said, "Somebody stop me"!
121 2 . Reply
Ruth Javier . 2018-09-26
WOW!Brilliant speech. Hopeful and inspiring!
121 2 . Reply
Silvano Gonzalez . 2018-09-26
Wake me up! I can’t take it anymore!
121 2 . Reply
Al Cor . 2018-09-26
Next time America you are own your own
121 2 . Reply
Hilal Ahmad . 2018-09-26
Biggest liar and hypocrite of the 21st century.
121 2 . Reply
judy lapointe . 2018-09-26
America is not the biggest Global joke
121 2 . Reply