Cizeron and Papadakis 2018 PyeongChang Olympic free dance new world record 123.35

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    Popular Comments:

Micah A. . 2018-03-06
Don't scroll through the comments, it's going to get ugly. Just watch & appreciate the performance 😊
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Julia S. . 2019-06-09
It's not bad but this is way over scored. I mean look at the twizzles for reference.
121 2 . Reply
Sophia Wang . 2019-05-30
VM fans are really ugly here, as ugly as VM’s skating
121 2 . Reply
AttackTheGasStation1 . 2019-05-12
V/M fans are horrible scumbags. This is absolutely disgusting.
121 2 . Reply
AttackTheGasStation1 . 2019-05-12
Moonlight Sonata > Moulin Rouge
121 2 . Reply
Jaddy Oliveira . 2019-05-10
Moulin Rouge é melhor. Sorry.
121 2 . Reply
Alexz D . 2019-04-27
Even a year later I can say they were way overscored! There is also a couple of out of in sync issues with the elements. They are great skaters but I don't think this was an Olympic worthy skate for them. Maybe in Beijing, they will have it together better. That being said, Tessa and Scott killed it out there and the world saw. Even with the changes, they HAD to make in their program. It was spectacular!( which I find ridiculous but that's a whole other comment in itself)
121 2 . Reply
geezluizann . 2019-04-01
Some people need over the top drama of a cheesy movie soundtrack that has been skated to thousands of times to interest them. Others are sophisticated enough to appreciate the timeless of Moonlight Sonata and the quiet grace do what P/C do 🤷🏻‍♀️
121 2 . Reply
Xandra Panda . 2019-03-25
I'm not hugely into skating but howd they get silver??? The shib sibs at least matched the intensity of their music and twizzled better than this couple. This was highkey a let down bc of the chemistry too :/ but still elegant.
121 2 . Reply
ruth piwonka . 2019-03-01
They are quite quite good; but they still fall well short of Tovil and Dean. In part their music is too complex, maybe too weird. Even so, despite my complaints, their performance is entirely awesome. God bless.
121 2 . Reply
Gerry Pagé . 2019-02-20
You both are gorgeous. Greatest among the great. May God bless, protect and keep you two in His love for ever.
121 2 . Reply
ashlley axy . 2019-02-16
Il son super bien patiner
121 2 . Reply
Thania BS . 2019-02-11
Lindos demais
121 2 . Reply
Laurie Thompson . 2019-02-11
Lovely dance, but no idea why they were scored so high, compared to the others. This was ... nice.
121 2 . Reply
Xynthiia Zanxes . 2019-02-05
I'm sorry, but although they did an amazing job skating they are nearly as skilled as Tessa and Scott from Canada.
121 2 . Reply
voici je . 2019-01-29
boring ...what was that....hin the middle part...the music goes fast...what was that...were they on valium pills?...i dont like this performence at all...
121 2 . Reply
Natalia Ivanova . 2019-01-01
121 2 . Reply
Janix977 . 2018-12-01
I like Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir , but the fanatism and poison of their fans here is really ugly
121 2 . Reply
bemused . 2018-11-29
Frenchman at 1:27 XD
121 2 . Reply
Leonela Lorena Yamuca Salvatierra . 2018-11-11
121 2 . Reply
hannah faith . 2018-10-30
The choreography here was lovely, especially the last 5-10 seconds. That was beautiful. But that was the only part of the program that really stood out to me. If you know the song, you can hear how choppy it is and pick out when it skips to different parts. Not PC's fault, whoever made their arrangement didn't do the greatest job. And, on top of that, it almost felt like they were skating and the music was just incidentally playing at the same time. Choreo and song choice didn't seem to go together very well. A nice program, but it doesn't seem Olympics-worthy compared to some of the others performed here, esp. VM. I hope CP can get more experience and do some different programs, this one doesn't seem quite suited to them.
121 2 . Reply
Janne kilpiö . 2018-09-13
The best should win
121 2 . Reply
Valeria Portillo . 2018-08-09
121 2 . Reply
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret . 2018-07-27
I can't even call them twizzles. You can totally see the mistakes without slow motion.
121 2 . Reply
Alvin H. . 2018-07-17
Yawn, the shib sibs should've gotten at least silver. This skate is more of a bronze performance
121 2 . Reply
VETERE 05 . 2018-06-28
121 2 . Reply
Suellen Santos . 2018-06-24
Muy Bello
121 2 . Reply
Bérengère Collet . 2018-06-14
Le couple français méritait largement la médaille d'or olympique
121 2 . Reply
SuperHan . 2018-05-31
Moonlight sonata and the dancers both amazing.
121 2 . Reply
escaflowne9282take2 . 2018-05-27
This was gorgeous! V&M may be legends but these two made them work for it and earn it!
121 2 . Reply
Cathy H. . 2018-05-21
