Trump Attacks Trudeau as He Heads to Kim Jong-un Summit: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump throwing a tantrum over a G7 summit on the eve of his meeting with Kim Jong-un.
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Trump Attacks Trudeau as He Heads to Kim Jong-un Summit: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
http://www.youtube.com/user/latenightseth #ACloserLook #LNSM #SethMeyers

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    Popular Comments:

John Smith . 2019-01-07
Wow Justin I'm "an American" of the United States variety I did not Impose sanctions on Canada. The clown who somehow became president of my country did.

Some (a lot of folx actually) don't realize it but Canadians (in the North American Contenent) could also be considered Americans. (Though, not United Statesians, , like myself.)
121 2 . Reply
YunaKozue . 2019-01-04
? He produced her name correctly??? WTF?
121 2 . Reply
Jay Pallares . 2018-12-26
Trump supporters are all incest babies.thats why they're so god damn fucking stupid.fact.every one
121 2 . Reply
T Gev . 2018-11-28
Watching Trudeaux speak after Trump is a breath of fresh air. Here's a smart, healthy-looking guy who is perfectly able to form logical sentences, and who's not acting like a fucking baby.
121 2 . Reply
Tseleng Botlhole . 2018-11-28
It's "The jig is up" Donald, not the gig 🤣🤣
121 2 . Reply
Hammer Home . 2018-11-19
When did comedy become political ?
Seems to me according to almost all media , no one voted for Trump ...
121 2 . Reply
princess melody . 2018-11-18
It seems that maybe Trump was traumatised during his early adolescence that explains the childish behaviour
121 2 . Reply
princess melody . 2018-11-18
Justin troudau 😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖😍💖
121 2 . Reply
Mc007Queen . 2018-10-28
Yeah Russia invaded another country killed people and they're still f**** with other countries over there , what is it with Trump and Russia
121 2 . Reply
65wiseman . 2018-10-20
Trump considers our nation and the world as toys for his amusement.
121 2 . Reply
65wiseman . 2018-10-20
We have become a laughingstock to the world. How could we have ever let this happen? He has the ability to tap into the fear and hatred in this country. I never even gave politics a thought until this person was installed!
121 2 . Reply
lo.ve.gabby . 2018-09-23
Can't we just become south Canada and have Trudeau as our guy? Please????
121 2 . Reply
Ruth Hoy . 2018-09-22
Canada wants peace with the USA . Trump is crazy from a Canadian
121 2 . Reply
FurballGamer . 2018-09-17
Hands in the air if you feel like your braincells start screaming every time Trump talks from the top of his head.
121 2 . Reply
firstdayofwinter . 2018-09-15
Canadians are so adorable XD also how much do ppl from the US love them? XDD
121 2 . Reply
revesmouvants . 2018-09-01
“canada’s like if a cardigan was a country!”

ha! sry, canadian here, and this is so true! 😆 (okay, unless we’re really pushed and then we’ll passive-aggressive you to death...)
121 2 . Reply
C M . 2018-08-15
Trump really is a loser. If the American people know what's best for them then don't elect this moron again.
121 2 . Reply
siggi zippan . 2018-08-04
Russia invaded Ukraine and Krimea, shot down a Malaysian Airliner and he thinks that Russia should be added again to the G7? Are you kidding me? So, any dictatorship who invades a country, kills people should not be brought before the The Haag in the Netherlands International Court of Human Rights Abuses or the UN Human Rights Abuses office? Well, no. Only because the US did not sign up to the International Court of Human Rights Abuses in The Haag, in the Netherlands that does not free the US from any responsibility, consequences. The same goes for the children separated from their parents migrating from the southern border to the US. That is also a Human Rights Abuse and should be investigated and persecuted. Trump, before you say anything or your surrogates, let us remind you that you are a participant of the UN and their Human Rights charter. Trump you are the most despicable human being who does not deserve anything other than contempt of what you are doing to human beings. It is like you, Trump, live in a dictatorship and you can do anything you want to. You have to be stopped.
121 2 . Reply
Maria Hammarström . 2018-08-02
Has there ever been an american preasident more deserving of a big fat punch to the face?
121 2 . Reply
TheWalletWaffling . 2018-07-31
Groan. Can't believe America letting Trump as our President, the worst president in the history. Not to mention his IQ looks like lost down the somewhere in hush money.

Y'know I like that fact Trump cannot get over CNN a fake news. I mean really, they just doing their job.
121 2 . Reply
debbie541 . 2018-07-29
I am a free trader a free traders i am sounds like a song LOL
121 2 . Reply
Mehreen Gul . 2018-07-25
Us Canadians are fair when it comes to trade .So Trump go to hell. You really need to rethink your actions.
121 2 . Reply
Bradley Goldman . 2018-07-19
0:09 It's awesome to see that Seth has a mini Stefon on his desk!
121 2 . Reply
Andi amo . 2018-07-12
on another note, Seth has never been funny. But you don't have to be when you're a fucking sell out shill.
121 2 . Reply
Andi amo . 2018-07-12
all the MSM does is run around saying "Trump attacked people" . These are the fucking cunts who love Eric Schneiderman, Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Pedo Fonda, Samantha Bee, Kathy Griffin, etc.

