Does the Honda CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN Ruin ADV? o#o

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Is the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin good for the ADV community? What does it mean for us as Adventure Motorcyclists and the future of Big-bike Enduro? What does it mean for competing adventure tourers like the KTM 1190, BMW GS, Suzuki V Strom, Yamaha Tenere, and even smaller dual sports like the KLR and DRZ400? Personally, I think it's the best thing for the ADV community since "Long Way". As a former economics teacher, I explain why the Honda Africa Twin is not only good for the community as a whole, but good for Honda's competition.

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    Popular Comments:

Karam Singh . 2018-12-21
Tenere 650 is coming
121 2 . Reply
Old Mate . 2018-10-18
Man I'd love an Africa twin but at $24k nzd yeah nah I'd never take it off road for fear of dropping that baby
121 2 . Reply
mixflip . 2018-10-15
I was just at AIMexpo 2018 and I have to admit....I want an Africa Twin even more now than ever!
121 2 . Reply
myrandomlife . 2018-10-05
Ugly ass bike but it’s supposed to be awesome.
121 2 . Reply
rrandydduke . 2018-09-16
Subscribed , 100% agree with your take that’s coming from a rider who pulled the trigger on a 2018 AFAS . This puts me at #28 on bikes that I have owned and the range I ride has been everything from SM , dez, extreme enduro , standard , super sport, dual sport , motocross, dirt bike with plates , dual sport to HD ultra classic.... now I’ve waited on the ADV with a proper price point ... my last bike took me places I’d never been because the bike was that good and it’s name was a 2t 300 pds and after riding this new adventure sport I can agree with you 100% that king sh!t Honda made a good move competing in the ADV market. Honda build good stuff it just sucks that they tend to wait the market out as long as they do 🍻
121 2 . Reply
Sudzaboy . 2018-08-02
I have an AT, you need to ride one, sure you will be tempted to buy one
121 2 . Reply
SC EM . 2018-07-23
Sheeple. Ba-a-a-a-a
121 2 . Reply
Kyle Hennen . 2018-07-07
Does he even review he bike?
121 2 . Reply
Akshay Amitabh . 2018-07-02
KTM 390 Adventure is on the Way!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Boone Docker . 2018-07-02
Who k ow. Nobody can afford the damn thing.
121 2 . Reply
Rockwood Joe . 2018-06-26
But...but... it's not a Harley! Damn you Honda for taking away US jobs! Better put a tariff on it!
121 2 . Reply
drug jozo . 2018-06-16
Something like crf700 would be very nice.
121 2 . Reply
Scramble North . 2018-06-04
Bring out a KLR1000!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Krav Maga SMA Master Solomon . 2018-05-16
it s too heavy and too pricy how about a 500cc africa twin ? more off road capable lighter a klr killer something to replace the xr650L
121 2 . Reply
Tvx Studios . 2018-05-09
What about crf 250L?
121 2 . Reply
Keven Harvey . 2018-04-06
To me, the Tenere 700 looks even more promising now than the africa twin did then. More offroad oriented and the expected lower price should reach more people.
121 2 . Reply
Sam D'Cruz . 2018-03-30
Strange video title
121 2 . Reply
Hannia B. . 2018-03-01
It would be nice buy I don't see Honda putting extra effort into the adv market. They brought out there version of the updated Africa Twin. Let's see if Honda and other companies go in big with the Paris Dakar that might indicate more
121 2 . Reply
Ya Ghos . 2018-02-11
It feels like riding an Elephent when you ride africa twin offroad
121 2 . Reply
Harleys Rule . 2018-01-10
Good points. ...and I really live my Africa Twin.  It is like riding a giant powerful dirt bike that can go anywhere; unlike most adv bikes that are too big and more street-like.  ...and the price point is unbeatable.
121 2 . Reply
NorCalSaint . 2018-01-06
Voted down for the click bait...
121 2 . Reply
theninja001 . 2017-11-10
Time for Yamaha to step up, and Kawi and Suzuki!
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Daniels . 2017-10-24
I wanted a HAT for a while really badly... But do too much off-road and don't want lift 600 pounds off myself 6x a day :/
121 2 . Reply
Big T . 2017-09-04
what the hell is a nitch? is that the French word niche?
121 2 . Reply
Tim Darrin . 2017-09-04
Hmmm... Video about Africa Twin but most shots of all other bikes?  What's the connection?
121 2 . Reply
KLRJUNE . 2017-09-03
