How To Choose Tires For Your Jeep Wrangler - 33 vs 35 vs 37 inch

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Are you considering changing the tire size on your Wrangler? In this video, Ryan will walk you through everything you need to know when choosing a larger sized tire, the pros and cons, and three tires which we highly recommend.

To start things off, we will show you three Wranglers with three sizes of tires: 33-inch, 35-inch, and 37-inch. With differences in tire size come pros and cons which you will need to consider before making your purchase. After talking you through a few comparisons, we will then show you the differences in how these tires perform on and off-road! You'll see how the tire sizes perform differently and learn what tire size might be best for you and your rig!

If you're diggin' the tires and want to learn more, check them out here:

33" NITTO Terra Grappler G2 Tire - http://terrain.jp/2mhH3ck
35" NITTO Trail Grappler Tire - http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b
37" NITTO Trail Grappler Tire - http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b

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    Popular Comments:

keithrig . 2018-04-24
So what about how it affects fuel economy?
121 2 . Reply
Austin Parker . 2018-04-22
Do I have to regear for 37s if I'm driving the new JL Rubicon with a 4:10 gear ratio??
121 2 . Reply
Dave Thomas . 2018-04-12
33s are the best size for all around. It has certainly gotten me down pretty much any 4wheeler or quad trail. Plus I still get great gas mileage. Which is great because it is also my daily driver. That being said I can certainly see how hardcore offroaders need lifts and bigger tires. What kills me is when I see the jeeps I do all done up yet I know have never even been off pavement. SOBs
285/75/ duratracs
121 2 . Reply
Excellent video. Thanks LIKE
121 2 . Reply
Dylan Foster . 2018-04-04
I've been wanting to get a wrangler jk 2 door sport and I'm probably only gonna need it for off-road and sand/desert dirt. I'm thinking a 2.5" lift with 33" AT tires. I'm not sure what gears I would need though. I was thinking 3.55 or 3.73 gears. Any advice or recommendation would be appreciated.
121 2 . Reply
James Charles . 2018-03-27
Great informative video !
121 2 . Reply
Kelsey Slavuta . 2018-03-24
What brand are those fender flares on the jeep with the 35's? I really like them
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Vargas . 2018-03-22
in Miami we drive around the city on 37's lmao
121 2 . Reply
thatmar1neguy . 2018-03-22
Can ya do one on rim size choice 15,17 and up
121 2 . Reply
abstractvisions . 2018-03-02
Aev 4.5” lift, dana 44’s front and rear, 4.88 regear, on 37’s, banks cold air intake... lovin’ every bit of it!
121 2 . Reply
Bryant Roscoe . 2018-02-27
I run nitto terra 33s on my truck because it's a pavement queen
121 2 . Reply
Michael Gottschalk . 2018-02-24
will I need a lift if I put some BFGOODRICH 285/75's on my stock 2017 JK? it has 255/75's now.
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad Al-Awadi . 2018-02-24
Can you go from the stock size to 33 inches all terrain without lifting your car? If so would there be any complications?
121 2 . Reply
John Stevens . 2018-02-09
You can fit 40 on without cutting anything just know what you’re doing nd upgrade the appropriate parts
121 2 . Reply
Bex Andss . 2018-02-08
My JK is re-geared for my 35s but I'm thinking of going up to 37s. Do I need to re-gear again to run 37s?
121 2 . Reply
Robert Majestic . 2018-02-05
Do you write a script for your videos before filming? If so, please do a ctrl-f for the phrase “going to be” and delete them all. Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Juan Pablo Correa . 2018-02-05
Very usefull! Thanks
121 2 . Reply
Mexvette . 2018-02-04
I notice that when you went over the log the second time that the spur jutting out from the log was positioned down and sideways! If your going to come off as objectionable have the log facing the exact same way?
121 2 . Reply
Juan VarPlas . 2018-01-31
I’m running on a 31” tire
121 2 . Reply
Jacob Dickinson . 2018-01-28
3 inch suspension lift and 1 inch body lift with 35" MT/R's.
121 2 . Reply
Glock 17 . 2018-01-21
I run 44” tires on my Wrangler
121 2 . Reply
healthyamerican . 2018-01-18
i`ll take 37`s and a big SRT engine upgrade
121 2 . Reply
FelixD cat . 2018-01-17
Nice video 33"
121 2 . Reply
steve smith . 2018-01-07
The log was not in the same position for the 33 vs the jeep with the bigger tires, The taller part of the log was facing upright for the first jeep , and no so for the second.
121 2 . Reply
loenigma69 . 2018-01-07
Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Benjamin Santos . 2018-01-06
What gears should you run on 37’s?
121 2 . Reply
Lloyd Bonafide . 2018-01-03
How about just get out and TOSS the little branch aside?

