Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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The convictions were only the beginning. The worldwide phenomenon continues October 19th, only on Netflix.

Watch Making A Murderer only on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/in/title/80000770

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Making A Murderer: Part 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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    Popular Comments:

sonic goat . 2018-10-17
All the couch investigators are triggered! Lol This is a one sided documentary made for entertainment people.
121 2 . Reply
light and love . 2018-10-17
Cannt wait for this.
121 2 . Reply
v ttd . 2018-10-17
Teresa x bf looks suspect, he could be her killer... That's a massive junkyard. This whole case reeked foulplay from the officials.
121 2 . Reply
HugeJohn51 . 2018-10-17
First legal weed in Canada, now this? Nice!
121 2 . Reply
ZeJAlt . 2018-10-17
netflix doesn't deserve your money
121 2 . Reply
averystorm . 2018-10-17
Hopefully this season will be a little more honest.
121 2 . Reply
Northscream Productions . 2018-10-17
did that lawyer take an acting course through the TLC nettwork? urh.....
121 2 . Reply
Justin Truax . 2018-10-17

Look at all the evidence left out of the documentary. It’s all right there.
121 2 . Reply
Bear Bull . 2018-10-17
are you mad they did it they all did it!
121 2 . Reply
Bear Bull . 2018-10-17
this is #1 bullshit!
121 2 . Reply
Jeremy Rosser . 2018-10-17
So excited. Set Steven free.
121 2 . Reply
Anton EightBall . 2018-10-17
Bro his fucking guilty. You sheep are so gullible it’s crazy. Now I know why so many people can be controlled.
121 2 . Reply
We r readyyyyyyy there only a few hours from me #,#
121 2 . Reply
Clayton Doan . 2018-10-17
This happens everyday in all of our so called Justice system
121 2 . Reply
new era . 2018-10-17
just like Michael peterson case in the staircase steven avery is guilty it misses out important facts!! he's very clever in keeping his monster underwraps but he murdered Teresa cause he was obsessed.. and I think knew cud play the innocent card because off previous injustice but it's mad to think why??
121 2 . Reply
xian3001 . 2018-10-17
Is this season going to address the massive omissions of evidence in the first season?
121 2 . Reply
Jenny Randall . 2018-10-17
What makes me really think he's innocent is how many times he's appealed and gotten all these lawyers to fight this battle.. You really think a guilty man is gunna waste that much money and time trying to get out of a crime if he knew he did it? I dunno. I just think an innocent man would appeal appeal and appeal and have faith that the truth will eventually come out. I know if I was truly innocent, I wouldn't just TAKE a sentence I didn't deserve. Just settle. There's no way.
121 2 . Reply
Oliver . 2018-10-17
The most biased documentary on Netflix
121 2 . Reply
Mar xam . 2018-10-17
He was stitched up and hung out to rot.
121 2 . Reply
gerry o sullivan . 2018-10-17
Can’t wait to see what they leave out in this series!!
121 2 . Reply
Georgina 989 . 2018-10-17
great trailer. im really looking forward to this
121 2 . Reply
floex831 . 2018-10-17
Whether Steven Avery is guilty or not, there is so much reasonable doubt, he should never have been convicted.

Everyone saying how he texted and called Theresa conveniently fail to mention the boyfriend’s actions are VERY suspicious as well. Moreover it was clear that the local PD planted evidence. Also, there is no way he could have cleaned his trailer as thoroughly as the prosecution claimed, to the point where his trailer wasn’t even clean, yet is was 100% DNA free. Then on the day that the local deputy goes into the trailer, that he was court ordered not to go near, he finds the only piece of evidence with DNA, Theresa’s car key, in a spot where anyone with half a brain would’ve found it, in the open in the middle of the bedroom. Yet no one else was able to spot it except the local deputy on the day he got there within minutes of not seconds.

Then there is the vial of Steven Avery’s blood that was tampered with. Presumably to obtain his DNA in order to plant it. Moreover, the prosecution dropped key charges of kidnapping and sexual assault, which were all part of the prosecution’s narrative to what lead up to murder. He was charged and convicted of first degree murder, meaning it was planned/premeditated so kidnapping and rape should’ve stuck. Yet they dropped charges that served their narrative.