I just bought a 2017 Africa Twin (Tarzan) and I could not believe how good this thing is. It has gobs of power, it is super agile and handles like a real dirt bike and is about as comfortable as a bike can get. Seriously, Honda hit a home run with this sweet monster.
121 2 . Reply
MotoBoy . 2017-07-20
Can't wait for the T7! I think it might be better
121 2 . Reply
Mike X . 2017-07-17
I'll wait for the second generation Africa Twin or see if the Africa Twin Rally comes available in Thailand in a few years. Just finishing a $13,500 CRF250 Rally build. Yup! $13,500! Way more than the cost of the bike has been spent on mods. I'm scared to take on a CRF1000L project. The cost of my obsessive compulsive modding would likely result in bankruptcy.
121 2 . Reply
98powerjoke . 2017-06-25
Where is this beautiful red road located at thanks
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Dunkin . 2017-05-30
Put it on a diet and I'd be more interested. I've read its around 510 lbs (230kg). Is this about right? Prefer not to lug that much weight through the dirt.KTM 790 ADV for 2018 anyone?
121 2 . Reply
alphakilo42 . 2017-05-28
Ive been riding on the road for over 20 years and off-road way before that. I have had just about every kind of bike available other than an ADV bike and the Africa Twin just changed that. Absolutely hands down my most favorite bike i had ever owned. On road. off road this is a bike you will never get bored with. The KTM's and BMW's are fantastic bikes but the price is a bit too steep for my blood and I don't need every bell and whistle you can cram into a bike. I prefer to keep it simple. Africa Twin for the win.
121 2 . Reply
Jim Dandy . 2017-05-18
Do you think the new Africa Twin will "kill" the XR650L ? I wish Honda would Bring back the XR line, they were the most reliable and sturdy bikes around.
121 2 . Reply
Shawn Helgerson . 2017-04-28
KLR 1000 anyone?
121 2 . Reply
Adventure Rider Pakistan . 2017-04-23
good review
121 2 . Reply
Mag Rider . 2017-04-23
Well the Honda marketing as well as your videos worked and are getting me back on the trail. Put my deposit down, dropped shipped 50/50 E07s and pickup the bike in about a week! Can't wait!
121 2 . Reply
Ivan Ivanov . 2017-04-08
Africa is less price than bmw but much much better ktm is a big gey fuck a had ride both of these three and now i have an africa 2017 the balance of this bike is amazing i dont now how they did it from honda
121 2 . Reply
Tarzaan . 2017-03-29
I wish the twin was more like the xr650r, more simple power, less bmw gs, those are gross
121 2 . Reply
HatedJared . 2017-03-28
it's really hard for me to get away from the KLR even based on better bikes. I have my street bike for city and commuting. The KLR scratches my need for touring and off road use well enough. All for $3000.
121 2 . Reply
Azdrtdog . 2017-03-15
I want a CRF650L..... Wake up Honda
121 2 . Reply
SFR SanFranciscoRider . 2017-03-07
good input
121 2 . Reply
Adam Alvarez . 2017-03-04
I've been longing for a Super Tenere but just can't get over the weight and "cruiser" nature of it enough to go buy one. It's too heavy and while I like the shaft drive there's just not enough "adventure" in there to go pend ~$16K on one. Honda may just convert me from team blue after all.
121 2 . Reply
MrTank440 . 2017-02-26
Honda need to re-release the xr650r with an electric start
121 2 . Reply
Toby 750 . 2017-02-06
its cool as he.. but the fuel tank are way to small for "l got lost ADV" I guess there will be afthermarked stuff
121 2 . Reply
david chilton . 2017-02-04
In this video is the rear suspension of the wr250r stock? At 2:16 it just climbs up that rock.
121 2 . Reply
Tomas Tomas . 2017-02-03
well there are dual sport bikes out there like Yama XT 660 series ..but they are not sold in US..
121 2 . Reply
Alan Godin . 2017-01-07
I like how this bike looks, but I don't know if I'd like that big of an engine for my dual sport. Seems like it would be heavy due to that big of an engine off road, but for on road I bet this thing rides like a dream
121 2 . Reply
Blake Whitton . 2016-11-12
Would you use the African twin or crf250L for the TAT?
121 2 . Reply
jlacerda14 . 2016-10-22
@everide, always doing such a nice work! Keep up! (finally bought my 2014 KLR)
121 2 . Reply
Ricky Retardo . 2016-10-12
I've only recently found your channel and I must say: The quality of your videos is amazing and your passion for riding is apparent. Much respect. You've just earned a new sub.
121 2 . Reply
John Gordon . 2016-10-01
I rode the Africa twin it is an awesome bike and I can't wait to get one
121 2 . Reply