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Mod time!
ICBM is ageing now and there's no new insane defence mods for Minecraft. Poenjabiesous (pretty wacky name eh?) aims to fix this with Modular Turrets, an addon for Thermal Expansion that gives us Turrets, and then some (well...alot more). Get yourself a base, get yourself a turret, and mix and match the whole shebang with different amounts of turrets, upgrades, power inputs and even ammo in some cases, on a single base block. Truly modular. I showcased the Modular Furnace mod about a year ago when it first came out, the mod blew up in popularity, I hope the same happens here.
Stick this in your modpacks people!

Check the mod out here, bear in mind it currently only supports Minecraft 1.6.4, however the mod author is currently at work developing and porting the mod to 1.7 (thermal expansion 4 has been changed pretty significantly in 1.7 so this is probably causing the delay):

Texture Pack (sphax pureBDcraft): http://bdcraft.net/purebdcraft-minecraft

Twitter (I answer all of your questions!): http://twitter.com/JANKYnik

Link to download Forge (required for the mod to work): http://files.minecraftforge.net/

This mod is forge compatible, so you can therefore put it on servers, and is super easy to install!
Choose the 'Installer' option under your Minecraft version (in this case 1.6.4) in the 'All Downloads' section, then open the installer and choose to install the client. Once this is done close the installer, open the Minecraft launcher and in the bottom left corner drop down menu select 'Forge'. Run Minecraft once and then close it again. Next download the mod and place the mod .zip in your Minecraft 'mods' folder (located in your .minecraft folder).
Then run Minecraft again under the 'Forge' profile and you're good to go!
After this all you have to do to install any other Forge mods is put those mod .zip files in your Minecraft 'mods' folder.

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    Popular Comments:

Ghost Rider . 2019-04-23
This Video is good but the texture pack is so bad
121 2 . Reply
Mirrored {} Chaos . 2018-03-13
i need an answer for a question i have that i cant find an answer to: i found out that i can make a base look like a block in my hand, but i cant figure out how to remove the texture, anyone know?
121 2 . Reply
Zeo 3434 . 2017-07-23
Broken link,can you fix it ?
121 2 . Reply
Necessary evil . 2017-07-16
lol i got more guns and so on but not such a reaktor
has anybody a mod for me where i can get such a reaktor and if its compatible with this mod?
121 2 . Reply
Paper Armory . 2017-07-03
which addon did you use to get the power cells and cables powering the turrets?
121 2 . Reply
Bearqs Ors . 2016-12-10
How do you make ammo
121 2 . Reply
BrokeGio . 2016-11-25
the ICBM now is called DefenseTech
121 2 . Reply
Ваня Мельнков . 2016-10-17
гавари по русски
121 2 . Reply
PineApple Squeeze . 2016-06-27
how do u charge the turrets?
121 2 . Reply
TheDootMan 27 . 2016-05-31
Nice job...But is not for 1.9... :P
121 2 . Reply
teron281 . 2016-05-20
yeah could you make a spotlight from the rewritten icbm mod from builtbroken pleas
121 2 . Reply
Adam NotTelling . 2016-05-09
Although texture packs may beautifully enhance Minecraft, it may be best to disable it for the purpose of the mod review.
121 2 . Reply
nick boelhouwer . 2016-02-26
thank you i was looking for a modshow case for this mod
121 2 . Reply
Chad Peele . 2016-02-13
How do you power the turrets
121 2 . Reply
Reyner Steven . 2016-01-22
please give me the mob
121 2 . Reply
Psyentist . 2015-07-04
Those wires do not have a 10k RF capacity.
121 2 . Reply
frogjedi4 . 2015-05-25
What does the toggle on the right do that goes from 0 to 9?
121 2 . Reply
Tee Bee . 2015-02-23
this is a craptastic tutorial, get to the "this base works with this turret" part. we can figure out what ammo goes to what, and how to tweak settings.
121 2 . Reply
Frank Pena . 2015-02-16
yeah there not shooting
121 2 . Reply
MrAntiKnowledge . 2015-01-29
The Laserturet doesnt seem to use much Power. It just charges incredibly slow 10RF/t?
121 2 . Reply
Fluttershy .Windwing . 2015-01-28
how he power it
121 2 . Reply
Brendan Hall . 2015-01-27
works with non-vinilla?
121 2 . Reply
Namoth . 2015-01-07
works fine with power and all for me..only one detail if placed up side down on the ''bottom'' so to speak of the base they dont operate just a bug in my files or something common ?
121 2 . Reply
LowTi . 2015-01-03
what is the song ? 
121 2 . Reply
fyreman666 . 2014-12-28
I have a problem with this mod. I can't connect any power lines from the redstone power blocks to the turret base.
121 2 . Reply
dan_ low . 2014-12-10
hi i dont understand how do i power them? mine wont store the power im giving it
121 2 . Reply
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