Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

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Hotel employees answer our most curious questions.

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Pet rat
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Condom on a bed with pillow
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Hotel reception with bell
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No Smoking Sign in Hotel Room
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Modern Hotel Building in Summer
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Kamila Talpakova . 2019-01-23
That woman reminds me of Lady Gaga for some reason and she seems so chill, one of those people u i want to be friends with
121 2 . Reply
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN . 2019-01-22
If your going to buy this for the mini fridge why not just just bye it for you self instead of stealing
121 2 . Reply
1023estewart . 2019-01-22
I’ve worked with two global hotel chains and let me tell you, there are things you never unsee.
121 2 . Reply
Firingphoenix AJ . 2019-01-19
I’m terrified of hotels from this one incident I had when I was 5. That incident includes a fire... AND WE WERE RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROOM!
121 2 . Reply
tinashu . 2019-01-19
2:18 I feel so bad lol he looks traumatized
121 2 . Reply
Mayasa Bushelaibi . 2019-01-18
The guy with that grey coat looks like Andy samberg
121 2 . Reply
knife . 2019-01-18
you can disinfect a tv remote
121 2 . Reply
Maria Silva . 2019-01-17
Guy in the checkered shirt, I'm checking in where u work lol
121 2 . Reply
Oh yeah yeah . 2019-01-16
121 2 . Reply
Abigail DeMoss . 2019-01-16
MmMmMM MoMMy iT sMElls LiKE CAMel
121 2 . Reply
Victor Vieira . 2019-01-15
Maaan he is cute
121 2 . Reply
Gio 121 . 2019-01-15
0:29 LOL
121 2 . Reply
Amani Amzand . 2019-01-15
This is why I love buzzfeed
121 2 . Reply
Moonlight Mochi . 2019-01-14
“hmm mommy it smells like camel” lmfaoo
121 2 . Reply
Leanna Vance . 2019-01-14
I loved this video... I worked at the Marriott for 14 year's from agent to manager (hurricanes too) I've seen it all. I could have added SO much more to this list lol
121 2 . Reply
Syrinity . 2019-01-14

I was in the city when I used to do dance, I was there for a competition and I was in the hotels bathroom, getting ready, and I started hearing water running, it wasn’t me, I told my grandmother and she walked to the noice ( the hotel door ) and once it stopped, she opened the door, AND A GUY WAS PEEING ON OUR DOOR. ( he had just zipped up his pants ) THIS IS 100% REAL I SWEAR, we got free breakfast though.
121 2 . Reply
asiannuggett . 2019-01-13
lmao the girl looks like evelyn from incredibles 2
121 2 . Reply
Danielle Swafford . 2019-01-13
don't book off discount sites in the hope that you'll get a free upgrade??? 🤔
121 2 . Reply
lil G . 2019-01-12
They’re getting fired after this
121 2 . Reply
Lonergirl16 . 2019-01-12
1:45 “She would do things to me” Umm what kind of things 😏
121 2 . Reply
southeastmass . 2019-01-11
The guy in the grey suit is my favorite human rn
121 2 . Reply
WSTR . 2019-01-10
What the dude said about weed smokers explains why everyone likes me where I’m at cause THATS ME! 🤣
121 2 . Reply
Atomic X . 2019-01-09
I kinda feel awkward now
121 2 . Reply
jairo garcia . 2019-01-09
PART 2 WYA??????
121 2 . Reply
Jonesy :p . 2019-01-09
Can someone explain the mini bar thing, why would you want to replace them with other stuff?
121 2 . Reply
Vane_Karin . 2019-01-09
The lady is beutiful
121 2 . Reply
Patrice C . 2019-01-09
This just happened to us last month:

We left for dinner for about 2 hrs before returning to our open hotel room. I had never come back to see the door sitting slightly open before and it freaked me out. We told the front desk and they didn’t act concerned because apparently some of the doors have glitchy locks (okay...). They asked if we had a room with a back door leading from the pool area or just a window and I replied it was just a window (in case maybe someone could have entered through the back door).
So they said they would check the surveillance tapes and get back to us. We walked outside to check out the pool and my husband points to one of the rooms and says “there’s ours, we do have a door!” We go up and turn the handle and sure enough it was UNLOCKED. We walked in from the back into our room and it was the eeriest feeling. I ended up frantically explaining to the front desk that I was incorrect and we did have a door and it was unlocked. We were upgraded to the room adjacent. Supposedly they never saw anyone come in or out of the rooms except us on the tapes. It was just the strangest thing.

