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This week Russell tackles the silent killer known as embarrassment

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    Popular Comments:

Charli Ansell . 2019-04-21
This man is an angel
121 2 . Reply
Carissa Brown . 2019-04-14
My grandpa waited until he was 63 to get his first colonoscopy because he was too embarrassed. When we got the test results back, we found out he had colon cancer. People, take care of your bodies! Don't wait until its too late.
121 2 . Reply
Ian Taylor . 2019-04-12
“We’ve all done it”
121 2 . Reply
It'z Dallas . 2019-04-10
When I was 8, I thought I had chest cancer...turned out I was just growing a chest...😔
121 2 . Reply
Entian Blue . 2019-04-09
I thought this was a serious video the first 40 seconds
121 2 . Reply
Leo Kade . 2019-04-08
How many people are gay and dont know it? How many people live their gay fantasy in their dreams and rape themselves and dont know it?
121 2 . Reply
Joshy . 2019-04-07
Who the hell disliked this😂
121 2 . Reply
Alex Li . 2019-04-07
FinGeRs iN HiS aSs
121 2 . Reply
Frogzilla . 2019-04-07
I wasn’t expecting that. I thought when he said anal fissures that he would change it to anal fishes 🐟 🐠...
121 2 . Reply
Arief Nugroho . 2019-04-05
His eyes....
121 2 . Reply
Rezie Obr . 2019-04-03
I want to go to the doc, but my mom doesn't want me to
121 2 . Reply
John Stewart . 2019-04-03
Brilliant guy. Best PSA I’ve heard since Talledega Nights.
121 2 . Reply
Pippaaa Tayyy . 2019-04-03
I cant breath 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Bitlife Maniac . 2019-04-02
A vulva and a vagina are different. A vulva is where are pee comes from, and a vagina is for periods, sex or having a baby(bare in mind that the vagina doesnt hold the baby for 9 months, thats the wombs job).
121 2 . Reply
Belle Bookish . 2019-04-01
3:13 😂
121 2 . Reply
some person . 2019-04-01
What if you cant go because your 13 and your mum will think your having sex
121 2 . Reply
Rodger Castro . 2019-04-01
"Women don't leak anti-freeze..."
121 2 . Reply
filmgeek520 . 2019-03-31
I’ve read that you have to be 24 in the UK to be invited for a cervical smear? I’ve come over from America and I had my first one when I was 22, I think you start getting it recommended at age 18 or when you start becoming sexually active, whichever is applicable. If there’s one flaw I have with the NHS policy it’s that women should be tested sooner; I used to have terrible cramps when I first started birth control and I thought it might have been something more serious - turns out it’s normal to have a bit of pain adjusting, and there was no sign of cervical cancer. But if there had been, I would have treated it far sooner than if I’d waited til age 24. Women, if you think you might need one before 24, tell your doctor. They are there to help you.
121 2 . Reply
Ronny OP . 2019-03-24
Or pale
121 2 . Reply
Garbaz . 2019-03-24
No matter how weird you think your problem is, remember that the doctor has definitely seen weirder, so don't worry about what he/she thinks, they are professionals and they will help.
121 2 . Reply
ebony felle magic . 2019-03-21
Someone people's tell me what version of harry potter he watched
121 2 . Reply
KingMartits . 2019-03-17
I really don't know why, but I've always disliked Russel Howard. Today he came on by accident on my playlist and I've completely changed my mind about him. Been listening to him all day. He always has very good points to make and this is the funniest clip I've seen yet.
121 2 . Reply
Tasnim Anuar . 2019-03-14
im catching breath. i never felt this great haha
121 2 . Reply
Madzie 2000 . 2019-03-11
@Russell Howard this is my not-so-embarrassing story from last year

On my birthday I got a lump at the top of my buttcrack; I got medication for it, but it was too late. I had developed a pussy, leaking pilonidal sinus four days after I turned 18.

In the time during and after my hospital visit, I:
1) Got a rectal exam from an attractive doctor
2) Didn't eat for 24hrs (I'm a Type 1 diabetic)
3) Had to tell the nurses I was a diabetic cause they didn't check my information properly
4) Was stabbed in both arms a total of 6 times to put in a new tube for fluids, medication and glucose
5) Found out my blood type is A+ and joked with the doctors, nurses and surgeons that it was the cause of my perfectionism
6) Had 30+ students stand at the end of my bed to look at my arse, which the rectal exam doctor knew I wasn't okay with and threw the curtain around the bed (my HERO)
7) Was in so much pain that my mother - who had given birth to two children - came running into my bedroom, only to realise that the dressing inside the 4cm deep wound was rubbing against EVERY. SINGLE. NERVE. on the way out, and on the way back in.