Lovely, but not even close to the degree of difficulty or technical expertise of V/M ... they did NOT deserve to come in ahead of V/M in the FD. Shame on the politics of the judges.
121 2 . Reply
Niniko Baqradze . 2018-05-12
0:56 song name?
121 2 . Reply
abbi brophy . 2018-05-10
They have no presence no matter how technically proficient they are they are like Davis and White - ho hum - Torville and Dean and Virtue and Moir have it forget the rest
121 2 . Reply
alica barbora . 2018-05-09
121 2 . Reply
Peggy Fleming . 2018-05-06
Some folks have written that these two are performing like they are in a ballet. I disagree; I don't see any movements that are like or equal to ballet. Please see the following on You Tube--these skaters had ballet training: Oksana Baiul and Petrenko in "The Nutcracker Pas de Deux" in the 1990's; Oksana Baiul performing "Swan Lake" (white swan) in the 1994 Olympic Exhibition after winning gold; Sasha Cohen in "Moonlight Sonata" 2009 and her Nutcracker performance; Gordeeva and Grinkov in their "Moonlight Sonata" 1994 Olympic Gold Medal performance; Shen and Zhao in "The Nutcracker Pas de Deux" (early 2000's). The grace, leg extensions, back arching, beautiful jumps and lifts, synchronicity, and musicality among these skaters are much more advanced, refined, and sophisticated than Papadakis and Cizeron. PC squat unattractively, Cizeron throws her around instead of the two of them executing a sophisticated lift together, their leg extensions are bent, she has little arching ability. Even Tesse Virtue has more ballet skill and training on the ice. Look at Virtue-Moir's lyrical Olympic gold medal performance in 2010--exquisite.
121 2 . Reply
Constant . 2018-05-05
jesus fucking christ pick a zoom and stick with it. goddamn spazzy camera operator
121 2 . Reply
Naveed Butt . 2018-04-23
I love this..... 👍👍👍👋👋
121 2 . Reply
Kaitlyn Lau . 2018-04-21
I don’t want to offend anyone with my opinion, but I wasn’t really excited or “on the edge of my seat” at all when watching this routine. I love moonlight sonata, but this routine was just ok for me.
121 2 . Reply
dharma MS . 2018-04-18
stoppp gaby et guillaume de vous auto flageller contre vous et des erreurs de tuti quanti ok, c'est faux, malgré la dress vous avez donné tout votre potentiel dans cette SD chapeau à vous d'avoir su masquer ce col, vous étiez top peu l'aurait fait, d'ailleurs beaucoup non rien vue alors !! stop de faire la part belle à la big tessa et au petit scooter out .. vulgaires et surtout pantins qui n'étaient point en rapport de la danse... vous faites un déni de vérite car vos buzes d'entraîneurs le traitre romain lui le grand fautif et et la stefany le copine de la psycho MFD a foiré ta robe gaby point barre et vous vous en êtes sorti haut la main...et vous le savez pertinemment que c'est vous les CHAMPIONS OLYMPIQUES POUR 0,59 centième qui dit mieux tout de même... c'est votre staff qui vous a plombé pire qui vous a vendu aux canadiens et leurs prsdte et juge LEANA CARON ! nom de dieu.. atterissez les petits et foutez le camp de ce trou à rats qui vous a déjà enterré et continuera de plus belle.... et quittez vite le KRANADA et BADBOIS c'est votre seule chance pour l'avenir et l'or pour 2022... comme on fait son lit on se couche" à méditer, mais ne laissez pas passer votre chance d'aller voir ailleurs avec CHRISTOPHER DEAN ET JANE TORVILL...j'enrage quand j'entends de telles inepties... voyez la réalité en face , c'est pas en se voilant la face que vous avancerez, vous méritez mieux que cela...fuyez, partez et vite...
121 2 . Reply
Lana Nikolaienko . 2018-04-17
They are good, but they are soooo boring
121 2 . Reply
k t . 2018-04-14
What a joke. This team shouldn't have even been on the podium. Cheating judges should be ashamed of themselves to reward such mediocrity. Corruption is killing figure skating.
121 2 . Reply
wilma molinaro . 2018-04-11
So overscored.
121 2 . Reply
Bnizzofashizzo . 2018-04-05
They are the future of dance. That night belonged to the Greatest Dance Team Of All Time
121 2 . Reply
Peggy Fleming . 2018-04-02
I think the performance by Katya Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov to the Moonlight Sonata is vastly superior to PC's performance. Everything about G&G's performance was exquisite--hairstyle, costumes, choreography, musicality, emotion, elegance of line, synchronicity. G&G's performance was so special, that I would not choose this music if I were part of an ice dance or pairs team today, knowing that people would compare. There is no comparison. PC's costumes look too old fashioned and like they could be purchased at a local department store. P's hair by the end of the dance looked like a rat's nest. Was she trying to be sexy or something? It greatly distracted from the performance.

