Hunter Price: Simon Cowell Requests Second Song From Performer - America's Got Talent 2018

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The Georgia crooner starts out with a cover of the Bryan Adams hit "(Everything I Do) I Do For You," but Simon requests a different song. Watch Hunter switch tunes and perform his self-penned song "Left Behind."
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In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.

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With the talent search open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" has brought the variety format back to the forefront of American culture by showcasing unique performers from across the country. The series is a true celebration of the American spirit, featuring a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying for their chance to win America's hearts and the $1 million prize. Follow judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search!

Hunter Price: Simon Cowell Requests Second Song From Performer - America's Got Talent 2018

America's Got Talent

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    Popular Comments:

infectedisme . 2018-07-18
His audition sounds better than the recorded version on iTunes
121 2 . Reply
s w . 2018-07-18
Simon was completely right for stopping Hunter. His voice is incredible, and the first song was gonna be great, but the second song? Did you hear that shift in energy?!?!? Incomparable
121 2 . Reply
Charles Cochran . 2018-07-18
Darn if he doesn't resemble Garth Brooks. Yes!
121 2 . Reply
horias86 . 2018-07-18
wow Floki can sing, so many wet panties right there
121 2 . Reply
Gregory Heath . 2018-07-18
Great lyrics. Great music. Let’s make sure he has plenty to eat and more
121 2 . Reply
Jackie Wilhelmy . 2018-07-18
Let no harm come to Hunter Price !
121 2 . Reply
dill pickle pickle dill . 2018-07-18
the judges need to leave him alone lol
121 2 . Reply
Rasha na . 2018-07-18
Saimon knows what he does! He was right the second song way better for his character
121 2 . Reply
Nokshimetem Jamir . 2018-07-18
Man.. He is soo good
121 2 . Reply
BODEINE ACID . 2018-07-18
3:07 when you start having feelings for someone
121 2 . Reply
kad jung ghale . 2018-07-18
Is it american idol? Lol😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Carolyn Nahikian . 2018-07-18
I like how he didn't let his story define him. Yes, he had a sad story, but he didn't want that to dictate his future on the show, yet Simon still pulled it out of him.
121 2 . Reply
Stanzin Chosphel . 2018-07-18
Simon has really great in searching real talents.
Hats off to you Simon.
You are great 👍
121 2 . Reply
Blue Monkeys22 . 2018-07-18
For everyone that says it is stage we know haha just enjoy the song. Thank you for bring up the obvious
121 2 . Reply
canaanoptical . 2018-07-18
He sounds nice, like the way he looks! :D
121 2 . Reply
Shaun Gowans . 2018-07-18
I feel bad because everyone was laughing at him because he wanted to be like Taylor swift
121 2 . Reply
KETTYKISH . 2018-07-18
Say what you want about Simon (and the sob story quest was not necessary) but he does have a good sense of who is good and honest and genuine.
121 2 . Reply
Dale Loope . 2018-07-18
121 2 . Reply
YHerzallah1994 . 2018-07-18
This is why Simon Cowell is the best. That kid thought the road to success was imitating someone else. But Simon noticed there was more to him. Respect and love to Simon.
121 2 . Reply
Gramps with 1mmr . 2018-07-18
When some hatin on simon cause he talks alot but can never sing or dance, well simon just got an eye who can really see a talent even in the very crucial situation down to this one, yes he has a good voice with the first song but simon knows too well that he had more within him. Great one from Hunter and well judged by Simon.
121 2 . Reply
Steve Bird . 2018-07-18
Absolutely put on. Simon just happens to stop a guy mid-song, who is singing a great song very well and ask if he has any of his own material? And Hey Presto.
121 2 . Reply
Jane Hale . 2018-07-18
Oh wow the second song is amazing
121 2 . Reply
PaigeC . 2018-07-18
Great lyrics great song obviously this was scripted but not his fault
121 2 . Reply
Tide Bar . 2018-07-18
Now that's a real country music!! It's a yes for me!
121 2 . Reply
IBRAHIM NASIR . 2018-07-18
121 2 . Reply
alon metzger . 2018-07-18
Avicii lives!
121 2 . Reply
Kamlal Son . 2018-07-18
Simon Cowell got instinct like Donald J Trump!
121 2 . Reply
delima manalu . 2018-07-18
He's good. His original is so great
121 2 . Reply
Deo Armand Lagan . 2018-07-18
He can be a famous country song singer. I believe in you bro.
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Tran . 2018-07-18
Heide has accent?
121 2 . Reply
1000 Subs Without A Video Challenge . 2018-07-18
Hi Guys 👋! I am doing a challenge to get 1000 SUBS WITH OUT A VIDEO! I know it sounds impossible but it could be achievable with support. I appreciate all the support that is given to me and will keep you updated. Thanks so much if you subscribe 🙏 . Great singing Hunter btw 😃!
121 2 . Reply
listening2all . 2018-07-18
So glad you left the first song behind, that was great, well done.
121 2 . Reply
Jumah Martabell . 2018-07-18
I love MelB's facial expressions
121 2 . Reply
Nancy Lactaoen . 2018-07-18
I so love country songs! Great Job Hunter Price. Looking forward for more of your own songs :)
121 2 . Reply
Spongezach Gaming . 2018-07-18
I don’t like country, but i really liked that song and him!
121 2 . Reply
Joel White . 2018-07-18
Simon was spot on...brilliant
121 2 . Reply
Quinn Nimesheim . 2018-07-18
He clearly didn’t want to show that part of him cmon simon
121 2 . Reply
Fleece Johnson . 2018-07-18
Stop with the sad back story BS - I just want to hear them sing.
121 2 . Reply
Sumeet Agarwal . 2018-07-18
simon like, give me a sob story or ur done
121 2 . Reply
Virginia Ryno . 2018-07-18
This guy is awesome. 👍❤ got my vote.
121 2 . Reply
michael stevenson jr . 2018-07-18
Fake T.V.
121 2 . Reply
Buff . 2018-07-18
121 2 . Reply
121212 . 2018-07-18
Sssstttt sttrtt sttttaaaaaaggeeeeedddd ... and nobody likes it anymore.. cut the crap. Stop the fake audience, fake interviews and fake stories
121 2 . Reply
Nelson Rodriguez . 2018-07-18
oh wow he is amazing
121 2 . Reply
Jen Palladino . 2018-07-18
Stfu that song is amazing I want to buy it today, I can’t get it out of my head!!
121 2 . Reply
Julien Gigot . 2018-07-18
such an amazing song i cried....god
121 2 . Reply
Saiar Aisek . 2018-07-18
Is this the hunter bike man?
121 2 . Reply
mike henderson . 2018-07-18

Please just shut up. I've been out on my own since I was 18 and sometimes I didn't have enough $ to eat. Welcome to the real world puss
121 2 . Reply
Mark Frost . 2018-07-18
I really liked his song now thats real country
121 2 . Reply
Hunter Price . 2018-07-18
Holy crap that's my freaking name
121 2 . Reply
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