Twist it however you want, there is a mountain of reasonable doubt in Steven Avery’s favor.
121 2 . Reply
ClankyRochet . 2018-10-17
Good job I only finish season 1 a day ago.
121 2 . Reply
Oscar Law . 2018-10-16
I rly want to watch this, but I don’t have Netflix. Any way I can watch this somewhere else
121 2 . Reply
Jamie McIntyre . 2018-10-16
If this case is solid, if he’s guilty, I’ll fail - Michael Owen
121 2 . Reply
Anne B . 2018-10-16
He’s guilty! Feel sorry for Brendan tho. He should be freed!
121 2 . Reply
ABD . 2018-10-16
the brendan dassey thing shouldnt even be considered because if they did what brendan "confessed" to their would be so much blood and physical evidence all over that trailer and they would be able to see evidence of clean up which they didnt. Nobody can stab someone that many times and not have blood all over the walls and ceiling. this case is so messed up ive never seen worse police work in my life
121 2 . Reply
Darren J . 2018-10-16
The hype is real !
121 2 . Reply
Coach mine tanker CMT . 2018-10-16
Just a quick reminder. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY CASE!
121 2 . Reply
Louise Toms . 2018-10-16
Her ex was creepy as hell. He should have been investigated as a suspect. Deleting the phone messages was the icing on the cake in my mind
121 2 . Reply
jerkwagon . 2018-10-16
Steven and Brendan are still in jail, so whats is season going to show us? the people want them out.. IF you were part of the sub reddit MAM, everyone left because the proof was in the pudding and he was guilty
121 2 . Reply
3.14159265358 . 2018-10-16
Steven Avery is guilty. The first season left out so much information, it's ridiculous! Very interesting show, though.
121 2 . Reply
Billy Branch . 2018-10-16
So will the film makers leave things out of this film like they did in the first one?
121 2 . Reply
Ricky Williams . 2018-10-16
But seriously, who drew the dicks?
121 2 . Reply
Ty . 2018-10-16
They threw bray Wyatt in jail?
121 2 . Reply
lipsticklisa . 2018-10-16
I can't believe there is a season 2. When they both still locked up. The system media whole world is fcuked up 😡😓
121 2 . Reply
Maya C . 2018-10-16
Manitowoc County didn't want to pay Steven Avery the $36 million dollar lawsuit he won for wrongful imprisonment of a rape and beating for which he served 20 years. He was set up, the county would have gone broke.
121 2 . Reply
Pod Man . 2018-10-15
Wow, nice to see real journalism still exists
121 2 . Reply
Faith . 2018-10-15
Shane dawson, take note lol
121 2 . Reply
bmpf 10 . 2018-10-14
It amazes me how can the state say that he kill that woman in the bed and later after in the garage where not one single drop of blood was found, so, he was so professional to clean the crime scene but somehow lets blood in the car, not destroyed the car (he has tools for that) and takes the keys home. The people that convicted him have a bag of rocks instead of a head.
121 2 . Reply
Gurmeet singh . 2018-10-14
Smh....so a guy with a car salvage yard, hid the car underneath some branches rather then taking it to peices....wow!

Fuck the police man, no one is safe!
121 2 . Reply
Carolyn . 2018-10-14
Also a lot of POC and Latinos deal with this shit everyday. But they don't have a documentary on that
121 2 . Reply
Carolyn . 2018-10-14
I feel like he's guilty but there's not enough evidence and he didn't have a fair trial.
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Leeson . 2018-10-14
There is more evidence that county framed him AGAIN than evidence to say he is a murderer.
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Leeson . 2018-10-14
It's been known for years that the time line proposed by the prosecution was wrong . She went to Zipperers AFTER the Avery yard. Steven and Brendan were framed by the state.They framed him before and they did it again.....and got away with it !
121 2 . Reply
girl it's sarah . 2018-10-14
All these guilters clearly haven't read ANY of Kathleen's briefs she has filed. And trust me there's a LOT. This man better be fucking freed because Kathleen his his last hope. My God if they do a new trial and STILL find these two guilty.. I'm gonna lose my shit.
121 2 . Reply
BLVDKillz . 2018-10-14
Couldn't keep him in prison the first time so they made sure to set him up right the second time lol he ain't gettin out
121 2 . Reply
Leo Castrillo . 2018-10-14
pls dont be biased
121 2 . Reply
Epic Night . 2018-10-14
Actually can't wait for this! Part 1 Drinking Game? https://www.epicnight.co.uk/drinking_games/TV-and-Film/Making-a-Murderer
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Morris . 2018-10-13
he did it.
121 2 . Reply