Top 10 Worst Things The Paparazzi Ever Did

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The paparazzi seem to be the most annoying thing that celebrities have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Well, their presence can go from a bother, to completely inappropriate/disrespectful to harmful and dangerous. This list looks at the worst moments provided by paparazzi on their pursuit to get the latest picture or video of a famous person.

00:33 #10. Reporter Kisses Will Smith on the Mouth
01:23 #9. Reese Witherspoon Assaulted by a Paparazzo
02:14 #8. Chris Brown Chase Causes Crash
02:59 #7. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Boxed In
03:54 #6. Nicole Kidman Run Over by Paparazzo on a Bike
04:41 #5. Lindsay Lohan’s Car Intentionally Crashed Into
05:28 #4. Blocking Britney Spears’ Ambulance on Way to the Hospital
06:06 #3, #2. #1. ???

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WatchMojo.com . 2017-08-16
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121 2 . Reply
Ashley Harris . 2019-03-20
No wonder the paparazzi is hated, they never leave anyone alone. How many pictures do they need?
121 2 . Reply
Guido Stout . 2019-03-16
Fact: Nobody likes paparazzi
121 2 . Reply
Milani 2006 . 2019-03-12
I dont know anything about Madonna but I did feel bad, fuck all the paperazzi, this heartless cunts deserve to die in a car crash.
121 2 . Reply
Karma . 2019-03-11
Okay Trump, lets make this illegal
121 2 . Reply
stormi forever . 2019-03-11
Paparazzi just annoy people why don't you just give celebirties freedom all they do is annoy them I like the kardashians and jenners like all the family but what the paparazzi did to kim wasn't right..
121 2 . Reply
Captain StayPuft . 2019-03-11
the most shocking thing to me is the fact that Micheal Keaton was in herbie fully loaded.
like how the fuck did that happen lol
121 2 . Reply
Nicole Ale . 2019-03-11
Paparazzi disgust me sometimes 🤢
121 2 . Reply
PxxDawg . 2019-03-10
It’s has ever done dumbshit
121 2 . Reply
Cady Heron . 2019-03-10
Just run over those asshole
121 2 . Reply
Lauren Victoria . 2019-03-09
we need papaspray
121 2 . Reply
legendary gaming's . 2019-03-09
Simply solution get two people the same height and build and all wear mask and same clothes with hoodies they can't make money if they don't know which one is the celeb
121 2 . Reply
pacsoul Pavon . 2019-03-08
2:37 these american stars are lucky in mexico if they would be blocked in by 2 cars it would be to shoot bullets, not photos
121 2 . Reply
RainbowInTheDark _7 . 2019-03-06
They really need to respect boundaries around the celebs in person and their private homes. This behavior is fueled by money. A good rare shot is worth a lot.

