PyeongChang 2018 Torch Relay continues

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Getting winter sports fans revved up before the actual games begin is the Olympic Torch Relay.
After taking off in Greece it continues to be carried across Korea.
Cha Sang-mi shows us how each destination prepared unique ways to get it done... in tune with the theme and regional characteristics.
The Olympic flame - an enduring symbol of the Olympic Games.
And the flame corresponding to PyeongChang 2018 was ignited in Olympia, Greece on October 24th, and arrived in Korea on the first day of November.
Since then, a one-hundred-and-one day torch relay across 9 provinces and 8 major cities of Korea has been taking place,
...and it will continue until February 9th, the opening day of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Spreading the excitement and the festive Olympic spirit under the slogan "Let Everyone Shine", 7-thousand-and-500 torchbearers will cover a total distance of 2-thousand-and-18 kilometers, representing the year of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

And the torch's journey has been highlighted by some unique methods of transportation.
PyeongChang's Olympic flame was taken aboard legendary Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin's Turtle Ship in Hansando Island, Tongyeong, the very same vessel that successfully repelled an invasion of Japanese ships in the 16th century.
The torch was then taken to Busan, Korea's main port city, and then to Yeosu, where the torch was taken on a marine cable car, which connects Dolsan Island and the mainland.

"In pursuit of PyeongChang 2018's success, we turned the cable cars into flower carts with camellia flowers, the symbol of Yeosu."

Highlighting the regional characteristics of Korea, the torch was taken on some exotic relays as well.
"Haenyeo" - Korea's renowned female divers of Jeju Island carried the torch in waters.
Haenyeos are widely known to make living by harvesting seafood such as abalone by hand from the sea floor without using any breathing equipment.
The Olympic torch then reached the south-western coast of the peninsula on a rescue helicopter.
This was the longest leg of the torch relay so far, with the flight lasting for an hour.
Then, the flame illuminated the historic fortress of Naganeupseong in Suncheon.

"Representing Suncheon athletes, I got the honor to be a torchbearer. Although I am in Suncheon, my heart will be with PyeongChang athletes. I hope everyone from around the world enjoy the games in PyeongChang."

All destinations are important, but the PyeongChang organizing committee picked five key themes for the torch relay - economy, environment, technology, culture, and peace.
The first theme, economy, took place in the Songdo International Business District along the Incheon Bridge.
Hoping for global unity and advancement, one-hundred-and-one runners crossed Korea's longest suspension bridge.

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