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Terraria expert leviathan guide takes a look at how to defeat the Leviathan boss in expert mode of the Calamity Mod for Terraria on PC! In this guide I give you my weapon, armor and accessory recommendations as well as take you step-by-step through the expert Leviathan battle! Afterwards we have a play with all of the Leviathan loot including the: Pearl of Enthrallment, Leviatitan, Greentide, Siren's Song, Brackish Flask & the Atlantis!

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Calamity - expert mode
More Accessories - Heart of Nature used (7th accessory slot)

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    Popular Comments:

Mark Patterson . 2019-04-22
evil unicorn
121 2 . Reply
Aj Rizaldo . 2019-04-14
give me list of mods you use
121 2 . Reply
nothebestatart . 2019-03-28
thx happy, i did use the reaver set magic, i changed from spectre, cuz the mod just nerfed it TOO much into a less worth and enjoyable set.... i need my refund :l and also i think getting the wings thingy out of perennial (Aureate bosster) is good cuz it's fast to dodge the siren in her ramming state although it has less flight time but very good, also the rod of discord RoD, which can be used for the leviathan to dodge her ramming as well, and the grand gelatin, it increases health and mana regen for both is increased by a little bit... don't stand still eventhough it does increase health and mana regen so much, but this bossfight needs to be on the move. also i used asgards valor, which is pretty easy to make, just some farming, deific amulet, sorcerer emblem*could be improved to that other thingy), angel treads, and i used my weapons with summon mix, summons are great for little constant damage, such as the ancient ice chunk and the cryogenic staff which is a sentry and one can only be summoned (doesn't occupy any slot, so you can still summon 1 clasper thus having 2 summons, plz don't change that...would really help w/ the summon and magic proficiency)then my magic weapons were tears of heaven, undine's retribution, everglade spray and the wrath of the ancients, very good weapons, the wrath of the ancients is a magic weapon that acts like a sentry, so 2 sentries and any amount of summon you can have, dealing high damage. PLUS with the set bonus of the magic reaver set, which puts poison clouds on contact with magic attacks, which is good for area of effect :) Plz mod creator, buff the spectre a little bit (all healing items, probably remove the cooldown and switch it to much less healing such as 5/3% of the dmg or even 2 if you have to) and do not nerf the reaver set, it is completely balanced as your defense isn't that high and the boss can deal high damages.

Potions: ironskin, regeneration, swiftness, mana power, mana regen. , endurance, and calming (to weaken and to less enrage the bosses.

arena, 2-3 platforms, iplaced a platform just above water so i can add additional campfires, heart laterns and star in a bottles. i also added honey inside bubble blocks, don't use tiny honey pools as you would just walk over them w/ angel treads, you may have a one block or two blocks of honey which you can get by just walking through. those are all of what i did to prepare and do not get cocky i nearly died cuz my set up of where i placed the RoD was hard to reach so make sure you arrange things properly.

