FNN: Fatal collision in Chandler, Bill Cosby sentencing, President Trump at the U.N.

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Phoenix Arizona Bill Cosby sentencing sexual assault Morristown Pennsylvania President Donald Trump United Nations New York

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Pamela S. Bullard . 2018-09-27
Why wasn’t this done sooner? Why did the women wait so long? He’s been free to assault others when I could have been stoped years ago.
121 2 . Reply
Paul Charles . 2018-09-26
Poor dude looks more deserving of a convalescent home...not even sure it looks like he would survive that!
Hope none of the women get any of his money. We do not need to provide yet another career route for gold-diggers!!!
121 2 . Reply
Barbara Lane . 2018-09-26
Yeah,bill Cosby did something wrong,I agree! But what about the other men who did the same thing? Ie Clarence Thomas,Harvey Weinstein,many more Thomas sits on the
Supreme Court, Weinstein sits at home probably, The rest of the nasty men had to leave their jobs,ie Al frankin etc,cosby is,81 years old what can he do now? don't get me
Twisted I am a female to,I definitely believe in justice,me to movement! But justice for everyone,not 1old blind man.
121 2 . Reply
Stephen C . 2018-09-26
This is the funniest moment of your career Billy boy I'm having such a good giggle.
121 2 . Reply
dude set up
121 2 . Reply