How To Choose Tires For Your Jeep Wrangler - 33 vs 35 vs 37 inch

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Are you considering changing the tire size on your Wrangler? In this video, Ryan will walk you through everything you need to know when choosing a larger sized tire, the pros and cons, and three tires which we highly recommend.

To start things off, we will show you three Wranglers with three sizes of tires: 33-inch, 35-inch, and 37-inch. With differences in tire size come pros and cons which you will need to consider before making your purchase. After talking you through a few comparisons, we will then show you the differences in how these tires perform on and off-road! You'll see how the tire sizes perform differently and learn what tire size might be best for you and your rig!

If you're diggin' the tires and want to learn more, check them out here:

33" NITTO Terra Grappler G2 Tire - http://terrain.jp/2mhH3ck
35" NITTO Trail Grappler Tire - http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b
37" NITTO Trail Grappler Tire - http://terrain.jp/2lhcX8b

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    Popular Comments:

Mernerner . 2019-01-20
i use 31MT with 4.27 final gear ratio. smooth. but i wonder what happens if i put 32 or 33
121 2 . Reply
Misty Likins . 2019-01-20
If you want to know the gear ratio you need to be at, multiply the tire size you want by the current gear ratio and divide your old tire size, or stock set up. Then round up to the nearest gear ratio. I want 35x3.73÷31= 4.21, so I'd probably go with 4.56. But I see a lot of people go with 4.88. JMO
121 2 . Reply
Derek . 2019-01-13
@ExtremeTerrain.com can you do a comparison video between the Morimoto Super7’s, Morimoto Sealed7’s and the KC Highlight Gravity Pro’s?
121 2 . Reply
62guitarguy . 2019-01-08
I have 33's on my suburban with no lift, and it looks like it has more clearance than those Jeeps. not knocking them, my first car was a cj7.
121 2 . Reply
elli003 . 2019-01-07
Okay, I'm convinced that I need '40's' ....................... and that's just for the Honda Odyssey !
121 2 . Reply
RDC Tarantula . 2018-12-30
I want the look and the ability to trail it once or twice a year - the easy stuff, lol. I will do lift and 2" lift and 33s.
121 2 . Reply
T 25 . 2018-12-29
Get that deep dish low profile sticking out a mile D Bag special! Woooo
121 2 . Reply
Yuri Orloff . 2018-12-24
The euros who run that show need to sac up and put a V8 in that sumbitch to push the massive tires everyone wants to run.
121 2 . Reply
AMed . 2018-12-14
or just get portal axles and keep the smaller tire size
121 2 . Reply
Iridious . 2018-12-12
Never any videos for WKs.
121 2 . Reply
Jake J4x4 . 2018-12-11
What is the ideal backspacing I should have on a Tj 2.5 " lift with 33" tires ? Please get back to me I would appreciate it
121 2 . Reply
Michael Goodwin . 2018-12-08
I'm running 35's on my jku but I have also re-geared to 513's so I can go bigger if I choose.
121 2 . Reply
fiftyfishbottom . 2018-11-28
Video year and half old. Looking at new JL Rubicon, comes with 33" tires, but saying can put on 35" tires (get credit for 33" against 35" and no adjustments required. Is that true?
121 2 . Reply
Steven Ivey . 2018-11-25
How much of a problem with rubbing would I run into with 35’s on a 2 1/2 inch lift?
121 2 . Reply
Nova Man . 2018-11-22
Would I have to re-gear for 35's if I have the tow pkg. with 3.73 gears?
121 2 . Reply
Alex Locke . 2018-11-11
I have 33s with a 4 inch ome lift looks good and very good off-road
121 2 . Reply
Ramon Adato . 2018-11-01
Can you do a similar video for the TJ? Looking for recommended lift sizes in comparison to the desired tire size. Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
Sean Dowling . 2018-10-23
what year is the rubicon
121 2 . Reply
Vj Singh . 2018-10-18
Requested advice:

Jeep: ordered 2019 JL Unlimited Rubicon.

Usage: mostly highway commute and weekend light dirt trail and possible advancement to light obstacle trails; not major rock hound as yet. (First Jeep)

A) Mopar 2” lift (factory warranty) or...

B) 37” x 20”

C) 37” x 18”

D) 35” x 18

E) 35” x 18

Appreciate suggestions. (Live in metropolitan area with traffic and always an escape to the hills.
121 2 . Reply
slim73 slim73 . 2018-10-17
Any help appreciated...i just got 2005 jeep wrangler rocky mountain edition and I am looking to put the biggest that will fit without a lift..it had 31's when I got it and I want 33x12.50 on a 15 or 16 inch rim...will I be ok??? Also it is a 6 speed stock 3.73 gears
121 2 . Reply
mimonoona . 2018-10-16
What do you recommend for a Hummer H3 2008 that goes off-roading in mud once every few months but spends the rest of the time on highways and school runs?
121 2 . Reply
SAM HUSTON . 2018-10-15
after 6:15 you will see his ear
now you can't stop looking at it !
121 2 . Reply
Peter Price . 2018-10-02
Why aren’t you telling these people the first thing that needs to happen is gearing the problems that are going to result from a set of 33s on 307 to 373 gears is Hugh. And so on.

