How to install New window Blinds/Shades - "Cordless"

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    Popular Comments:

L G . 2019-03-13
Thanks for the video, I'm going to attempt to do it myself this weekend. One question about the screws: I see that you just used a screwdriver to screw them in, is there no need to drill anything?
121 2 . Reply
Amber Martinez . 2019-03-12
I’m trying to install blinds for the first time and having a hard time need help
121 2 . Reply
Salil Parkar . 2019-03-12
Thank you. It helped.
121 2 . Reply
Davis Longsworth . 2019-03-11
WOW! You are one handsome dude!
121 2 . Reply
Luvin Life . 2019-03-10
Took mine down to paint & could not remember how to get them back into the brackets. This video solved my problem. Thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Kristen Foss . 2019-03-10
Wow! Thank you so much for posting this! My husband and I bought these blinds months ago and never put them up until our daughter yanked our curtain rods down and we had to put them up immediately. The instructions that came with the blinds are not clear at all on how they click in! Thank god we found your video!
121 2 . Reply
Logan Gwinup . 2019-03-09
I installed the same type of blinds but I forgot to take the white tape off. Is that bad?
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer Nunez . 2019-02-25
I'm blonde and a woman.
121 2 . Reply
OSoGorgeouso . 2019-02-24
Thank You So Much for this video!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Erik Manzano . 2019-02-23
Thank you champ.
121 2 . Reply
Ruku Molinari . 2019-02-15
Just installed the same blinds! Opened the little hardware box and felt so intimidated. Thanks for walking us thru this. Cordless blinds is the way to go!
121 2 . Reply
mary delvalle . 2019-02-11
Your video was very helpful because I just bought a new home and it had these blinds in it and it didn't have a pulley string to pull them up so I raise them up but I don't know how to put them back down and I watched your video and it helped me so much thank you for your video
121 2 . Reply
lisa1lorna2 . 2019-02-11
Very good explanation
121 2 . Reply
Dalia Soto . 2019-02-10
I bought two blinds for 35" L x 36" W windows. One box didn't include instructions, the other did. I bought them from Home Depot. All pieces were included. On my first attempt, I hear the click while sliding the blinds, but when I pull (slowly) down the blind, the entire things falls down. The mounts are firmly attached. :(
121 2 . Reply
Trey Silver . 2019-02-02
Great video! Thanks!!!
121 2 . Reply
Tina Pronto . 2019-01-27
Do you know how to fix the cordless mini blinds if they are uneven? It seems like the tension needs adjusting on one side. Any direction you can provide would be appreciated.
121 2 . Reply
El Paso . 2019-01-25
Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
jan carr . 2019-01-17
we questioned the "how to get the blinds down" also. Felt so silly when you just pulled on them. that should definitely be in the instructions!!! thanks for your help. first time using a you tube instruction video.
121 2 . Reply
Sandra Newton . 2019-01-16
Thank you, this makes much more sense that other “how to “ videos.
121 2 . Reply
Adele Dusenbury . 2019-01-10
Last night at 2 am I was totally befuddled about how to open (pull down) the blinds I had bought at Home Depot. The person there cut them to the right length and apparently failed to re-insert the directions. Like the previous commenter, I thought I had to un-do a thread, or slide some metal part so they would pull down. My plan was to take a blind into Home Depot in the morning and have the person in window treatments show me what I had to do to get the blinds working. I had watched NUMEROUS tutorials. NONE addressed how you get the blinds down. I called a tel # printed on the box; office closed til 8 am. Finally I gave watching tutorials one more try and and came across yours. It is the only one that was so detailed - step by step. And it was helpful you showed the printed directions step by step, too. I cannot thank you enough for your thorough, detailed, EXCELLENT tutorial. Five thumbs up!
121 2 . Reply
RJ Views4U . 2019-01-05
DAMN, you make it look SO simple. Lol
121 2 . Reply
59Sportsman . 2018-12-23
Did not have the paper instructions, sticky tape on the brackets, and aren't labeled with TOP or PRESS in the kit I got from Home Depot. After installing the silver mounting brackets the instructions how to actually pop the blind into the bracket are poor. Could use updating/editing.
121 2 . Reply
R L saved . 2018-12-19
Thanks for posting. My Wife is one of those women that put your tools up before your done with your project. In this case she threw away the instructions before I even looked at them. Thanks again.

PS I don't like the missing strings which allowed me some distance away from the blinds. My windows are hard to get to. Due to my Wife's nic-knacks in front. These new style blinds are very inconvenient for us. Looking for new old one's now. 😎
121 2 . Reply
Tracey Hernandez . 2018-11-22
Thank you very much your video has helped a lot! The box of the 31" cordless mini blinds I bought didn't come with instructions and being the first time ever using cordless mini blinds(only kind the Walmart had) I was extremely confused on how to install the hooks. I got it set up quickly :) I guess the only thing is I don't know how to take them off if I ever need to change them lol xD
121 2 . Reply
D Nash . 2018-11-20
It helps alot thank you
121 2 . Reply
madx80h . 2018-11-16
OMG - thanks for the video and showing every step, no matter how silly it seemed. I bought 4 of this same brand from Home Depot, had them custom cut, but couldn't figure out how to lower the blinds, I assumed pulling on the plastic handles was wrecking them or getting it tangled and thought I had missed untying something. The mounting bracket works differently than all my other blinds too. Thanks for the tutorial!
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Lyons . 2018-11-15
Awesomely done! Thank you sir
121 2 . Reply
Steve Wiezbowski . 2018-11-14
If you don't have a electric drill, turning this many screws is going to be very difficult unless you're the Hulk.
121 2 . Reply
kosh2001 . 2018-11-10
What's the name brand on those?
121 2 . Reply
Sweetykemi33 . 2018-11-07
My wand and stem won't fit in the hole😐
121 2 . Reply
WarriorLaurie . 2018-11-04
i am trying to put up the same blinds , but its on the outside on the frame , having problems putting up the mounting brackets  please help.
121 2 . Reply
michael garfias . 2018-10-31
I’m having trouble snapping my blinds into place. I already made sure all the mounting brackets were even. Any suggestions?
121 2 . Reply
G T . 2018-10-26
Your video helped a lot. Could not get the blinds to snap into the brackets. Watched that part of your video..BAM! blinds done! Thanks again, great help.
121 2 . Reply
David B. . 2018-10-14
Great video, thanks! I have to replace the blinds in my living room this week. I'm getting them from Home Depot...Lowes didn't have a good selection and what they did have was to pricey.
121 2 . Reply
Misszumicat . 2018-10-11
this one really helped me cause it ws my exact blinds. I had a really hard time 'snapping' the blind into place....had to keep at it a long time, but finally got it.
121 2 . Reply
CH Steele . 2018-10-04
You did that very well thank you
121 2 . Reply
Rayan Ibrahim . 2018-08-11
Thank you for this great video!!
121 2 . Reply
TakeLifeBack . 2018-07-25
Those window deserved Shades.
121 2 . Reply
Crystal Cuellar . 2018-06-11
If they are taken off why does it not hook back up securely . I took mine off and tried putting them back on and I pull down to bring blinds down and they whole blinds fall ?!
121 2 . Reply
Alex Aviation . 2018-03-04
don't try pulling them of
121 2 . Reply