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This video looks at the Firefly Fun House
Episodes 1-7 and gives a full analysis of every episode
Key points!
We analyse Abby the witch, mercy the buzzard, huskus the pig, rambling rabbit
The debut of the feind and how it may not be what we think!

My thoughts are Bray wyatt is replaying MEMORIES in his head and creating characters to portray himself and those close to him

Abby the witch - Sister Abigail
Mercy the Buzzard - Brays trainer?
Huskus the pig - Husky Harris
Devil Vince - Vince McMahon
Rambling Rabbit - Bray wyatt as a cult leader
The Fiend - Brays alterego, where he finds confidence

Word of the day segments would indicate words that inspire Bray
Him being called a sociopath has stayed with him forever
Exercise is something a wwe trainer (or Vince) telling him he needs to get back into shape etc

Let him in refers to the forgiveness he seeks and Bray constant references to forgiveness thoughout the episodes would indicate there’s a dark secret

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
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    Popular Comments:

Timothy Mansker . 2019-06-24
Loved it when rambling rabbit got hit with a mallet thanks for the video
121 2 . Reply
Matt H . 2019-06-18
Turn the E, F, and L upside down on the opening graphic. 666.
121 2 . Reply
louise rules . 2019-06-17
SISTER Abigail?
Abby is short for Abigail
Abigail was burned to death
Witches were burned to death in the 1200s(ish).
Abigail is looking through the window
Abby never leaves the window

Oh wait, he said that
121 2 . Reply
Dru Tyra . 2019-06-17
Abbys been in each video less and less, shes gonna dissapear causing him to lose it
121 2 . Reply
Enoch . 2019-06-16
I'd like to see the fiend vs the demon
121 2 . Reply
James Penn . 2019-06-16
I like this version of bray . I wanting to see him finally snap . Bray is like a quarter being flipped never knowing what version you'll get . Hope the wwe don't screw it up. Bray is living the memories of past happenings. Random memories and he killed sister Abigail in house. The painting at first was about that . Sister Abigail haunts him for it
121 2 . Reply
danny fournier . 2019-06-14
This must be our bread Wyatt's own creation because the writing crew at WWE sucks they don't have any kind of creative feel to them if it is kudos to him
121 2 . Reply
Geroge is a nitwit Give me a punch . 2019-06-14
I think just let him have his own show!!!! who needs wrestling when you got the funhouse......I would like a episode where the undertaker enters his house and gives him a staredown or like a tombstone outside his window saying REST IN PEACE
121 2 . Reply
EZ Mokonnen . 2019-06-14
Waylon Mercy is the buzzard
121 2 . Reply
John Jackson . 2019-06-13
Why are The Brits so entrigued with wrestling.....
121 2 . Reply
Chance Mattox . 2019-06-13
I guess it's not bad its weird af.
121 2 . Reply
Guy Sadlowski . 2019-06-13
If only wwe were thinking about this as hard as you are my friend lol. I enjoyed the video though good stuff man
121 2 . Reply
Nazzy Productions2364 . 2019-06-13
Your putting way too much time into this
121 2 . Reply
Louis Young . 2019-06-13
Plz do more of these
121 2 . Reply
Tom Harmen . 2019-06-13
Great analysis video
121 2 . Reply
b40 b40 . 2019-06-13
They do all this for what??? He comes back and has a wrestling match that we've seen a million times. What's the point
121 2 . Reply
Jose Amador . 2019-06-13
Good stuff. Made me think about it more than I wanted to. Now I’m hooked
121 2 . Reply
Joe Montague . 2019-06-12
The last Raw FFF just exposed the Deep State.
121 2 . Reply
Jay Potter . 2019-06-12
Abby The Witch and I think that her real name was Abigail Wyatt
121 2 . Reply
Stan Kolev . 2019-06-12
Man u are making video for analysis Bray Wyatt and for a burning house you are saying "maybe he is caused accidently burned sister abigail". This is from the beef with Randy Orton. Part of him is dead, he was heart that his home is burned. Nothing more. Other things are pretty accurate i think.
121 2 . Reply
craig mcintyre . 2019-06-12
This thoughts video is great I will keep all this in mind
121 2 . Reply
Emily Sands . 2019-06-11
I love the level of detail you put into your thoughts
Hopefully the funhouse continues for a long time to come

Ps hope you remember me from daze streams
121 2 . Reply
Victor Colquhoun . 2019-06-11
It's not all that complicated, and I do feel people are way over complicating it.
The hands "Hurt" and "Heel" are gonna act as his Moral Compass of sorts. He will listen to them prior to matches probably via a pre-taped VT.
He'll then have a varied selection of encounters with other superstars based on the selection that week, "Heal" will most likely see Bray as the host of Firefly Funhouse and lay out some kind of gesture to them such as a gift or a hug. Other weeks the "Hurt" hand will prevail and that is when the emergence of The Fiend will take place, what will follow is a brief squash match (for the first 6 months probably) where he is decked on in his new Mask and outfit, equipped with 'Harley Quinn' inspired Mallet.