Fucking losers.
121 2 . Reply
joy travis . 2018-07-10
i want Justin as our pres, he's nicer, more intelligence, cuter, sexier, and everything we need and want. donald is a zero and Justin is a ten
121 2 . Reply
V . 2018-07-10
Give me a million dollars, put the money in the damn bag!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Mike Bevins . 2018-07-10
I mean I am ashamed of my priminister.He is a joke.Justin Trudeau needs a good smack in the mouth.He is ruining my country I am so proud to be a part of.People look down on Trump yet he is doing great for America ...Trudeau on thr other hand is a SKID MARK.
121 2 . Reply
Generic Comment . 2018-07-10
I'm Canadian but feeling anxious out of concern for regular Americans with this president
121 2 . Reply
Ashleigh Jaima Osborne . 2018-07-09
What a disgraceful way to talk to someone at a press conference 🇨🇦
121 2 . Reply
Andy Man . 2018-07-07
russia kicked out of the G8 because they invaded another country? pfew! I'm glad the USA never invaded any country ever (or even recently). it's like a rapist getting offended that someone else is competing with him. effing hypocrites!
121 2 . Reply
suzarraelizabeth . 2018-07-07
My family is so sorry, trump has made us ashmed of America and that we are Americans. Turns wife is not from here but yet he hates all people that are not from American. Ugh! 😕 Shame! Shame! Shame! On trump.
121 2 . Reply
Erho Po . 2018-07-05
I want to move to Canada
121 2 . Reply
Canuck867 . 2018-07-03
Its sad that the war in eastern Ukraine is still active and nobody seems to notice.
121 2 . Reply
MRSANN2010 . 2018-07-03
Its funny that no one is angry at Trump until he has wronged them or what they stand for. Instead of listen to the facts at the beginnin and seeing him for what and who he is. Heartless, racist, and without a conscience. Pls dont hate people of a different hue so much that u vote his butt back in Office.
121 2 . Reply
German Camacho . 2018-07-03
What a crazy idiot is going demente
121 2 . Reply
Marian Taylor . 2018-07-01
You make me laugh about truthful insanity.
121 2 . Reply
Liza Tanzawa . 2018-06-30
Skippable ad, or I WON'T BUY IT!
121 2 . Reply
Mc007Queen . 2018-06-28
The only pictures I seen with them and you together is you sitting on a f**** chair with your arms crossed with a frown on your face with all the other leaders looking at you like your a f**** a******and a goofball and a moron and a little baby
121 2 . Reply
Windsor Box . 2018-06-28
The United States unemployment is at it's lowest it's been in 44 years and these late night scum bags are still showing the stupid stuff Trump say's everyday instead of focusing on the accomplishments he's done for the United States another funny thing is everybody was talking about Trump will Nuke everybody and destroy The United States when and if he was president and he's actually making world peace. First American President to meet with a North Korean leader in the history of The United States. Thank you Trump for working so hard everyday morning till night to keep jobs in America and keeping your people safe! We love you:))))))))))))))
121 2 . Reply
Tee Jay . 2018-06-26
He’s right he’s all kinds of trade = no loyalty!!!
121 2 . Reply
Hans Jürgen Vetter . 2018-06-26
What a great president ... ;-) ... be proud
121 2 . Reply
Walter Solovey . 2018-06-25
121 2 . Reply
Peter Novosad . 2018-06-25
Listening to Dumb Trump makes you feel like listening to a 3rd grader. Dear God - let brain fall down from heaven..
121 2 . Reply
Eminem Nemiem . 2018-06-23
Lol 😂
121 2 . Reply
siggi zippan . 2018-06-23
Trump is an idiot and I wish you Americans have a backbone and kick you out. As a Canadian, I think your president is a total idiot and I think he has dementia.
121 2 . Reply
Jan Pravica . 2018-06-23
I basicaly agree with everything Seth said... but to hear an American stresses out so much and be so appalled when one country invades another is just laughable!
121 2 . Reply
Yolo Swaggins . 2018-06-22
It becomes more and more apparent every day how anxious Trump is to be able to strip America of Democracy. He allies himself with Dictators and you can see how frustrated he becomes when the safety nets put in place to stop a President from becoming too powerful hold him back.
121 2 . Reply
Piping Rusty . 2018-06-22
*literally everyone picks fights with trump*: "TRUMP IS EVIL"

*Trump does literally anything to anyone*: "TRUMP IS SO MEAN HE'S NOT ALLOWED SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE"
121 2 . Reply
Art Nunymiss . 2018-06-22
Bing bing, bong bong, let Stephen Miller decide because I alone can fix this
121 2 . Reply