ZTE Max N9520 LCD Digitizer Replacement and Teardown!

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Today we got the opportunity to replace the LCD Assembly on a ZTE Max N9520 and here are the results. Thanks for watching the video if you enjoyed it feel free to give it a like and if you would like to take on the repair with us subscribe. If you have any questions at all leave a comment down below! :-)

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ZTE (Business Operation) Liquid-crystal Display (Invention) Smartphone (Video Game Platform)

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    Popular Comments:

Maddie Ramos . 2018-05-15
So I replaced my screen the other day but now it's on boot loop do you know what caused that?
121 2 . Reply
Bajaxp . 2018-02-26
Thank you for the detailed instructions. I was able to fix this phone with no problems. Original screen had a unresponsive digitizer. Easier then I thought it would be with your help.
121 2 . Reply
Lisa Bambu . 2018-02-18
Omg I wanted to try n change my screen which my daughter broke but hell no ,no way I can figure all that out n put back together in one piece lol easier to just get new phone
121 2 . Reply
SSJ Roger . 2016-11-21
i wish i knew how to fix the camera lens.
121 2 . Reply
Mika Cotty . 2016-10-20
OMG. Broke the fuking wireing off the battery. Is it able to fix or just buy a new one. Dang. But great video Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
tame112blood . 2016-09-18
This video was a life saver. Thanks! Though you should show how to exactly separate the lcd & cracked screen from the phone's frame.
121 2 . Reply
johnotrouble . 2016-06-10
My ZTE max 9520, keep restarting after replacing the new screen and won't charge
121 2 . Reply
Sean. Exe . 2016-05-29
what type of adhessive did you use ?
121 2 . Reply
nayelli Garcia . 2016-05-22
Are guys are here in chico California or do you know were i can go to fix my
121 2 . Reply
BabyGurl4Life787 . 2016-05-04
hi i have to replace my screen Friday but what is the black tape you put on so the phone can stick and where do you get it from
121 2 . Reply
Idalia Torres . 2016-04-17
just did it and everything works mine was a pain in the neck to do since i had to replace more parts.
121 2 . Reply
Daron Bravo . 2016-04-02
thank you so much
i was able to fix my phone
121 2 . Reply
le queen . 2016-03-16
please help i tried doing it my self but this videos is way to fast to see well what to do... ok so as i was removing the battery.. idk what happened i put the lifter under and pulled up then the battery made alittle smoke than it got super hot and its still really hot..and it got inflated please help me what happened did i mess it up ..what should i do..the battery is still really hot im scared to touch the phone please help me
121 2 . Reply
Cassandra Johnson . 2015-12-08
Can you fix my phone and where are you located are you in GREENSBORO nc
121 2 . Reply
Karlyce Arbelo . 2015-11-29
I'm planning on purchasing my own kit to replace my screen because this is my 3rd time cracking my screen and each time I get charged 100$ which is ridiculous . but I'm afraid of making a mistake and messing up the entire phone can you give me advice key points criticals tips or explain to me what I should be mainly looking out for when dismantling my phone to avoid damaging the device pleaseeeee.
121 2 . Reply
Kari Price . 2015-10-16
I did everything you did but my screen is black
121 2 . Reply