The Musical Fusion of the Castlevania Series

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In this long winded video, I talk about the different ways that Castlevania soundtracks combine modern sounds with classical techniques.

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Morahman7vnNo2 . 2019-01-16
Where does one learn so many chord progressions.
121 2 . Reply
VANHAVIRTA.FI . 2019-01-15
9:25 Muse!
121 2 . Reply
DJ 0zymandias . 2019-01-15
I would love to see you go into Golden Sun's music
121 2 . Reply
Romaji . 2019-01-14
As for the "how will they describe 60s to now", my guess is "post disco"
121 2 . Reply
Student Rohan Joshi . 2019-01-12
I know you've already done a ton of Mario music, but I feel like the soundtrack from the Mario Galaxy games may be worth exploring as they are probably the most unique score in the main series games
121 2 . Reply
nikolamar . 2019-01-04
11:25 that sounds a lot like the beginning of ttfaf from dragonforce
121 2 . Reply
Boris Surkan . 2018-12-14
i dont understand the 75% of the information ur giving to me but im enjoying it anyways
121 2 . Reply
Tsunami Shahh . 2018-12-08
god, the blending of modern and traditional musical techniques is, like, my whole entire jam. its just so good and im so glad you covered it!
121 2 . Reply
Sylkis89 . 2018-12-03
Make me remember the music related to Neclord (an important yet still minor side-plot villian in the Suikoden series), with an obvious fugue while exploring the castle, and then an EDM-yet-still-spooky-castelvania-style battle theme during the fight with him in the 2nd game... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=473L99I88n8
121 2 . Reply
tonyvice6661616 . 2018-12-02
Hello! Fantastic videos! I have a huge question though. Why is the flat 6 flat 7 1 progression called like that? If you take a minor scale they are simply the 6 and 7 chord, not flat 6 and 7. Even though the "vampire killer" theme sounds a bit major, I think it is because it just borrows a dorian passage on the first measure. This progression is so familiar to my ears and guitar playing, but I always saw it as a natural 6 and 7 to a minor scale.
121 2 . Reply
shitcreekpolka . 2018-12-02
I just spent two hours learning how to play some of what was in the video. super fun. thank you for that!
121 2 . Reply
Alangh . 2018-11-27
Great video, sir! You have earned yourself another subscriber to your channel. That said, I wish you had touched on some of the music in Castlevania: Bloodlines. Because that game has some very underrated, if not iconic, music of its own.
121 2 . Reply
Magnum Mountaineer . 2018-11-26
This was a great video.
121 2 . Reply
Sky Sprice . 2018-11-26
This is the kind of content that earns a like and a share.
121 2 . Reply
Living Myth . 2018-11-24
OH MY GOD, I always hear the James Bond theme in a ton of video game music, but I never knew how to talk about it or how to point it out to anybody. This is the first time in my life where I've heard anybody else talk about the "James Bond chord progression." I feel like a crazy man who has finally been validated. :-/
121 2 . Reply
Jack Murdock . 2018-11-23
I very rarely know I'm going to like a channel just from its name.. However this was not the case for this channel . ♥
121 2 . Reply
Nathanael Upcott . 2018-11-23
I've always loved Castlevania music. Thanks for giving me a way to explain why to my skeptic friends.
121 2 . Reply
Master Edward Hyde TM . 2018-11-22
So this is the reason why these games are so attractive.
121 2 . Reply
88SJoe88 . 2018-11-21
So Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames got something from Fugue in D Minor, whoa!
121 2 . Reply
meowtrox1234 . 2018-11-20
Guilty Gear or FF7
121 2 . Reply
meowtrox1234 . 2018-11-20
Michiru Yamane is a deity
121 2 . Reply
chimpsfall75 . 2018-11-20
Do a search for Death Therapy The Belmont Family Curse! You won’t regret it!
121 2 . Reply
Arek Hautaluoma . 2018-11-18
Unf, beautiful Beach Boys reference.
121 2 . Reply
Munky Man . 2018-11-18
I thank God for the internet when I watch these
121 2 . Reply
jyuts . 2018-11-17
Thank you so much for this analyse and explanation! I love Castlevania's ost and wonder why it's so awesome. I am also a fan of classical music and rock bands, it is so interesting how composers combined those elements to create such a beautiful piece!
121 2 . Reply
SigillumSanguis . 2018-11-17
This was so interesting, Best episode yet!
121 2 . Reply
SEXCOPTER RUL . 2018-11-17
I've made my own wierd music for almost 20 years now, and one of my biggest influences has ALWAYS been castlevania titles, ESPECIALLY super castlevania 4. I'm entirely self taught and can't even tell you a basic scale, so it was incredibly interesting to see WHY I'm drawn to this game series music in particular. I started making music becuase noone was making what I wanted to hear,and now I know why!

