Arctic Monkeys - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Official Video)

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Arctic Monkeys - "Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino"
Taken from the new album 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino', available now globally.
Buy & listen: http://smarturl.it/TranquilityBase

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Directors: Aaron Brown & Ben Chappell
Producer: Rich Hutchins
Production Company: FRIEND
Executive Producer: Luke Tierney
DOP: Michael Mackey Valentine
Editor: Matt Cronin
Colourist: Simone Grattarola
Post House: Time Based Arts
Post Producer: Sean Ewins
Locations: Tim White
Production Manager: Doug McCafferty
PA: Carleton Virgil, Gina Coronel, John Clement
Film Lab: Eastman Kodak
Scanimate: Dave Sieg
Very Special Thanks to Peppermill Resort


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    Popular Comments:

Juxsin . 2019-01-23
You guys really love traveling time.
121 2 . Reply
Leka Lov贸n . 2019-01-23
121 2 . Reply
billy joe ness . 2019-01-23
Or the Alan parson project
121 2 . Reply
billy joe ness . 2019-01-23
Reminds me of ELO
121 2 . Reply
PokiStrange YT . 2019-01-23
Ugh my ears..
121 2 . Reply
Solange . 2019-01-23
Buenas tardes, Mark.
121 2 . Reply
Mar铆a M G . 2019-01-22
I just feel so inspired by this vid and his music
121 2 . Reply
Andrea Premi贸 . 2019-01-22
Oh Turner... 鈾モ櫏鈾モ櫏 perfect!
121 2 . Reply
Korayma Nicole . 2019-01-22
Fall in love!
121 2 . Reply
Francesco Renzi . 2019-01-21
Alex Turner is the Jesus Christ of the modern era.
121 2 . Reply
amy haleeb . 2019-01-21
This song is so deep! My goodness!
121 2 . Reply
De putamadre... aprendi a amar cada cancion de este album... no puedo esperar para verlos en lima
121 2 . Reply
ollie f . 2019-01-19
Does money change people??? I think it does looking at these pricks
121 2 . Reply
Jp Giles . 2019-01-19
Love this song and band
121 2 . Reply
Juan Esteve Mojica . 2019-01-19
Very Barry Adamson. And the only song with its own voice effect in the whole album. Best band's album hands down
121 2 . Reply
Flopo Minnucci . 2019-01-19
everyone likes this now? oh my god
121 2 . Reply
Wild Eye . 2019-01-19
Why is it that all bands, however amazing their first album is, becomes total shit by about album 3 or 4? That said Arctic Monkeys really do take the piss in how far they've fallen since they made good records. Absolute dross on every level. Horrific. Pointless. Depressing. If I was in charge I'd confiscate their instruments for good, and if therE was a whisper of complaint from them I would execute them for crimes against music. I am totally anti-capital punishment, but this record makes me re-think my entire world view and resets my moral compass.

Alex! Are you there? Seriously, mate, FUCK RIGHT OFF WITH THIS TOTAL FUCKING SHIT.
121 2 . Reply
Amanda Hikklo . 2019-01-19
The old Alex can鈥檛 come to phone right now, why? OH, 鈥榗ause Tranquility Base hotel + casino is AN AMAZING ALBUM THAT SHOULD BE APPRECIATED AS AM OR THEIR OTHER ALBUMS
121 2 . Reply
Sofia Reyes . 2019-01-18
Solo una cosa DI-VI-NO
121 2 . Reply
Luis Morales S . 2019-01-18
This video is wrong in some many aspects :l