Gearing had to happen. First.
121 2 . Reply
jonathan Stafford . 2018-09-29
Bummed got a 2 inch lift with 35 in tires pulled up to a stock and realized I was at the same height maybe even lower ... how is this possible
121 2 . Reply
Paul . 2018-09-22
What wheel width do you recommend with a 31x10.5r15?
121 2 . Reply
Joshua Huck . 2018-09-20
Finally found another Huck
121 2 . Reply
southern country1993 . 2018-09-16
dont use the word "pep" or "peppy". lol just dont.
121 2 . Reply
Rob . 2018-09-08
I just bought a brand new JL Sport S with the 3.45 gears. My custom performance Jeep dealer says I don't have to regear because of the 8-speed automatic. I want 35" but videos like this and other forum posts are giving me anxiety about the decision. He's been customizing Jeeps for 30 years so I want to trust him but fear uncertainty and doubt is clouding my judgement. For the record, he's giving me a Mopar 2" lift, 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler, and 20" Fuel wheels.
121 2 . Reply
david mahoney . 2018-09-02
You just talked me into going with 33's
121 2 . Reply
Juan Lara . 2018-08-28
Is the 35 inc tires are good on the snow?
121 2 . Reply
Avengers Jeep . 2018-08-28
Excellent work as always. We went with 38" x 14.5" MT/R with Kevlar. - Avengers.
121 2 . Reply
chuckles barnett . 2018-08-23
This was as obvious as 3 is a larger number than 2.
121 2 . Reply
John Christopher Roferos . 2018-08-17
Hey man i have a question, i have a 2018 sahara i am planing to put a 325/65R18 size of tire im wondering if that will fit without puting a lift on the jeep, will thwy fit?
121 2 . Reply
Brian Alforque . 2018-08-14
Hey i have been told that if i get mickey thompson tires i would get my death wobble back on my jeep wrangler? Is that true?
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Perez . 2018-08-13
What size do you recommended for my 2018 Sahara JL automatic ?
121 2 . Reply
joed596 . 2018-08-01
Thanks and thumbs up for your upload. Will save for later. :-)
121 2 . Reply
Rick James . 2018-07-16
why do they like 17 inch wheel with 33 tires. Can you do 15 inch with 33s
121 2 . Reply
Lawman FL . 2018-07-11
Do you need to re-gear with a Rubicon with the 35''s. I have a 2012 JK Rubicon, 3'' Tera flex suspension, and 35'' trail grapplers. The tires give a terrible ride and the weight is very noticeable. Completely pigs out the truck on Utah's mountain passes. Truck heats up to 245 degrees on superchips trail dash.
121 2 . Reply
Chezwick Cheese . 2018-07-10
33s strike a good balance without messing with gearing especially if you use your jeep for everyday use
121 2 . Reply
Cole Romero . 2018-07-10
Are mud terrain tires necessary for off-roading or can I just stick to bfg all terrain tires?
121 2 . Reply
R S . 2018-07-09
35s look best
121 2 . Reply
Terence Dalbec . 2018-07-04
The log was turned on its side when you drove over it with the 37s.... The 33 would have cleared it as well if it was laying the same way
121 2 . Reply
Jake Howell . 2018-07-04
have you ever noticed how much Ryan repeats things... Ryan really repeats himself often
121 2 . Reply
joe cheperuk . 2018-06-29
Ryan question for you I put 35 on my jeep Wrangler Rubicon 17 inch wheels and I noticed when I’m doing 60 or higher I find it the steering is very tricky to drive and you must pay attention big time well I have my 34s on I never noticed it roll any help in this matter what it could be why the steering is very tricky now I drive thanks Joe from North Carolina
121 2 . Reply
Jason Deltoro . 2018-06-21
currently running 37's on a 5-inch lift. Stock gears and axels. Fox reservoir shocks. Have no problem at all off-road.
121 2 . Reply
Justin Abrams . 2018-06-08
Thanks so much for the video. So informative. I have a 16 Tacoma on 31 KO2. But looking to either update to a 33 or 35. But the truck is a daily driver too so maybe the 33 would be better. Thanks again!
121 2 . Reply
Husairi Metusain . 2018-06-06
Do I need to re gear for 2018 rubicon if using 35in tyre?
121 2 . Reply
JK NATION . 2018-06-01
When running 35s such as I am currently, when you are on the technical trails that have nothing but rocks you still hit the diff so yepp it's time for 40x13.5x19 and a 6 inch lift goodbye 35x12.5x17 and yes this is a daily driver and weekend wheeler
121 2 . Reply
Alex Erickson . 2018-05-28
I would just stick to 35's on a Jeep Wrangler TJ.
121 2 . Reply
keithrig . 2018-04-24
So what about how it affects fuel economy?
121 2 . Reply