I now have a small, almost invisible scar.
121 2 . Reply
Monroe Robbins . 2019-03-08
I’m sorry, but GO TO THE DOCTOR. Doctors aren’t gonna judge if you need help. If people can go to the emergency room due to dildos stuck up their nose, then STD’s and cancer are not gonna shock anyone. (also.... THANK YOU, tampons don’t absorb Tide, they’re for blood!)
121 2 . Reply
mini mahem . 2019-03-06
Thanks I'm a hypochondriac and am now convincing myself I have cancer
121 2 . Reply
Michael Adjei . 2019-03-06
Tampon ads with blue liquid 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Karl Constantine . 2019-03-05
I personally will never have a prostate exam, id honestly rather die.
121 2 . Reply
The anthem of Creation itself . 2019-03-04
Why put gloves on your hand... just figure out which finger you use and put a condom on it
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Conroy . 2019-03-03
Cant go to the doctors cus you can never get an appiontment
121 2 . Reply
Alex Geddes . 2019-03-03
This is like the John Mulaney bit on steroids
121 2 . Reply
TheSatIsBack . 2019-03-02
4:45 how do you know that these people have these things... If... they haven't been reported??
121 2 . Reply
Technomorph . 2019-03-02
Doctors have seen 99% of things we would be TERRIFIED to see. And they still smile. Any problem you have will probably be more than the 1,000th time they’ve seen it. They’re there to help, not to giggle.
121 2 . Reply
kirsty harding . 2019-03-02
I respect this so much. I was having fits and i was so embarrassed. It was only when i cut my head from having seizure i agreed to seek medical help. 2 years later i have been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy and POTS syndrome. I am on medication and continue my life because i got help.
121 2 . Reply
Thomas Birtles . 2019-03-01
What’s a vulva?
121 2 . Reply
Peter Lewis . 2019-02-28
I for one once had a similar affliction, ended up having a stroke and was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I was lucky they fixed Mr but it could have all been avoided had I gone when I first saw blood in my stool.
121 2 . Reply
OmegaAngel22 . 2019-02-28
Guys we have a legend here
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Joseph . 2019-02-28
$200 (each time) to see a doctor if you don't have insurance which you can't afford so you don't see the doctor. Welcome to the US health system.
121 2 . Reply
Taylor Steer . 2019-02-25
I mean you’d notice if you had shit on your finger when you woke up, wouldn’t you.
121 2 . Reply
lia morrison . 2019-02-25
I legit watched this and went and booked my smear test. Mainly because of the ‘ bored of fannies’ comment 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
GamingDude2000 . 2019-02-24
I don't get it - if you ask me, you shouldn't go for a check up, because you'll stop any potential embarrassment, and you'll die early. It's a win-win!
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Aren . 2019-02-24
When I was younger, my mom refused to bring me to the doctor for a whole month when I had a really bad cough, was short of breath and medicine wasn't working. When she finally and reluctantly gave in, I was referred for a chest x-ray and it turns out I had TB. 1/3 of one of my lungs was covered with fluid. Luckily, treatment is simple. Couple tablets for 6 months and I was grand. But still, the fact that I wasn't brought to the doctor for a whole month with a disease that has killed millions
121 2 . Reply
ching hamburger . 2019-02-22
6:05 to 6:25 Made me lose it completely
121 2 . Reply
Tobyatron 205 . 2019-02-21
So your telling us were all mr men characters
121 2 . Reply
stone1andonly . 2019-02-20
That wasn't just funny, but genuinely brave. Well done, Russell.
121 2 . Reply
kovax X FaDeZz . 2019-02-17
I smell
I will never go out in public again and kill myself
121 2 . Reply
Jaymee McAliece . 2019-02-17
You need to be 25 to get a smear in the uk and its shocking
121 2 . Reply
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 . 2019-02-16
121 2 . Reply
Silenora Milinera . 2019-02-14
Or you really do like gay sex... 🤔
121 2 . Reply
Narsuaq . 2019-02-13
I fight off a panic attack every time I go to the barbers. How can I possibly go to a doctor?
121 2 . Reply