Just to note by the way, there is no way that 'The Fiend' was a one off, firstly there was a lot of money spent on the creative budget for that mask and outfit alone. Secondly it's is a marketing dream of a character, the action figure will fly off the shelves, the money that will be made on the DLC for video games not to mention the t-shirts and masks they will sell at WWE merchandise stands all over the world as well as Online.

It's cool, it's fresh and it really works and I they are proving something with this story line, that quick pay off's with month or two month story's don't work nearly as well as a drawn out build like the Firefly Fun House.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Johnson . 2019-06-11
Bray is the best thing on wwe in the past 15 years
121 2 . Reply
sublimeprincebw . 2019-06-11
One thing missed, all the F’s in the logo of the show are red. F is the 6th letter of the alphabet so you have 666. The H in house is also red the house of the devil is Hell. This show is one of the best things going in WWE right now.
121 2 . Reply
Dean Runnet . 2019-06-11
Great analysis
121 2 . Reply
Avy D . 2019-06-11
Jungian psychology uses symbols and archetypes to represent story in life.
This is definitely inside the head of bray like a dream
121 2 . Reply
Kind Wizard . 2019-06-11
big ups
121 2 . Reply
Bill Allen . 2019-06-10
Could tonight’s episode be the last?
121 2 . Reply
Chintendo Gameplays . 2019-06-10
121 2 . Reply
Alexis Takeover . 2019-06-10
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Levi . 2019-06-09
Firefly Funhouse seems to borrow from the Candle Cove mythology.
121 2 . Reply
TommyProductionz . 2019-06-08
When Brays says to Huskus “One day you’ll have the whole world in your hands” it’s a reference to when Bray Wyatt had a long time rivalry with John Cena, remember when John Cena was in a steel cage the week before extreme rules when all those kids and Bray Wyatt sang “He’s got the whole world in his hands” he’s telling Huskus obviously a reference to Husky Harris that one day he’ll become this evil person who sings with kids “He’s got the whole world in his hands” he’s basically talking about Husky Harris’s future
121 2 . Reply
SCIFRES B3YOND . 2019-06-08
Muscle man dance was basically him doing something entertaining so Vince wouldn't fire him basically belittling himself in other words doing what Vince ask of him.
121 2 . Reply
PrinceIVY . 2019-06-07
The hurt glove sounded EXACTLY like the McMahon puppet.
121 2 . Reply
Mike Mirch . 2019-06-05
So is Bray an evil Childrens tv show host brain washing kids....or is Bray locked up in a mental hospital somewheres & all this is what going on in His head?? 🤔💭 🏋️🌈🐷🐰🦅😈
121 2 . Reply
A Wrestling Fan . 2019-06-05
Bray Wyatt is a hero. He has helped me and my family through some tough
times. I was addicted to sniffing glue until he gave me counseling. He
will lead the way, if you let him into your heart.
121 2 . Reply
NoGuffGames . 2019-06-04
Abby obviously represents Sister Abigail, Mercy the Buzzard represents Waylon Mercy, Huskus represents Husky Harris and The Boss is Vince. Anyone figure out who Ramblin' Rabbit represents?
121 2 . Reply
conz amvs . 2019-06-04
I want to see sheep mask
121 2 . Reply
Mike the INDIANS card dude . 2019-06-04
It's the same old gimmick. Little Jimmy . Head, moppy . Heidenreich, . Same gimmick just revised .
121 2 . Reply
Mike the INDIANS card dude . 2019-06-04
Firefly funhouse is the only thing WWE has going right now .
121 2 . Reply
Ulises De La Cruz . 2019-06-04
Loved that you dived in deeper into each episode. Hope it does continue for awhile.
121 2 . Reply
Chad Longley . 2019-06-04
The fun house is the best thing on raw 2019
121 2 . Reply
Tommy Bale . 2019-06-04
Great video c
I would like to see Bray debut later aswell
Maybe longer episodes of the fun house aswell
121 2 . Reply
Nick Master . 2019-06-04
I love this theory
Makes so much sense
Almost like we are watching everything play out and then we will catch up and brays imagination will smash and characters will come to life
121 2 . Reply