Huddersfield 1-2 Arsenal | The Team Is Not Giving Me Hope For Man Utd & Spurs (DT)

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    Popular Comments:

Schweissfrei . 2019-02-13
00:35 DT predicts the 6:0 of man city
121 2 . Reply
kuki . 2019-02-12
What have Klopp won in last 5 seasons? Until he wins something sorry not a comparison
121 2 . Reply
Lenarie Johnson . 2019-02-12
No top 4 for arsenal
121 2 . Reply
Atef Azmi . 2019-02-12
DT, iwobi created two chances for Lacazette before he scored himself and he still had a bad game?
121 2 . Reply
64Fabby . 2019-02-11
Iwobi could score a hattrick but DT would be too busy rimming Xhaka to notice. Shove your banners up your arse you southern inbred
121 2 . Reply
Jackson Costello . 2019-02-11
I would LOVE to see a Martial type signing come in next summer.
121 2 . Reply
Hugh Ritzema-Carter . 2019-02-11
How the tide has turned. Arsenal are a Thursday night Europa club. Small Club. THFC now have superiority in every department. YIDS
121 2 . Reply
mc gee . 2019-02-11
Plot twist: the guy supports Man Utd
121 2 . Reply
SIX . 2019-02-11
Robbie with his 拢200 north face coat, I think he鈥檚 cashed out the last of his Wenger pea.
121 2 . Reply
Hussein Hamam . 2019-02-11
Mikhi absence caused us alot of problems.
He is the best player in the squad.
121 2 . Reply
Ben H . 2019-02-11
If Emery couldn鈥檛 win the Champions league with PSG with 350 million spent on 2 players alone then what chance have arsenal got. Arsenal are 4 years at least behind everyone else and those other teams don鈥檛 look like they are slowing down.
121 2 . Reply
jnmklo9 . 2019-02-11
Told we would splatter Chelsea for you. Come on City!
121 2 . Reply
Darren Hulse . 2019-02-11
Robbie have you bin watchin, upfront normally quite fluid? The only time were fluid upfront has bin probly 5 games this season. Every other game we struggle to create any real clear chances. The stats from last season to tgis season prove that in terms of shots goals chances created.
121 2 . Reply
Jay Patchy . 2019-02-11
Emery : We are not favourites for top 4 . Already throwing in the towel . So much for inspiration? A
121 2 . Reply
Jm Ls12 . 2019-02-11
stayed in premier inn near yorkshire rose pub by the look of this interview!
121 2 . Reply
J Rankz . 2019-02-11
Emery Treatment of Ozil is starting to seep in and it does not look good see Lacazette is asking for creativity in the team and we dont want Aubameyang start hitting out Emery is looking like he does not like coaching superstars just young talents that he can wield his power over lets see what he does Thursday and messing with the backline every week is not helping us #GetOzilInTheTeam
121 2 . Reply
Networth Media Inc. . 2019-02-11
We are in the top 4 race, the teams above us have been build over time, klopp took 2years, pep 2years, poch 3years, Emery can't be a magician to do it in 6months. SUPPORT YOUR TEAM, don't break it down.
121 2 . Reply
Networth Media Inc. . 2019-02-11
Give Emery time to build a team. he is figuring out how to get a top four finish with the team he inherited. so far he has done an excellent job with what he has. BE PATIENT, if you are a true Arsenal fan.
121 2 . Reply
AdamBinLaden 1886 . 2019-02-11
Iwobi gets so much criticism, he is the only player in our team that goes forward. His end product needs to improve and i'm sure it will, remember he's only 22yrs old. #COYG
121 2 . Reply
NoSurrender786 . 2019-02-11
As a united fan i remember the arrogance of arsenal fans before they played us at OT this season saying how good they are and how bad we are. Oh how the tables have turned. We are light years ahead of you and our future looks bright unlike yours
121 2 . Reply
Jack Head . 2019-02-11
Top 4 馃槀 arsenal make me laugh
121 2 . Reply
Deklan T Smith . 2019-02-11
Only arsenal and chelsea can bottle their over 10 point lead in less than 2 months
121 2 . Reply
Nik . 2019-02-11
team wins..ohh these def are trash player (insert name) ahh he played like shit not a confident win..team loses..ahhh man team is trash we have no backbone an its his fault (insert name)
Who cares, its 3 points!
121 2 . Reply
bcg3ied . 2019-02-11
You guys should be hanged for comparing iwobi to martial. How fkn deluded can you be? 馃槀
121 2 . Reply
Ragnar . 2019-02-11
Iwobi needs a right foot, left foot and a brain
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Pratt . 2019-02-11
At least everyone can laugh at Chelsea 馃槀馃槀
121 2 . Reply
David Neicho . 2019-02-11
Mate, seriously? Man U will take 4th, just look at the quality of their team, all over the pitch they are better then us.
121 2 . Reply
7fitterman . 2019-02-11
Yo DT, I guess you was wrong about those couple goals conceded after Chelsea get slapped 6-0 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
121 2 . Reply
Amara Joseph . 2019-02-11
I agree with DT, in my view Unai is becoming inconsistent with his team selection and he seems not to have a starting eleven where he can just fit in the subs when they are injured or ill. he keeps switching to three at the back and i haven't seen us play very well with 3 at the back. yet we have young players like Mavraponis who can fill in the gaps because he needs time to prove himself. Carl Jenkinson is a right back he should play. Iwobi is at the moment our only guy who tries to take on defenders and I'm sure he'll get it right. he lacks the composure in the box which i still believe he'll get. we need to support him. This team is not the same team that went 20+ games unbeaten. Unai should crack the nut
121 2 . Reply
THFC . 2019-02-11
Well done mugs, you beat the whipping boys 2-1 and they should of had a penalty with that blatant hand ball, you lot are 2bob, living in the past, bunch of mugs.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad Vahidi . 2019-02-11
Until there is Chelsea we are happy
6_0. 馃槞馃槀馃槓馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槉
121 2 . Reply
sluice . 2019-02-11
Deluded DT thinking Arsenal are a Top 4 side 馃槀馃槀
121 2 . Reply
Nikhil Nag . 2019-02-11
"Fine margins"馃槀 sometimes I feel bad for these deluded fans
121 2 . Reply
Alphonso Elm . 2019-02-11
I bet DT didn't expect that 6 goal to swing the goal difference between us and Chelse in our favour today
121 2 . Reply
Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos . 2019-02-11
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121 2 . Reply
MoneyMafiaMedia MMM . 2019-02-11
This dt thinks his the manager talks shit on bear games dunno why you have him in Robbie his talking shit on iwobi but if he didn鈥檛 score two point dropped ??
121 2 . Reply
J Young . 2019-02-11
Football shit why am I recommend this shite
121 2 . Reply
Yusuf . 2019-02-11
Arsenal get a new manager. Fans are still unhappy. Arsenal win matches ugly. Fans still unhappy. Shut up and stop moaning. Arsenal at least are moving somewhere
121 2 . Reply
母a喂ne . 2019-02-10
Arsenal not battling for top 4, but goal difference haha
121 2 . Reply
Connor Roberts . 2019-02-10
Imagine going to work and the best employee isn鈥檛 aloud to go to work. It would mean the manager is shit with an agenda. Arsenal fans stop acting dumb man
121 2 . Reply
Ali's Travel Vlogs . 2019-02-10

