How To Shorten the Length of a Cordless Cellular Blind

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Free2BMe . 2019-03-13
thank you. great video
121 2 . Reply
Rick Dav . 2018-04-14
Invisible Black Dot
Photography is from 3 feet away - so no fine details visible... Lighting also was limited during minutes 2-3 - so appears that the video freezes during your talk about measurement ...

Not clear that you measured and cut from the top or bottom of the blind.
(aka did you keep the bottom 1/2 and remove the top half - or vise-versa).
You wanted the final length to be xx inches - so you cut at xx+3 inches - correct... (leaving it longer than minimum.

No details on how the knot was tied, or where the black dot was - guessing it should be in a consistent location/knot on both sides.
121 2 . Reply
John Heitzman . 2018-01-24
I still don't understand why you only subtracted 6 inches
121 2 . Reply
thehandNIN21 . 2017-10-30
What brand of shades do you have? (Great video by the way!)
121 2 . Reply
BobPaul . 2017-06-12
I'm curious... You said that in theory you should only need half as much string, but you like to keep it long so you're only removing 6" of string. Why remove any string at all? Couldn't you just tie the knot in the same spot if excess string is ok? The factory mechanism worked fine with the full length of string originally.
121 2 . Reply
humansoup . 2017-04-16
Hmm, mine have the little button on the bottom section. My search continues.
121 2 . Reply
drjs1085 . 2016-05-16
This video provides thorough instructions and is EXACTLY what we did to shorten 3 blinds from 48" to 26" in about 30 minutes. Excellent job, thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Tommy Grant . 2016-04-20
Love the video, thanks!!
121 2 . Reply