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Video demonstration on how to cut HT stock cordless cellular shades.

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HT stock cordless cellular shade cut down demonstration

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Joe Wellin Dowd . 2018-10-08
How’d the edge look. What blade did you use
121 2 . Reply
Victoria Cicalo . 2015-06-19
I tried this with the same blade and it threw off a bunch of sparks and fused the cell shade material together.  What am I doing wrong?
121 2 . Reply
Durk Brownlee . 2014-11-29
I used this method. Used a 10" metal cut-off blade (about $4) in my Ryobi miter saw. Taped the ends with masking tape and cut away. Worked like a charm!
121 2 . Reply
J. Anthony Torres . 2014-08-26
This is bs. Open open the shade and show us if the cells stick together from the heat of the blade. Or if the cuts on the cells are jagged. Do yourself a favor let the store do it that way if they mess it up it's on them.
121 2 . Reply
Jenny . 2014-08-26
What's the minimum you can cut off? (I have a chop saw I use for cutting wood, but don't know what kind of saw blade it has.)
121 2 . Reply
Todd Meyer . 2013-07-20
what blade did you use? in specific??
121 2 . Reply
1derncool . 2012-12-08
Ive done this. Any good carbide blade works fine, Also works good for shower door tracks and headers.
121 2 . Reply
yogaf08 . 2012-02-24
Hi what kind of blade are you using? Thanks
121 2 . Reply