121 2 . Reply
ohania clarke . 2019-02-10
arsenal are very average....end of
121 2 . Reply
Tottenham Fc . 2019-02-10
Well it cant be any worse than chelsea's defeat today 馃槀馃槀
121 2 . Reply
Kieran Mcleary . 2019-02-10
How 6th hahahahahahaha im a manu fan
121 2 . Reply
Kieran Mcleary . 2019-02-10
How 6th
121 2 . Reply
mralex070 . 2019-02-10
I literally said I think we're going to get a clean sheet watching the game and 5 seconds later they scored..
121 2 . Reply
cskaismful . 2019-02-10
Martial is light years ahead of Iwobi it aint even close hes a world class winger Iwobi is bang average and also they are about the same age so there is no gap one cost what 50-60 million back when Utd bought him now hes worth a lot more imo while Iwobi I think is maybe possibly worth 15 million u know at best
121 2 . Reply
PAO GATE 13 . 2019-02-10
Iowbi will never be world class, I鈥檇 like him to prove me wrong but I don鈥檛 see it happening
121 2 . Reply
Shauney Isaacs . 2019-02-10
i wish rants slaps up this pussyhole DT
121 2 . Reply
Mohson Ahmed . 2019-02-10
Banter FC back again. It's the same old Robbie. How many times do I have to repeat myself. Play my interview from last season. 馃槀馃槀 DT and Troopz in a nutshell 馃槀馃槀
121 2 . Reply
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