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Well, the installation instructions are on the plastic bag that the seat covers come packaged in. This makes it very hard to read the instructions since they are on the clear plastic bag. I kept having to put them on my parents white car hood so I could read the instructions. That being said, even though the guide says easy to install... it is NOT easy to install! I have installed seat covers before and these were really hard to figure out with the directions being so vague at times. MORE SO ON THE BACK SEAT
The head rest covers did not fit my cars head rests at all...
The front seat covers were pretty rough to install since you had to pull the elastic tabs through from the front to the back to stretch it out and clip it. Now, when it was all done... those front seat covers were NOT going anywhere! They did not slide around or shift in anyway! I had been worried that once I sat down and slide over in my seat, that the whole thing was going to move and pop off. NOPE, Never Moved! Thats the plus to this brand!

Now, with the back seat I had a LOT of trouble figuring it out, and once I got it to fit my seat, I reaslised that the zippers were going to be a problem. People sliding over into the back seat wearing suits or nice dresses, the zippers run a huge risk of catching onto the fabric. I thus did not keep them on my car. I also did not like all the straps that were showing up on the back of my seats. It just did not look good in a high end car.. straps everywhere! And of course, the head rest covers did not fit my cars headrests.
(I drive a Ford Flex)
This sets measurements indicates that it fits my car.
The directions were so vague and confusing at times.
BUT, the front seats covers I put on did not move a bit when I sat down and slide around like I was in the winter olympics.
**Due to installation requirement, please ensure your headrests can be detached before buying this set
Seems to be made of a high quality fabric that would hold up to some wear and tare.
Front seat covers are very secure and do not move at all
Headrest covers do not fit any of my headrests
Instructions are silk screened on the plastic bag the product comes in
Instructions are confusing at times
Zippers on the back seat construction could cause damage to clothes when sliding over.
Back of seats look cheap with all the straps showing
**Fits over solid rear seats and 50/50,60/40, 40/20/40 split rear seats
Airbag compatible and Machine washable. Constructed from durable and breathable polyester with 3mm foam backing

Easy to install, no professional experience required. Instructions included
Seat covers set: Includes 2-piece low back front seat covers with airbag compatible , 1-piece style split bench cover. 5 separated headrest covers

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