I had the disadvantage of not being able to zoom out that far ;-;
121 2 . Reply
Mr_Slimey . 2019-03-12
121 2 . Reply
BrightN'Night Dragon . 2019-02-21
Let’s do some maths! Wyvern time + leviathan = LEVIATHAN TIME! Reaver set + leviathan = Reaper Leviathan???
121 2 . Reply
iKidgames . 2018-11-15
leviathan is trash even in revengence + expert mode why would u need help / a tutorial on how to beat it
121 2 . Reply
ζ —ζœ¬ιšΌδΊΊ . 2018-11-03
121 2 . Reply
Kevin Vazquez . 2018-09-16
3:37 wyvern can I join?
121 2 . Reply
Kehliah . 2018-08-22
1 year late but I must say... both Daedalus Emblem and Celestial Stone are only available after golem...
121 2 . Reply
zer0sabre . 2018-06-23
I accidentally summoned and killed this boss on expert while I was trying to summon Duke Fishron on the afk farm.
121 2 . Reply
Jon bot . 2018-06-18
When i played they changed it to hurt siren to 50% health then the other boss spawns
121 2 . Reply
the monado man . 2018-06-13
rockets won't be reflected. use rocket launcher to destroy the shield happy
121 2 . Reply
Adonis . 2018-04-27
Hey Happy, any tips for this boss as a melee caracter, the Siren simply DESTROYS me
121 2 . Reply
Jareth Neoh . 2018-04-04
Getting hard in expert? Try deathmode
121 2 . Reply
Little Halo . 2018-03-22
Sun stone+ moon stone=celestial stone sun stone Eros from golem
121 2 . Reply
Dr.zomboss . 2018-03-18
Fight surpreme calamitas
121 2 . Reply
Phoenix . 2018-03-01
to have 7 accessory slots, you have to beat moonlord. that's how you get the celestial onion. to get Daedalus emblem and celestial stone, you have to beat golem. that's the only way to get the sun stone which is required for both. the best you can possibly do pre-golem would be a ranger emblem instead of the daedalus emblem and celestial stone. that would total 6 slots, and the ranger emblem can be obtained pre-golem.
121 2 . Reply
Asashi . 2018-02-06
Can't even get through half of it with you blabbering.
121 2 . Reply
Furious Ghost . 2018-01-11
Drunk wyverns XD
121 2 . Reply
su emme on gei . 2017-12-22
0:54 lets see you fail gun girl
121 2 . Reply
Fusion Tricycle . 2017-12-16
Can't some calamity weapons do more than one damage to the dungeon guardian (two for crit)?
121 2 . Reply
Baracas . 2017-12-11
Happy you could'Ve used the Magna striker through the whole fight because the siren doesn't deflect rockets
121 2 . Reply
Keks Ksksk . 2017-11-29
How do you defeat supreme calamitas?
121 2 . Reply
Calvin Kim . 2017-10-30
I lost to the leviathan and now a siren won't spawn. Do i need to wait a little more?
121 2 . Reply
Brady Schwartz . 2017-10-30
HAPPY HAPPY! Can you please put all the drops for leviathan and the items you used to kill it in your Ultimate World!?!?
121 2 . Reply
Akemi Dareki . 2017-10-05
I prefer fighting Leviathan before Plantera since you can pick what Leviathan item you get so you only need to fight it a few times.
121 2 . Reply
Derp Hero . 2017-10-03
How does he have 7 accessory slots? you get the celestial onion from moon lord......
121 2 . Reply
Jackson Cossich . 2017-10-01
But happy days... what if I dont want to change classes... whaf if I just want to use melee or summoner? Does that mean that all the other classes have a hard time against leviathan?
121 2 . Reply
BlackWindWarfare . 2017-09-29
fight The Plaguebringer Goliath bosssss
121 2 . Reply
TheArnoldification . 2017-09-12
I looked up the calamity mod...it adds a recipe to make truffle worms

desperate grabby hands
121 2 . Reply
Twichlove 999 . 2017-08-31
Who did more dmg? Leviathan? Siren? No. The wyvern
121 2 . Reply
Dani LP . 2017-08-24
do u think i can burst the boss down with 5k dps ranged damage without building a big arena? (85 defense 425 health) (phantasm +full vortex armor )
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Clatyon . 2017-08-22
How do you summon her again if you die?
121 2 . Reply
22144418 999913317771666 . 2017-08-15
I still remember the times when happy did tongue twisters...
121 2 . Reply
Zoinky Zoinks! . 2017-08-14
Great guide, but the Daedalus emblem needs the eye of the golem to make it I believe
121 2 . Reply
Flyin Mayo . 2017-08-08
I would fight before plantera because you can choose which item to craft
121 2 . Reply
Juzka . 2017-08-07
...Siren to fight for you. I really like it Β ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)
121 2 . Reply
greeny111 . 2017-07-15
on day these boss will drop summons... paying summoner is close to impossible
121 2 . Reply
mythical meoustic 4354 . 2017-07-15
i think its plate bringer lavithen
121 2 . Reply
Adib Bida . 2017-07-10
damn siren thicc
121 2 . Reply
Lutonat . 2017-07-10
How can you get 7 accesorys slot
121 2 . Reply
Azymut . 2017-07-09
I cant find plantera pls help!!
121 2 . Reply
DaeGiTron . 2017-07-08
3:37 FALCOR!
121 2 . Reply
William Moule-Fortin . 2017-07-08
Celestial stone is made after golem...... You need sun stone.
121 2 . Reply
Some cat . 2017-07-07
dang i need a pc to get this mod its sooo kool!
121 2 . Reply
FeaReaper Gaming . 2017-07-07
PLZ Do a Thorium/Calamity/Zoaklen Thrower. (MAYBE He could be related to rufus????)
121 2 . Reply
MatΓ©o Petit . 2017-07-06
plz happydays can you make a guide for devourer of gods ? he has recently buffed i didn't found how to kill the devourer of gods
121 2 . Reply
Alex rabahi . 2017-07-03
How does he have 7 accesories slots?
121 2 . Reply
Omega ruby Mage . 2017-07-03
Can you do Desert Scougre
121 2 . Reply
cool channel . 2017-07-02
and he doesn't care about censoring virtual tittes OK THEN
121 2 . Reply
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