Given their choice of costume for the SD fiasco, I think they should do what Nancy Kerrigan did for her Olympic performances. Nancy had Vera Wang, one of the top designers in the world, make her costumes. They were absolutely beautiful, classical, and emphasized Nancy's long, elegant lines. There is no excuse for a costume malfunction at the Olympics. This is not Ice Capades. It reminded me of Tonya Harding's broken shoe lace in her Olympic long program.

I first saw Papadakis' short dance outfit at an earlier competition when it didn't break. I thought it was one of the ugliest costumes I'd ever seen. It looked like a grass skirt and top, like she was going to dance the hula. It was suppose to be the samba or some other latin dance? Go to the You Tube video of Virtue and Moir doing the samba--wow! That is the samba on ice! V and M danced another latin routine, the flamenco, for their original dance at the Olympics in 2010--now that is how you do a latin routine. I think it is still one of the very best ice dance performances I have ever seen.

People say the French are lyrical. I can see that to a point, but, again, go to Torvill and Dean's Bolero performance and their subsequent performances. Dean did the choreography. Now that is lyricism.

I wish PC the best in the future, but I really think they need help in many areas. They are French, home of the best clothing designers in the world. Get help. Get help with hairstyle, choreography, emotion. C showed no emotion; P looked like she was in angst the entire time. They are so young; why do they look old on ice?
121 2 . Reply
Cat Castle . 2018-03-29
I'm familiar with moonlight sonata but I'm not sure with the story behind the music and that's why I'm not sure about their interpretation of it.

That being said their dance is elegant and smooth, but I think some moves didn't match the music. (Or it's only me?)

There were wild and fast piano beats but their movements were a little... calm? and there are smooth tunes but their movements were...wild. If they could just exchange some parts, then it'll be sublime. :) Because of those, I feel less emotion from this piece compared to the Shib sibs (it was fun!) or Virtue-Moir (that made me cry the first time I've watched them on YT few days ago, to be honest)

Anyway, I'll resume my time in my rabbit hole watching figure skating (this is the first time I've gotten engaged in the sport!)
121 2 . Reply
Kacey Bree . 2018-03-29
No offense but this routine bore me to death I hardly made it through the whole dance. Sorry but V / M are much more skilled and definitely deserved gold.
121 2 . Reply
essa leigh . 2018-03-28
Canadians in ice dance: The French pair have an easier routine ice dance is not about speed or art it's about big difficult skills
Canadians in ladies' singles: The Russians have more difficult programs but it's not about jumps it's about speed and art

As a Canadian, I am throughly confused by the hypocrisy of certain comments. I for one enjoy them all for their differences, but think difficult and execution of elements should be more important in singles and pairs, where as art, speed, and fluidity should be valued more in dance, as the title itself is an art. Of course being the best in all aspects is ideal but that's not the case with any skater; they all have their strengths and weaknesses.
121 2 . Reply
thegreat jumong . 2018-03-27
from the moment V/M returned to competition, P/C only settled for silver, no matter how hyped the judges wanted them to be. now that V/M exited from the scene, they returned to being first again. could you sense their frustration? and how much more frustrated their fans become. tsk tsk tsk. #justsaying lol
121 2 . Reply
thegreat jumong . 2018-03-27
the difference between them and V/M is that the latter have 3 olympic golds, while they have zero. not much, really. :)
121 2 . Reply
Abby Jones . 2018-03-26
to all of the people arguing in the comments, p/c are like water and v/m are fire. you can not compare them, they’re completely different, but both are beautiful in their own way. do i love that v/m won? yes, it was their last olympics and they killed it. am i sad that p/c didn’t? yes, to an extent. i didn’t feel they skated the best they could’ve, but if they had, they definitely deserved the gold. v/m were just better that week, but both teams are amazing and deserve recognition for that.
121 2 . Reply