Let's Play: Stronghold 3 - Ep. 4 (Military Campaign) by DiplexHeated

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Bell Idrael . 2018-12-02
This guy is a dumbass lol. "I can't build a giant castle and put in a ton of things like jails and stuff on mission 3 of the campaign! Therefor, this whole game sucks and has been dumbed down!"

And the rage at the end. "Every mission is the same. Survive this, attack this, survive this, attack this, survive this, attack this, survive this, attack this" < No that's not exagerating he literally said survive/attack this 4 times. Yet he is on mission what, 4? And thus far the missions have been:

Mission 1: Build up resources
Mission 2: Defend against the waves of enemies
Mission 3: Take over the enemy base.
Mission 4: Defend against much more dangerous waves of enemies now including new units, both for your enemy, and for you.

At no point was this repetitive. It's just, when you suck complete ass at the game and you can't use your brain for 5 seconds then yeah, you're going to hate it because you suck at it. Like my god, build more than 2 fletcher huts maybe? You can't build any units because you don't have enough weapons, and your reaction is "Well I guess that's the way the game is I'll just have to wait for my 2 fletcher huts to make more bows, no way around this"
121 2 . Reply
Moin Khan . 2018-07-15
121 2 . Reply
Rogue Shadow . 2017-02-08
Liked for the rant at the end of the video, favorite bit because Ive played Stronghold from the beginning and can relate all too well
121 2 . Reply
Andreea Mix . 2016-11-06
AoC2 HD or AoCFE or AOC2 on voobly or Starcraft 2 , these are really strategi games
121 2 . Reply
Dio Vito . 2016-07-11
121 2 . Reply
Brackus2 . 2016-06-02
i skimmed til about 10 minutes in then watched for a bit, assuming you were gonna pull it out and find a way to win the map.

The ensuing fail/beatdown was absolutely hilarious, I loved it and was lol'ing most the time.
121 2 . Reply
Melkor . 2016-05-22
I understand
121 2 . Reply
Fortune PTg . 2016-04-22
do like me just fill the fucking map with traps all over the map lol you dont even need a big exercite , i only neded 13 men to fight the tuff ones
121 2 . Reply
5letras . 2016-04-12
Omg ...men !!! Youre so funny XD
121 2 . Reply
joker gaming . 2016-04-08
so am i
121 2 . Reply
TheJustinboy123 . 2016-02-29
8:25 lol
121 2 . Reply
Brad André . 2016-02-08
fight off the first wave with the men u have and then build up archers
121 2 . Reply
T BOB . 2016-02-07
121 2 . Reply
DaedricXi Lacorn . 2016-02-03
I'm starting to find duplex annoying 4 some reason
121 2 . Reply
ViradianDoor 42 . 2016-02-01
did they fix the frame rate I was thinking of getting this game but the second one sucked
121 2 . Reply
Shishido Baiken . 2015-12-27
wasting my quota data watching this...
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Johnson . 2015-10-22
Well done for getting that far!!! Honestly the game is very difficult now, but there are a few golden rules that exist in every game. Here are some Tips should you decide to re-visit.
1) food production - every 8 villagers need 2 food buildings, right next to the granary.
2)Think about where your stockpile is going to be placed in relation to your armoury and your resources. Placing 4 fletcher workshops next to the stockpile and an armoury should give you more bows then you could ever need for this mission.
3) Think about how far your villagers have to work, 1 cheese farm next to the granary can produce as much food as 3 cheese farms that are very far from the granary.