great music and lyrics tho <3
121 2 . Reply
Leonie Rosan . 2019-01-18
I've been listening this since yesterday. I can't let it go 馃幎馃幎馃幎馃幎鉂わ笍馃帄
121 2 . Reply
Endy . 2019-01-18
When he say " hotel casino " I die
121 2 . Reply
franco olivera . 2019-01-16
Una copia mala de Bowie. disco aburrido. demas esta decir que los Monkeys son terrible banda y Turner un grandisimo musico pero ponerlo la altura de Bowie The beatles es demasiado. que serian Damon Albarn o Radiohead entonces!
121 2 . Reply
Regina Phalange . 2019-01-16
This makes me want to be in a hotel, in a sophisticated black dress drinking something expensive
121 2 . Reply
Liz Z谩rate . 2019-01-16
121 2 . Reply
Santiag酶 M酶riarty . 2019-01-15
Arctic monkeys has the best comments. Like, every video.
121 2 . Reply
Walking Thieves . 2019-01-15
I was expecting the horse to attack him 2:36-2:38
121 2 . Reply
Walking Thieves . 2019-01-15
How do technology advances get him in the mood? I started laughing so hard omg almost died over here!!!
121 2 . Reply
the girl online 2410 . 2019-01-14
He says Jesus in a gay spa?馃樁馃樁
121 2 . Reply
Nachito M91 . 2019-01-14
Qu茅 te pas贸 en la voz man
121 2 . Reply
anna 23 . 2019-01-14
I hope they win the Brits award . They put so much efort into their music 馃檹馃挄
121 2 . Reply
William . 2019-01-14
This video, from 3:12 to the end of it, looks so much like GTA Vice City
121 2 . Reply
Allah Las . 2019-01-14
Lo 煤nico que pido es que en el concierto del foro sol cante bien y no como todo mam贸n como canta 煤ltimamente
121 2 . Reply
Ibrahim Dua . 2019-01-13
Jesus in the day spa
Filling out the information form
Mama got her hair done
Just popping out to sing a protest song
I've been on a bender back to that prophetic esplanade
Where I ponder all the questions
But just manage to miss the mark

Good afternoon
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
Mark speaking
Please tell me how may I direct your call?

This magical thinking
Feels as if it really might catch on
Mama wants some answers
Do you remember where it all went wrong?
Technological advances
Really bloody get me in the mood
Pull me in close on a crisp eve, baby
Kiss me underneath the moon's side boob

Good afternoon
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
Mark speaking
Please tell me how may I direct your call?

Do you celebrate your dark side
Then wish you'd never left the house?
Have you ever spent a generation
Trying to figure that one out?

Good afternoon
Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino
Mark speaking
Please tell me how may I direct your call?
121 2 . Reply
Lolita Cripps . 2019-01-13
How does this only have 6.6M views ?????
121 2 . Reply
fcofy . 2019-01-13
It hurts that the last record is Alex Turner + the rest ...
121 2 . Reply
Gregory Lee . 2019-01-13
Passando novamente s贸 pra tirar e colocar o like novamente!
121 2 . Reply
Bianca . 2019-01-12
when i first listened to the album i thought it was so boring but listening to it more times i started to like some songs.

but in my opinion the best albums are 'whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not' and 'favourite worst nightmare' and their first non official ("beneath the boardwalk") album was good as well (it's on youtube if u wanna listen to it)
121 2 . Reply
Cecilia Sanchez . 2019-01-11
the Kubrick/2001 Space Odyssey vibes
121 2 . Reply
Lowriderro P. . 2019-01-11
This song plus video make the atmosphere that reminds me of a movie called "Fear and loathing in las vegas". Anyone feels the same?
121 2 . Reply
Nathalia Silva . 2019-01-10
Alex you are tooooooo GREAT !
121 2 . Reply
N . 2019-01-10
I can鈥檛 stop listening. Can鈥檛 believe I just found this now I鈥檝e been a fan since suck it and see era!
121 2 . Reply
thelegend27 404file . 2019-01-10
What's all with alex taking pictures of horses??
121 2 . Reply
dani . 2019-01-10
i鈥檓 so happy right now UGH YES THIS ALBUM
121 2 . Reply
N . 2019-01-10
Arctic monkeys never fails to impress oh my god!!
121 2 . Reply
james hall . 2019-01-09
get back to wot ya gud at rock and roll lads this is piss poor
121 2 . Reply
SkeezyEstReality By JeremySelph . 2019-01-09
Guru Casino God of Gold
121 2 . Reply
El Panchou . 2019-01-09
Alex Turner toujours au top comme dab 馃憣馃憤
121 2 . Reply
James Robinson . 2019-01-09
tribute to David Bowie chur mean song
121 2 . Reply
Andreea . 2019-01-09
Love how he answers the 'batphone'
121 2 . Reply