I think of Princess Diana a lot when it comes to paparazzi, and it hurts that such a beautiful soul had to go the way she did, and her poor boys were too way young to lose their mother. My heart aches thinking about it.
121 2 . Reply
Sandra Lyn . 2019-03-06
The paparazzi puts so many celebrities and innocent bystanders at risk of real injury and they just don't give a shit! They're dangerous and I can understand why there are times when a celeb feels like they have to fight back. Take a picture and move on.
121 2 . Reply
jayyTeęe s . 2019-03-04
So these are the guys that give paparazzi a bad wrap
121 2 . Reply
Ivanna Hotsulyak . 2019-03-04
There must be Michael Jackson as well since he suffered from it all his life
121 2 . Reply
Miles Moss . 2019-03-04
Paparazzi are the worst man... will y’all should be able to slap the shit out of these people at least once a week for a fee of invading halls privacy I say to them get a real life leave people alone
121 2 . Reply
Emilia Konopka . 2019-03-02
But that Kim Kardashian paparazzi was JUST WRONG
121 2 . Reply
sj the seagoat . 2019-03-01
i could never be famous because i would cap anyone flashing a camera in my face.
121 2 . Reply
Francesca Scanlan . 2019-02-27
Honestly, I don't blame celebrities acting out on the paparazzi, they're fucking horrible
121 2 . Reply
billy gibb . 2019-02-26
Mike Tyson punches pararazzi
121 2 . Reply
kyndra walker . 2019-02-26
More reasons to hate the paparazzi. 😒
121 2 . Reply
Michael Kelligan . 2019-02-25
Yeah,Will Smith only kisses his son on the mouth lol
121 2 . Reply
Fennekin Flames . 2019-02-24
With Number 4, if I were the ambulance driver, I would've pulled out a gun and aimed it at the paparazzi fucks. If they wouldn't move, I'd shoot out their windows and say "Next bullet goes in you or the gas tank."
121 2 . Reply
stealthgear246 . 2019-02-22
egregious means good and bad lol
121 2 . Reply
Angie Uhlhorn . 2019-02-22
121 2 . Reply
Artist Of The Darkness . 2019-02-22
The paparazzi are a bunch of paid stalkers. If I was famous and they were after me, nothing that a few warning shots won't fix
121 2 . Reply
Jose L . 2019-02-21
121 2 . Reply
MrQuiggles 56 . 2019-02-20
It’s scary how desperate people are
121 2 . Reply
Paulina Rittscher . 2019-02-19
The worst thing that paparazzi ever did was killing Princess Diana.... mlm
121 2 . Reply
Peter Marlow . 2019-02-18
Kicking their asses should be legal
121 2 . Reply
Ghostgun10299 Videos . 2019-02-17
Wtf won’t paparazzi mind their dang business and think about what their doing I mean if I was popular and paparazzi blocked me while I was driving home I would be dang pissed off
121 2 . Reply
KPOP STAN . 2019-02-17
If paparazzi do this to bts im sure im gonnnnaaaa killllllll themmmm
121 2 . Reply
Ron Swanson . 2019-02-16
They stalked Freddie Mercury and stood outside his house to take a picture of him and humiliate him to prove he had AIDs.
121 2 . Reply
Snow Tigress . 2019-02-16
This is why I cannot stand people like this. Every time I see them in the news or even when they produce those so called magazines in the stores and a doctor’s office of all places, I feel utterly repulsed. Loathing them doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about them. They claim that invading a fellow HUMAN BEING’S privacy is just them doing their job and it sickens me. How can I even have a shred of respect for you when you don’t have any towards others. Celebrities may have a different lifestyle than others but they still have certain rights because, guess what, they’re still human.
121 2 . Reply
Matthew levien . 2019-02-12
Pro make millions become an idol con deal with paparazzi outcome = zero sympathy
121 2 . Reply
izzy . 2019-02-11
If I were a celebrity i would be an aggressive ass one...not cause I want to but because of these motherfuckers
121 2 . Reply
Chloee MSP . 2019-02-10
I understand why celebs would fight back.
121 2 . Reply
snippet nigga . 2019-02-10
Police brutality should be legal against paparazzi
121 2 . Reply
Brielle Widman . 2019-02-10
Who else wipes there cheeks, on the first one?
121 2 . Reply
Lord Voldemort . 2019-02-09
This is why Probably Diana died
121 2 . Reply
Elongated Cushion . 2019-02-09
Nobody has ever called them ‘Stalkarazzi’
121 2 . Reply
MTL 15 . 2019-02-08
That first guy needs a beating
121 2 . Reply
303 Animations . 2019-02-07
3:01 DID sHe jUsT sAy tHe n-wOrD
121 2 . Reply
i_am_Luna Seyesimi . 2019-02-07
Wtf he kissed Kim's asssss
121 2 . Reply
Andy Appleton . 2019-02-07
I think the real irony of the paparazzi is that the celebs can bitch all they want about the paparazzi themselves, but it's the people who buy the paparazzis dumb pictures that keep these people in the limelight.
121 2 . Reply
lacrospi lacrospi . 2019-02-06
your videos are lame no real facts..no real pictures....
121 2 . Reply
shay baker . 2019-02-06
Un funny and unnecessary commentary
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Akintunde . 2019-02-04
You didn't need to bring up CB's pass, that's just too cheap.
121 2 . Reply