Moral of the story - if you’re on the first floor of a hotel and there’s a door (or even window), double check and make sure it’s locked!
121 2 . Reply
Dana Dana . 2019-01-08
In London it’s illegal to check in under a different name
121 2 . Reply
Tahmena Ferdous . 2019-01-08
Ughh I wish they wud say the celebrity's names
121 2 . Reply
DVD Screen . 2019-01-08
...you can't clean remotes....where the hell does he work bc I'll never go there
121 2 . Reply
Celeste DayRider . 2019-01-07
I’ve worked housekeeping for a hotel since I was 14 and some of the things we find in these rooms are horrifying and extremely unusual
121 2 . Reply
Spookie . 2019-01-06
1:58 LOL
121 2 . Reply
BruhYouAwesome MSP :3 . 2019-01-06
I was in a hotel last week and these people were having a party and doing pot with loud music
121 2 . Reply
Nikki Poole . 2019-01-06
One time my family and I went on vacation somewhere in America (California I think?) and we got to our hotel room and it was SMALL and we’re a family of 4, and at that time, my brother and I were pretty hyper kids, so my parents went to down to the front desk and kindly asked them if there were bigger rooms since the rooms were nothing compared to the photos online; and they upgraded us to a master suite for free!!! There was a hot tub in our room! so like... never hurts to ask !!!
121 2 . Reply
miss surprise . 2019-01-05
“Hmm mummy it smells like camel”
121 2 . Reply
kagedinsanity . 2019-01-04
PS: dont book off those discount hotel room sites. Most of the time you end up paying more actually. Look up the hotel and check out of there are any promo codes. Usually there are and youll end saving moneh vs buying off a site where it appears your getting a deal, but end up paying more because of the taxes and fees.
121 2 . Reply
ariyana’s squishieѕ . 2019-01-03
the girl reminds me of priyanka chopra in the end
121 2 . Reply
Sussana Ch . 2019-01-03
The girl looks like Dakota Johnson.
121 2 . Reply
Wendy French . 2019-01-02
I always disinfect everything - doorknobs, remote control...just gross.
121 2 . Reply
Wendy French . 2019-01-02
Receipt from Pet Smart - duh!
121 2 . Reply
Kaelene Woodend . 2019-01-01
His lisp tho 😍
121 2 . Reply
Gondola . 2019-01-01
"One night stand?"
I also know when you're there to cheat on your wife because you're paying in cash and get pissy when we ask for a deposit...

Also, on smoking. We could clean that room freaking perfectly... and someone sensitive enough could still detect a hint of smoke
121 2 . Reply
Kasia . 2018-12-31
What some guests don't realize, or tend to forget, is that it is unwise to mess with people who serve them food or have an access to their toothbrushes... Just try to be nice to the hotel stuff, say 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you', don't trash the rooms, and even if things get a little bit out of control and you leave traces of an explosive diarrhea over half of the bathroom, just leave an 'I'm sorry!' note adorned with a generous tip. Then you will be safe and talked of with sympathy and respect behind your back.
121 2 . Reply
Alissa Aquino . 2018-12-30
Why the girl kinda reminds me Dakota Johnson?
121 2 . Reply
BudgetBugout . 2018-12-28
I hate myself for watching BuzzFeed right now...
121 2 . Reply
Somy Diy . 2018-12-27
So fking true
121 2 . Reply
animefreak5219 . 2018-12-26
need more hacks
121 2 . Reply
KeyaVlogs . 2018-12-25
W My name is Keya and I'm a new youtuber, check out my channe. I am a love expert and I am funny
121 2 . Reply
SlowedRat Productions . 2018-12-25
I wanna know what companies these cucks work for so I never go there
121 2 . Reply
nio . 2018-12-24
Why tf wouldnt you use a discount website
121 2 . Reply