1. >make a stockpile -> weapon builders -> Armoury sandwich Immediately.
2. >place a quarry and a ox tether,
3. > Place a cheese farm next to the granary
4. > Place a hovel, several more cheese farms in granary proximity, a woodcutters and a barracks.
Following these steps you should be able to produce 5 archers before the first wave even comes, and do as you do freely, under the protection of your Geordie Archer Army .
121 2 . Reply
WollongongWacko . 2015-04-28
Love the rage diplex, never change dude, your my favorite gamer.
121 2 . Reply
wassila achaab . 2015-03-18
Certo got
121 2 . Reply
Matt Hodkin . 2015-03-01
Dude, your lord died
121 2 . Reply
Eric Jacobson . 2015-02-01
I enjoyed the rant at the end
121 2 . Reply
HasNi Hassaan . 2014-11-20
dude you fucking suck at this dont be mad just cuz you suck
121 2 . Reply
Dominic P . 2014-10-17
You may not be very good, but you are damn funny mate!
121 2 . Reply
Dogy K . 2014-10-07
so, you basically use your Lord against EVERYTHING? lol maybe this is a RPG game instead of RTS
121 2 . Reply
Dakane . 2014-10-07
Your just pissed cause you suck at this game!
121 2 . Reply
memback01 . 2014-09-28
121 2 . Reply
Trevor Woolson . 2014-09-10
Hey bro will you be playn crusader 2???
121 2 . Reply
Systems Realty Team . 2014-09-08
That lord is a BEAST! Kills 6 men and 2 bears. damnn
121 2 . Reply
Alpesh vora . 2014-08-15
its my favorite game
121 2 . Reply
Hailey Craig . 2014-08-14
i played stronghold 2 its just like it but better buildings options and types of buildings
121 2 . Reply
dark side nation . 2014-06-21
ur flaw was at the beginning was u sent ur troops to get slaughtered on the walls against a catapult 
121 2 . Reply
BGT 032016 . 2014-04-03
Is there skirmish in sh2 if yes then sh2 is better
121 2 . Reply
Tyler Stoker . 2014-03-24
Where's more videos
121 2 . Reply
fspker911 . 2014-03-16
"Do I suck or is this mission hard" hahaha
121 2 . Reply
Itachi Sam . 2014-03-07
this guy sucks!!! he doesn't know how to play at all
121 2 . Reply
omar mongy . 2014-02-19
man ur truly fuckin noob! u need to learn how 2 play the game 1st b4 sharing videos u completly miss choising ur troops and commands! 
121 2 . Reply
Sidi Haroun . 2014-01-10
i  had  no  idea  they  madfe a  stronghold  3   I  got to  get  it  how  long  hasthis  been  out?!
121 2 . Reply
KlumsyK . 2013-11-30
lol your displeasure with this game is NOTED. just say no, to strong... strange? .. hold 3 . Cheers
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Dekker . 2013-11-11
Controlled Nerd Rage starting @ 18:07
121 2 . Reply
sixstringCM06 . 2013-10-29
121 2 . Reply
Callum Andrecyk . 2013-10-26
If you place your stockpile near the most valuable resources your economy will grow a lot faster. The same goes for the granary, if you have it surrounded by food buildings then food production will increase significantly as opposed to putting it near your keep.
121 2 . Reply
WanOye RSA GAMING . 2013-10-23
hahaha i just saw your earlier play like that. 100% u will defeat. i play it for 3times. 1st thing i make wall like 5 level. so u can hav time to make troop
121 2 . Reply
Jack Lahdo . 2013-10-17
we can play online for free if u want on a program called tunngle!
121 2 . Reply
Jack Lahdo . 2013-10-17
guys if anyone wants to play on tunngle online for free please let me know!
121 2 . Reply
LosEagle . 2013-09-28
The game was bad in this state. Not because of how they made it, but because they released it full of bugs. With all the patches, the game is enjoyable :)
121 2 . Reply
Akono Harper . 2013-09-12
You hot fucked so back this video
121 2 . Reply
NXSUniverse . 2013-09-09
I could survive this assault you sir don't know how to play or counter a new enemy
121 2 . Reply
Avigdor Braun . 2013-08-18
@qszvbvh yeah you go that right also... you would probably enjoy this online game >> bit.ly/12gj5A1?=lpihg
121 2 . Reply
steady401 . 2013-08-18
Crusader was the best! Not even close
121 2 . Reply
Chickennugget83 . 2013-08-15
bad kid!
121 2 . Reply