amazing video! subbed AND hit the bell!
121 2 . Reply
Ezekiel33Music . 2018-11-16
Excellent video, and I really appreciate the clear and accurate theory explanations 😅
121 2 . Reply
Eric Cervelli . 2018-11-16
Michiru is not human...
121 2 . Reply
Eric Cervelli . 2018-11-16
wtf this channel is so amazing
121 2 . Reply
M Ward . 2018-11-15
And, it case it hasn't already been mentioned, the guys who came up with the soundtrack for that first Castlevania game? Only two years out of college.

What were you all doing two years out of college?
121 2 . Reply
Dave K . 2018-11-15
Jesus. Dork. Amazing video. I hope you’re a music teacher.
121 2 . Reply
gaspump . 2018-11-15
This is an older video and maybe you won't see this... I absolutely loved this episode BUT, once you get out of the 8-bit stuff and into places where actual drumming can occur you don't ever talk about how those beats contribute to a song. That would really add a lot more depth, and you do occasionally mention it but it is (as far as I've seen which is most) glossed over.

I get that it's probably out of your wheelhouse, and maybe I noticed it most because it is in mine (or a little of both?). Just don't ignore the impact of a good drum line... just listen to that off-beat rhythm in Marble Gallery@4:45. I think that great off-beat snare really keeps your ears on their toes and helps tie the whole atmosphere together. If it was just a 4-on-the-floor it would be dull as hell.
121 2 . Reply
Derek Parrot . 2018-11-13
Michiru Yamane is working on Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night as far as I know and that is great to hear.
121 2 . Reply
Bob . 2018-11-13
Great ideas now I wanna skip work and write some music...
121 2 . Reply
Lish Daelnar . 2018-11-13
this is one of the few youtube videos that i've come back to watch again & again. thank you for doing this work. it's fascinating.
121 2 . Reply
kmungal . 2018-11-11
this was awesome
121 2 . Reply
Johnnie Nguyen . 2018-11-11
The Castlevania franchise has spawned some of the best anthems of all time. Overall, its pantheon of songs are top bloody tier.
121 2 . Reply
beansnrice321 . 2018-11-11
I really wish you did super castlevania as well. I love that soudtrack it's by far the most jazzy of the games.
121 2 . Reply
Discern 7 . 2018-11-10
Castlevania 4 had the best music.
121 2 . Reply
BARTEL IMPORT INC . 2018-11-09
hmmm... i know a couple of these words
121 2 . Reply
Augnos . 2018-11-09
i nearly choked when you called out all the vampire movies and dissed Twilight! Such great content!
121 2 . Reply
Heather Baird . 2018-11-08
Love this !!!
121 2 . Reply
Hoppip . 2018-11-05
My peanuts weanuts
121 2 . Reply
Michael Arias . 2018-11-04
God dammit, every time you play bloody tears I get pumped up! Then you stop playing it and a little piece of me dies inside...😞
121 2 . Reply
Brian Stell . 2018-10-28
Ah yes, i too chord a music with flat fugue temperamental gothic colorful harmonic tune to minor the progression of the lyrical resonance.
121 2 . Reply
whatucker . 2018-10-26
I...love...music! (moist towelettes)
121 2 . Reply
Federico Leon . 2018-10-26
Great analysis dude, loved it. L&S.
121 2 . Reply
Max Mercado . 2018-10-25
This is easily one of my all time favorite Youtube videos.
121 2 . Reply
Blade Dog . 2018-10-23
How about worst composer? Nothing like Crazy Bus or nonsense sound, but an instance in where you feel the composer just missed all of the marks?
121 2 . Reply