121 2 . Reply
Vugar Farajov . 2018-01-03
121 2 . Reply
a c . 2017-12-26
Best jeep tire size? lowest center of gravity with the largest tire. Get a 4 inch long arm lift with 40s or 42s and cut the fenders.
121 2 . Reply
ZJRW98 . 2017-12-25
Very informative I really like the side by side comparison great job!
121 2 . Reply
N0AGI . 2017-12-20
I am looking at upgrading my Rubicon 2015 stock tires to 35" or 37" (still undecided). My jeep came w/ Dana 44 F and R. I understand from the replies here and in JKOwners, that for 37", re-gearing is a must to an ideal 5.13 ratio. What I don't quite understand is where does Dana 44 fit into this w/ the re-gearing formula.

In short, do I still need to re-gear for w/ 37" or w/ 35" despite having Dana 44s. What is the relation of Dana 44 spec to the re-gearing set up.

thanks much
121 2 . Reply
Chris Bernhardt . 2017-12-14
Regearing is a must with STOCK tires on a jk. No power at all compared to the 4.0 lj or tj. Btw...of course bigger tires are better on the trail. Why would you think pizza cutters would be?
121 2 . Reply
Destination X Terra . 2017-11-23
What should I budget for 37 inch tire ( tire’s ,modification of axle ratio and suspension lift & body lift)
121 2 . Reply
David Knauss . 2017-11-18
all terain 33's vs mud tire 37's... and where were the 35's on the trail? meh
121 2 . Reply
MsLeelee94 . 2017-10-25
mine has 33 " tires
121 2 . Reply
jake Lee . 2017-10-21
How much does it cost to re gear?
121 2 . Reply
Anonymous Yes . 2017-10-19
My commander tires keep going flat
121 2 . Reply
Blue . 2017-10-17
what gear for 33's
121 2 . Reply
elusive762 . 2017-10-07
big tires are for looks...wtf is he quacking about
121 2 . Reply
bobby t . 2017-10-07
That log test was not legit liar you turn the log over sideways so the night was gone the bottom I bet you that's 37 hit too because of the big pumpkin pumpkin boy
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Munk . 2017-09-28
For me it is a matter of skill/fun. I could throw 37"+ tires on my jeep, but then I am just idling down a rough road for hours on end. With 33' tires I have enough clearance to go almost anywhere, but skill and knowing my jeep becomes a factor too, requiring me to be engaged and think about where my line should be. (That is also why I have a manual transmission, but that's another discussion)
121 2 . Reply
Captain Rudy 4021 . 2017-09-21
How big of a tire can I put on my JKU Rubicon if I have a 6inch suspension lift and a 3inch body lift?
121 2 . Reply
David M . 2017-09-20
just as I was about to get 35" tires I found this video. And yes, 33" is more reasonable. thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Chief Bradley . 2017-09-10
I have a stock rubicon with 295/70-17 10 ply tires. 4:10 gears 6 speed standard transmission. I drive on the road a lot but off road a lot too. I'm also at about 9000' above sea level. The Jeep is kinda sluggish on the interstate. If I was to re gear this thing what ratio would you recommend? It's a 2015 and it has 98,000 miles on it. I drive a lot
121 2 . Reply
Scott Doubleyou . 2017-09-06
Portal's. 'Nuff said.
121 2 . Reply
Yoshi Dsouza . 2017-09-04
what is the bumper on the front of the 33in wrangler?
121 2 . Reply
HawesEA . 2017-09-01
My 2013 JKU Sahara had 35's on the stock 18" rims (wheel spacers) and I used the AEV ProCal to recalibrate my ECU and had absolutely "NO POWER" issues. I still had great pick up on the highway, etc. You DO NOT need to re-gear. I had 3.21 gears with the Auto Tranny in it.
121 2 . Reply
nathan ma . 2017-08-23
Does the 37' setup need any regear? Really like the big wheels but can't afford the cost of regear.
121 2 . Reply
mpiersd . 2017-08-12
Can you recommend a good tire for occasional use in sand when off road?
121 2 . Reply
Bryan Zickefoose . 2017-08-04
gearing recommendation for 35 and 37 tires?
121 2 . Reply
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