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Avengers: Infinity War left a lot of dangling questions. Among the most important: where was the Hulk? The big green guy all but abandoned Bruce Banner in the battle against Thanos. Was his absence just build-up for an Endgame triumph? It's a good bet that he'll be back in the big Infinity Saga finale, which makes us ask one big question: could a vengeful Hulk actually put Thanos to bed permanently? Here's all the ways we think that might happen.

One of the most defining elements of the Hulk is that the mean green brute is strong. Really, really strong. There are so many layers of pure, unadulterated muscle that it has always been a primary trait over the decades, whether it be on the printed page, television set, or cinematic universe. After all, the Hulk's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is, well…

At this point, everyone knows that if you hit Hulk hard, you're only going to be hit back harder. Of course, this natural ability to "muscle up" makes Hulk a prime choice to use in any kind of one-on-one showdown. If Hulk starts smashing, you can bet there's a fair chance that Thanos' demise might occur under those two giant green fists. But, of course, the question that naturally arises from that statement is whether he'll start smashing in the first place.

The biggest mystery about the Hulk when it comes to Infinity War is just where he was during the whole ordeal. When push came to shove, with the universe at stake, Hulk was a non-starter. He had a peek around, took a few lumps from Thanos, and called it quits quicker than anyone else in the film. Of course, that doesn't mean Hulk was really done. Anyone who watches that opening scene can pretty quickly see that the Jade Giant wasn't quite in character. He looks dazed, confused, and half-committed.

It turns out, according to the Russos themselves, Hulk wasn't so much scared by the confrontation as genuinely angry about it. Director Joe Russo stated plainly on the commentary track:

"People have speculated on whether there was some fear on the Hulk's part about having to face Thanos again but I think ultimately, what it is, is that he's tired of playing hero to Bruce Banner."

And after two years spent in control on Sakaar, can you blame him? Regardless, if Hulk's going to stop Thanos, he's going to need to get over his hurt feelings and take the reins once again.

Of course, Hulk's absence actually plays nicely into his chances of dealing the final blow to the Mad Titan. As of the end of Infinity War, Thanos sees the Hulk as nothing more than a passing annoyance. His attention in Endgame will probably be more focused on characters like Thor, who already stabbed him in the chest, and Captain Marvel, who's been confirmed to be the most powerful superhero in the MCU. Keep watching the video to see the ways Hulk could kill Thanos!

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Pure strength | 0:22
Coming out to play | 1:12
The unpredictable | 2:05
Embarrassment | 2:43
Exponential anger | 3:13
Wielding a Gauntlet | 3:51
Professor Hulk | 4:27
Time traveling therapy | 5:07
The biggest distraction ever | 5:53
Stepping aside | 6:57
World Breaker Hulk | 7:42
Take an interest | 8:23

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Looper . 2019-04-15
What if it's all a ruse and Hulk doesn't show up at all in Endgame?
121 2 . Reply
Lego Man . 2019-06-07
Welp u were right
121 2 . Reply
Puneet Hassanandani . 2019-06-03
HULK is our FAVORITE, 😍😍HULK is the Father of all SUPER HEROES, HULK has 7+ TYPES& HULK NEVER DIE,
SPACE PUNNISHER HULK & DEVIL HULK, WORLD BREAKER HULK is most powerful in marvels even powerful then GALACTUS 😈😈💪💪💪💪💪
121 2 . Reply
Drake Lai . 2019-05-27
Next video: How Black Widow could kill Thanos
121 2 . Reply
morbid mason . 2019-05-18
Captain marvel is doodoo and should die
121 2 . Reply
Shy Stars Shine . 2019-05-17
Can this happen? Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
Alpha_Q_Uppp Demolition . 2019-05-10
This makes no sense. Im not saying hulk wud win but he cud put up a fight. Iron man made thanos bleed. Ur telling me the hulk couldnt? He lost one fight.
121 2 . Reply
pewdieseptiplier pewdieseptiplier . 2019-05-09
Hulk becomes kluh?(kluh is apparently the hulks hulk) or world breaker hulk what about space punisher hulk or immortal hulk
121 2 . Reply
Winged Eagle . 2019-05-08
Did you watch the endgame
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Franks . 2019-05-06
Hulk is no more
121 2 . Reply
EXP_Spazarus Yt . 2019-05-06
Green Grape vs Purple Grape
121 2 . Reply
NXME . 2019-05-06
Thx for spoiling endgame.
121 2 . Reply
Luke Vader . 2019-05-05
Hulk is strong but not that strong, even Thor could beat him (without his hammer) in Thor Ragnarok so imagine if Thor had his hammer. Thor couldn't beat Thanos.
121 2 . Reply
iiRadio activeDev . 2019-05-05
In theory: In the infinity war thanos smacked the hulk KO. But then thanos already had the power stone so if you turn it and u give the hulk the power stone the hulk would win to.
121 2 . Reply
Derek Rodriguez . 2019-05-05
Am sad spongebob dies
121 2 . Reply
GtDemonS [GD] . 2019-05-05
Way that AntMan could kill Thanos:

Shrink and go into Thanos butt and Grow 60ft tall and explode him 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
XX_ COW_XX Moo Goes Cow . 2019-05-05
Hulks arm got messed up In. Avengers endgame
121 2 . Reply
TheNotSoNiceBaconHair . 2019-05-04
I Dont Know How Could Captain Marvel Alien Kinda Human Thing Be Stronger Than A Greek God
121 2 . Reply
Joey Vlogs . 2019-05-04
121 2 . Reply
Rocket Blast . 2019-05-04
In the comics hulk could create black holes he could’ve created one and sucked thanos into it
121 2 . Reply
Archie Cañete . 2019-05-04
Because Thanos hold his hand and blow out his power
121 2 . Reply
Gage D . 2019-05-04
Thanos already died from Thor, the Iron Man died...
121 2 . Reply
Fortnite Fan 9373 FORTNITE . 2019-05-04
Keep talking, Shaggy will always be the most powerful person on the earth
121 2 . Reply
Annabella Patton . 2019-05-04
hello Looper OwOoooooo
121 2 . Reply
jimbovt03 . 2019-05-04
nk; mk mkm k;mk m m
121 2 . Reply
XxmajorwolfXx90 Joshua allison . 2019-05-04
I’m disappointed with hulk in endgame
121 2 . Reply
Subscribe to Mr.Beast . 2019-05-03
After endgame?
121 2 . Reply
Madmurderer . 2019-05-03
Thor and captain marvel are the most powerful heroes
121 2 . Reply
Deepak Deepak Singh . 2019-05-03
Thor is the most powerful
121 2 . Reply
Joshua 14 . 2019-05-03
Little did they know that thanos almost killed everyone and also killed iron man😂☠️😔
121 2 . Reply
ITzjerm _YT . 2019-05-03
Who has already seen end game
121 2 . Reply
Bobby Jones . 2019-05-03
everyone who is reading this comment, iron man dies at the end
121 2 . Reply
IIMysic Nightmar3xX . 2019-05-02
The actor for hulk is trash where’s old hulk now a days hulk does nothing no HULK SMASH😰edit hulk where’s clothes now and can talk normal hulk Ulster be good
121 2 . Reply
Pikko . 2019-05-02
who can beat thanos?

Ricardo Milos
121 2 . Reply
Lord Turtle . 2019-05-02
Hulk is stronger than thanos but thanos is smarter than the hulk so that’s why he never came out
121 2 . Reply
Famous Nook&Nai . 2019-05-02
Thanos dies and iron man dies in endgame I love you 3000
121 2 . Reply
Armando perez . 2019-05-02
If only we knew that in endgame hulk only snaps his fingers and gets no “real action “
121 2 . Reply
Gh0stw4v3 . 2019-05-02
sit on him
121 2 . Reply
Gus Palentino . 2019-05-02
Black widow dies Iron man makes a gauntlet steals the stones from Thanos snaps his fingers kills Thanos and his army but it kills him as well
121 2 . Reply
Tyler Vlogs . 2019-05-02
Hulk shows up
121 2 . Reply
Alano Eckiwardy . 2019-05-02
You forgot iron man, who thanos only knew of the avengers in the beginning
121 2 . Reply
xRiza . 2019-05-01
Hulk uses the gauntlet to snap and bring everyone ne Back is bc he's body can take it
121 2 . Reply
Ckhops . 2019-05-01
if you think about almost every avenger can kill thanos like even docter strange all he has to do is make his portal around thanos and close it it will cut him in half because in the start of infinity war he cuts off one of thanos's minions arms like that
121 2 . Reply
21 Bari . 2019-05-01
He wasn’t even in the fight in end game cuz of how he changed it’s sad but good for him
121 2 . Reply
DORIAN. . 2019-05-01
Biggest disappointment of Endgame...smh
121 2 . Reply
Mice Plays . 2019-05-01
hulk dies in endgame
121 2 . Reply
Zachary Jones . 2019-05-01
Who else is watching after they've seen Endgame?
121 2 . Reply
RedGD Illegal . 2019-05-01
When Hulk is talkactive and using clothes on endgame
H_aC-KeR C0NfIrmE2
121 2 . Reply
Koenigsegg PETA . 2019-05-01
121 2 . Reply
Koenigsegg PETA . 2019-05-01
121 2 . Reply